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Dances In Our Junior Year

Winter Ball - 22 March 1958

Brian and I

Judy A. Remmick and Brian Pietzke


Pat and I

Pat Alexander and Judy A. Remmick

Gingham and Cord


Rosie Breitmeyer, Jamea Graham, Pat Alexander and Judy A. Remmick

The girls were supose to wear gighan dresses and the boys were to wear shirts to match.  

My mother made my dress and Pat's shirt.

Notice all the  numerous peticoats under our shirts to make them stand out as was the style in 1958......  


Tim Me

                                           Judy A. Remmick and Timothy Emmerick

Huck's Hop Header

Rogers Mefavor

Judy Remmick and Tom Rogers   &   Yogi Bear