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Ink Jars & Memories - Junior Year


June 1959

Words are like small ink jars for me to take off the shelf and remember their quaint  beautiful shapes created so very log ago in another time and another place. Some jars are smooth, some ruff.... and when the jars are  opened they leave so many different scents: sweet,  sweat, beer, valley wine, car grease, expensive perfume, cheap shampoo, bazooka bubblegun, A & W Rootbeers, Foster's hamburgers with onions..... As I remember all of you, I wonder what people thought of me.... I look in my High School annual where ink jars await in cluttered spaces like pressed flowers with the sweet scent of youth.... Here are some of those ink jars to help you remember, as they have helped me remember:

Judy A. Remmick-Hubert

27 Aug 2000



Its been a lot of fun knowing you and so on  and so on....  Next year we will be big Seniors--big deal--I had a lot of fun at the Yogi[ Huck's Hop - dance]...  and the drags [car races*] although I froze to death, but what the heck.  Next year if we are going to be on the Flame Staff it will be a pretty messed up papers.  ... I am trying my darnest to fill ups this," [page in my year book].. ." I better write bigger--there that did it....Remember when we were writing notes and B.  took them up to the teacher--you should remember it was last week.  Oh well. What did you think of the  ____ [can't read] editor of the Flame?  Seeing as how you were the first page Editor you only have praise for it. But considering I didn't have anything to do with it, it turned out pretty well. Don't forget if you could.....Have fun this summer and I hope I will see you sometimes this summer.  Tom Rogers


Why do you want to se the end of the drags?  All it is is a car or two going down the road trying to see who will get their first. The bell is going to ring poretty soon so guess I had better quit.....Take it easy this summer and be good  (if ossible). "Yougi"

*To prevent dangerous drag racing on the old black roads,  a drag strip was created for the locals to use then it was extended into professional drag races on the weekends...  The scene in the movie American Graffiti where the boys are drag racing on the river levee was an accurate description of an unsupervised race....

Have fun this summer. Best of luck to a girl that always gets everyone else in trouble in journalism. You're a sweet kid. Mr. Liplet scared me to death that time he pounded on my desk for me to be quiet. "Marcy

" "60"


Well another year has passed and next year we'll be seniors.

Sort of scares a person doesn't it.

Now to get down to brass tax--in the Junior Play. It was fun even if we had to stay up till 1:00 a.m. and flunk a test the next day.

When are you and ___ going to get to work on seeing each other more often. Coming over your house three times a day really isn't often enough you know.

...Next year I bet you get away with murder in statecraft. It still makes me mad that he's having it sixth period....

Jim and I are broken up for sure now so it looks like you and I can go catting around for a couple of good looking Joes. If you want some good advice don't go steady it doesn't pay in the long run....

Best of everything in the future.  I really mean it cause I think you deserve to have a wonder life.... Love Rosie [Breitmeyer]

Continued on another page:

Here I am again.  The same place the same time.... What are you going to do this summer besides nothing?...We have in common life.... we like the same movie stars..  There are things we don't have in common but they are nothing to mention...

Continued on another page.....

Since you asked me so nicely to revise what I wrote I will.

Well three days have passed and Jim and I are again together. For how long I don't know.

Forget about what I said about going steady. It's your business not mine. It's a lot of fun if you don't get to serious over the fella.

....Let's do something different together this summer if possible..... Love Rosie.


Gee, remember the Jr. Play and all the fun we had!  I'll never forget it.  It was a blast. Don't forget Janecky's dungeon. Best of Luck.  Betty Smatsky -60.


I must say your are one of the slowest people I have every met. .... You take a dog age to get dressed in gym and then afterwards you have to comb your hair and I don't know why.  I really enjoyed being in Mulvihill's class and I'm kind of sorry I checked out, my English class was dead compared to Mulvihill's class--but I guess that's life.

Next semester we will be the lucky people and have Miss Bernard.  I must say it will be quite interesting in fact, a thrill, thrill, thrill, thrill.  Marty  [Gabriel]


To the worst friend I've ear had... just kidding.  You're really have been fun this year.  I hope we can do what we did last summer. Better take some advice, don't forget to comer back next fall.  Always love  "Brat" BettyJo

Judy. May I compliment you on the wonder portrayal of Margret in Arsenic and Old Lace: Do you remember that one scene? Till I see you in the fall.  Good Luck...  Betty Loue Reece -59-

Remember the Dairy of Anne Frank and those crackers and everything-- ?

Do you remember the drama tests and the drama scenes we had to do.  Well, I am sure glad you are getting a good grade--

I will try to remember ... June 15th .... Glad you are coming back next year.   Always Bev..

Best of luck to a fellow "Janecky lover". What a teacher he was.... I hate to write Mr. Janecky's name in your book, but I will.....  Seifried -60-
Best of luck to a real nice girl  Doug Mason -60-  P.S. I hope next year if you are a runner in the office you don't bring me so many slips to see my counciloer.

I haven't seen you much since church and confirmation. But I'll probably will.....  [no signature nor finish to this note]


....nice knowing you and having you in 7th period. See you in here next year.  Jeri Giannoni. P.S.  We'll have to play tennis sometime!

...Remember in 3rd grade when you always had to do the dishes and I didn't--- I wish you oodles of luck. Kathy  [Lipert] P.S.  You give me a complex in gym ....
You make a real hep olio  [stet] dancer and I hope to see you trying out for the senior play next year. It's been crazy having you  in Lepelt's prison and dreadful when you bring my cut slips to 2nd period. Best wished to you and your back of the room hand0-holding partner.  Don Rivara  -1960- (alis Mookie)
Best of luck to a fellow Woods Graduate. It has been fun being in History with you even under the circumstances. Sharon Christonpherson -60-
Hey Judy, This year has really been fun. Maybe we lost all our games but we sure had fun doing it.  Oh well, next year .. Miss Andrew will have a god team..... Be good. Linda Bender "60"

Well next year (and the year after) we'll be able big seniors  (Big Deal) and we'll be able to pick on the little Juniors. (They'll near be as good as those in '59.) ....Remember all the fun we had at: the ocean (your shoes got ruined); the Rodeo(I got sunburned) ; the Gingham and Cord [Dance] (I had Scarlet fever), swimming, (we both froze); Pizza with J. and R.  (listening to them argue); and the other fun we had together. Oh yes, don't forget the Pizza and Bubble gum party at Maraz's. I hope we have more fun this summer. Pat Alexander.

Compliments of ARLIN ________ (Splattered ink across the front page of the annual)

Best of Luck. Mike Haney

To Jumpin' Judy---

What a pizza party gal.  Keep up the good work in English but not the bad talk-- Please don't come to my house for any more pizza parties-- unless you bring something to drink ---Water that is.  Good Luck D. Maraz [English teacher].

Dear Judy,

Thanks for being such a good English student... I only wish my teaching at Lodi had been longer.... Thanks for your part in my surprise parties.... Luck to you,  Dottie M. [Mulvhill]

To Judy,

A real great athletic who gets on all the teams--how sickening.  Lost of Luck. Thersa.

To a real cute girl who knows half the answers from a boy who knows nuttin. Have loads of fun this summer and be good. Mike Zetner -60-
All I can think of are these little words  "Remember me always." Jerry Hugo