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Remmick-Hubert Special Page - Lodi Union High School, Class of 1960-Newsletter

Vol. 4:  20 April : Page Two

 Question and Answer Page

(1)  Is there a special day you would like to share with your old classmates?

(2)  What is it that you haven't done in your life that you would still like to do....?

(3) Who were your favorite teachers. Both in High School and grade School.? WHY? This is an essay question.

In response to your question about a day you would like to remind your old

classmates of, I have a few. These few memories are of the mischievous type

as I always somehow managed to be with a "gang" of guys who liked to pull

jokes and pranks. Two stand out in my mind from our senior year.

The first is a group of us used to hang out around the top of the main

stairway in front of the library in the old school building prior to first

period. I can still visualize to the right of the large double doors which

opened to the library, there was a little door, about the size of a bathroom

medicine chest, that had a padlock on it. Being the age of 17 or 18, and

somewhat curious, we decided to pull the pins out of the hinges to see what

was behind the door. We discovered it was the main switch for the bell

system for the entire building. Over the course of about a week we pulled

the pins out of the hinges, opened the door and threw the switch. As you

can guess the bells failed to ring and I can still see teachers along with

the Dean of Boys shooing us all off to class. After about the second or

third time we did this, we found out the academic staff was not quite as

dumb as we thought and they secured the door so it could not be removed. I

know they suspected who was doing it, but to the best of my memory none of

us were ever called to task.

The second is the day we pulled the pins out of the hinges of Mr.

Wakefield's classroom door. Mr. Wakefield always started the day with

second period, and I recall sitting in Mr. Lynch's first period English

class. Mr. Wakefield, I believe, wore Florsheim shoes with the heavy

leather soles and heels that used to make a distinct sound when he walked

through those old hallways. I recall hearing him walk the hallway to his

class a few minutes before it was scheduled to start, then a crash after the

door fell. I then recall hearing him walk rapidly the other way down the

hall and I saw him pass by our open classroom door, red faced, heading for

the principals office. I short time later, janitors were reinstalling the

door. Again, I think he suspected a certain core of us delinquents, but we

were never called on it.

To me these are good memories of days you could have fun and I guess if you

were to do that today, you would be expelled, most likely have to appear in

court, and do about 800 hours of community service work picking up trash on

highways, etc.

I don't know if this is what you were looking for, as I do have some serious

memories, but I think with a lot of us, the devious ones kind of stand out.

Dave Cristofani

Here's my answers to the two questions:

1. Special Day - When Arlin Adams introduced me to Linda Gaines. The double date that resulted has lasted 37 years and it just keeps getting better and better!

2. Thing I still haven't done - Climb Mt. Rainier with my 3 sons before I have to have them carry me.

Hope all is well in California! We promise to send more power if you guys will just pay your bills!

Mike Zeitner

Gig Harbor, WA

I think I sent you a response previously to the second question. As to the first I would like to share a special day in my life--and there have been many--I have been blessed--was the day I learned I had passed the California State Bar Examination. I had started law school when I was 34 and graduated four years later since I went to night school while holding down a full-time job and raising two teenagers, so after graduation, studying for and taking the bar exam, I was 38 years old.

There were only 13 members in my law school class and most of us met at the law office in which I had worked for many years to man the phones to try to get through and find out who among us had passed and who hadn't. When we heard the happy news, we decided that wasn't good enough, so we piled into a motor home and drove to Sacramento where the results were posted and we could see our names in black and white.

After a day of celebration with my classmates, it was time to celebrate with family and friends. It was a great day a little more than 20 years ago.

Ann Armstrong Bauer

Mike Stemler wrote:

6th grade @ Needham- Harry Winkler

High School- Gene Wellman

They both believed in my ability to succeed

Question: Where is Kathy Lippert Knecht?

Certainly my favorite teacher was Mr. Wakefield who taught jr.history. He taught a rough subject, yet his sense of humor carried the day. Also, when asked a question, he always had an answer, and he always "told it like it was."

If I had a second choice, I would say our senior English (XA) teacher --his name--, well I am having a senior moment right now--this guy had a love affair with Shakespeare. However, it was the second semester that got me into college. We had to write a 500-word essay each day and turn it in. I aced my college entrance exams, not because I was so much smarter than the rest, but because I had a lot of practice.

Well, that is all I can recall of 40 years ago. . . . . . .

Marjorie Garrison

1. Special Day - Selected for the Hall of Fame - California Women Coaches. I coached

girls swimming at Sierra High School for 25 years and had a lot of success. It was

a great honor to be recognized.

2. Yet to do - I would like to write a couple of books like the old "Nancy Drew" books.

Growing up in Lodi - created imagination for things to do. Boy, did we ever do

some Kids Tricks. Just one of those fun things was changing forsale signs on

houses in the neighborhood after the sun went down. Also hanging rocks on

peoples car horns and run away. Never hurt anyone - just fun.

3. Don Levy (Drama Dept.) He was a man of great talent - wrote for "Gun Smoke".

Lodi High had some of the best Musicals on stage. Betty Ann Betger and I loved the

stage so much that we spent the last nite of the production of "Dirty Works at the

Crossroads" on stage. We snuck back in after everyone left - with sleeping bags in

hand. Spent the night doing crazy things on stage most of the night.

MaryLou McGill O'Reilly

NOTE: Photograph of "Frivolous Leonie Asterbilt"  #1Mary Lou  &  #2 Mary Lou and others in Dirty Work At The Crossroads


One of the days that stands out in my mind is the day I beat Tommy Fukomoto

in a batting contest at Lincoln school when we were in the sixth grade. I

felt so bad   (that means good). I remember the girls had their contest first and I won

that, and then the boys had theirs and Tommy was the winner. Then Tommy

and I battled it out.   I couldn't believe it when I won. Boy I milked that glory for a long time.

I got the reputation of being a pretty tough o girl. I still have that   label, only now it is the

really tough OLD gal.

#2 My favorite teacher

That has to be Mrs. Vaughan, (my sixth grade teacher and later on, my boss)

I didn't have much self esteem growing up, but she could always make me feel

good by putting her arms around me, and giving me a hug. I still see her

and have   lunch with her now and then. And now that I'm thinking of her, I realize it

has been a while   since I have seen her. I guess I had better call her and make a lunch date.

I feel sorry for the kids in school now. No teacher dare touch any of the

kids for fear   of it being charged with improper conduct. I can't help thinking of that

little girl or   little boy that could just use a hug.

Rita Henry


I'm afraid I have some bad news. We have just lost another classmate.

Patsy Wright. I am waiting for her husband to send me her obit. for more

details, but I guess she passed on March 19, 2001. GOD love her and her husband and

family. I guess she has been very very sick for at least 2 to 3 years now.

Will send you more info when I have it.

Rita Henry