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Remmick-Hubert Special Page - Lodi Union High School, Class of 1960-Newsletter

Vol. 7:  2 Feb: Page Nine


Question #3:

How did you celebrate your 21st birthday? Send a copy of a photograph of you or another member of our class celebrating his/her birthday?


Answer from Michael Johns

Mike "I spent my 21st birthday in San Francisco with some friends. Had a great time.

My wife & I spent a few days there on her 21st a few years later.

Mike Johns and his wife  on her 21st Birthday

Answer from Clyde Ehrhardt

#3 I can not remember turning 21. I think I went to work. I had just been married for two months and was employed at Sear Roebuck. ( Remember them?) We lived in a two room apartment in Stockton, and My Wife was still in nursing school. I made $65.00 per week and we were on our way to enjoying life. I think we went out to dinner. God it was so long ago. My 20's is a blur. I moved six times in my 20, went back to school, moved out of the state, got a divorce and started a new career by the time I was 30. I just don't remember being 21 for very long. I don't think I would like to repeat it.

Answer from Robert L. Rocque

Question three (21st birthday): It's been so long. I don't remember. Since I don't drink or smoke I might have remembered if I did!

Robert L. Rocque

Answer From Judy A. Remmick - Hubert
Oh my young Garry and I were in the summer of 1963!

This photo was taken less than a month before my 21st birthday in July. We were going to the wedding of the Schrimps [Roger, who I believe went to Lincoln High, and Delsie, who was from Linden so I'm not sure where she went to High School], who, now, live in Oakdale.

I had a family birthday party in my folk's back yard in Lodi.  Mom probably made one of her great summer meals: ham, potatoes salad, fruit salad with whip cream, watermelon, homemade bread, ice cream and cake....  

I went past that old house a few months ago.  It has been been made larger and the Ash trees my father planted in front are huge as are the redwoods in the backyard. The neighborhood has certainly changed. And the cement wall of General Mills is, now, right across the street. I remember when that area used to be a large cherry tree orchard. The large almond orchard that was the south of us is gone.  And the dirt road is Mills Ave that goes all the way through to Lodi Avenue and past a very nice Little League Field.

Lodi Lake which is at the end [north] of my old block has a fence and a person has to pay to get into the area.

How many summer days did many of cool off in that old lake?  How many times did we watch the 4th of July fireworks reflecting their colors  of sparkling light in that old lake?  

Garry and Judy (Remmick) Hubert

June 1963 - Lodi, CA