Remmick-Hubert Memoirs: Third Grade, Lincoln School, Lodi, CA, USA

Last Updated:  24 March 2002

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Lincoln School

The second school I attended was Lincoln School where my aunt Alice and uncle Danny attended before me.  A few years ago I went back and took some pictures of the outside of the old school that has been closed due to age.


I believed it was so named because it use to be next to old Lincoln Highway which became part of Highway 99 and is, now, part of Cherokee Lane. I assume that Lincoln Highway was named after President :Honest Abe"  Lincoln whom we viewed in those early years as the  "great man who freed the slaves in the southern states".


Grade 3 - Mrs. Bensen's Class

Grade 3



Left to right.

Top Row One:

  1. Donald Petrocchi
  2. Michael Haney
  3. Lanell Peden
  4. Diane Wall
  5. Jeanetta Frey
  6. Gary Nelson
  7. Don Peterson
Row Two
  1. Leo Schmidt
  2. Betty Smatsky?
  3. Vera Schmidt
  4. Judy A. Remmick
  5. Gynnel Gentner
  6. Kathleen Furchner
  7. Don Becker
Row Three:
  1. Claudia Stelzer
  2. Karen Sterling?
  3. Irene Kruger
  4. LaVone Wahl
  5. Gloria
  6. Claudia Glos
  7. Winifred Henry
Row Four:
  1. Fred Frothinger
  2. Tom Fukkumato
  3. David Hidenbrand
  4. Herb Quenzer
  5. Allen Roloff
  6. Gary Siebel
  7. Johnny Bender

This school had a huge auditorium like room . Instead of single chairs, it held the old fashion desks bolted in rows. In the upper right hand corner of these desk were the holes where ink pots use to be placed.

Lincoln School

At the front of the room was a large stage.  Several times a year the students would preform a musical or talent show, or something that was a crowd pleaser.  I remember learning songs like "California here we come, right back where we started from...."  I sang my first solo in one of those shows. I  hadn't the best voice, but I was a bigger "ham" than the other girls my age.  How I loved the applause....   I remember watching my friend's brother practice and practice his ventriloquisim with his wooden dummy  [I've forgotten his name] with the cowboy hat.  The ventriloquist was Ron [Ronald James] Reynolds.  He was to be Class of 1958.    At the Brown's radio station, Ron learn to be a disk jockey with his dummy as support. From time to time he'd interview his fellow classmates.   Later Ron became a well known disk jockey  without his dummy on a San Francisco radio station, [I've forgotten which one]....

      ......Talent Show Lodi HS - 1957..... ....Class of 1958
Reynolds #1                Ron [Ronald James]  Reynolds                   Reynolds #2


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