Remmick-Hubert Memoirs:  Second Grade, Garfield School, Lodi, CA. USA

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Second Grade:

grade 2

Tell me who is missing.


Left to Right.

Top Row One:

  1. Allen Roloff
Row Two:
  1. Harlene Ryan
  2. Joyce Warnecke
  3. Kathy Krammerer
  4. LaVonna Wahl
  5. Gary Pierson
Row Three:
  1. Margaret Flath
  2. Janet Erlenbusch
  3. Judy A. Remmick
  4. Karen Krause
  5. Martha Moser
  6. Barbara Boepple
  7. Delores Fischer
Row Four:
  1. Garry Siebel
  2. Steve Walker?
  3. Bill Peterson
  4. Gordon?
  5. Gary  Nelson


audience There were the annual events.

I   remember galloping "Black Beauty" to the beat of the music created by a record player.

Horse Show


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Jim and Judy Bk

One of the many books which were used by us to learn to read.


I'm not sure if the inauguration of Pres. Truman was the highlight or our seeing television for the first time,  but, there we, the Second Class of Lincoln Elementary School,  were sitting in the living room of Billy Peterson's, our classmate's,  watching President Truman's inauguration. The  day was 20 Jan and year was 1949.

When Pres. Roosevelt had died during his term, Vice-Pres. Truman  became Pres. in 1945 so this inauguration was the [so-called] second term of Truman's..

I remember,  I was quite excited about both events [inaguration and seeing television for the first time].

Our teacher, who's name I don't recall,  had held the foresight of knowing this day would be one of those days we'd never forget even in old age.  I thank her!

Although my Mom and Dad were Republicans and our candidate, Thomas E. Dewey,  had lost the election, this was a national event that should have been remembered. And, I'm sure if our teacher had just spoken about the event, most of us wouldn't have remembered the event and the moment the Pres. placed his hand on the bible and was sworn into office. All of us felt like we had taken part because we had seen it happen on television.  Not many children our age held that privilege. Seeing it later at the movie theater on the News Reel wasn't the same because we, our class, knew the difference, now.  

Perhaps many Lodians held a closer view of Truman  because he was a home grown farm boy from Missouri and seemed more like our own relatives  [many of us were born in the mid-west ourselves and our parents had moved to California in search of a good life in the late 1930s and early 1940s].

I remember Truman was only one year older than my grandfather Ludwig Hein who had been born in Russia  in 1885 and had emigrated to North Dakota in the early 1900s.  Just as I remember the various events connected with Truman through his presidency. Such things as:  The "Truman Doctrine" (1947), The recovery programs taking place in Europe after the WW II.... Fair Deal programs at home..... His dismissal of Gen. Douglas MacArthur in 1951..... In 1952 when he declined to seek reelection,  the name of a WW II general by the name of Dwight D. Eisenhower was being heard.

As a child of seven years, I  sat there that day in 1949,  watched Pres. Truman raise his hand to promise us, the children in that room watching television  and all the citizens of the USA, to uphold the law and I felt great pride  well up inside me, and that pride  for my county is something I've never lost, and it continues within me  even to this day.

Despite all the bumps and bruises our present President  Clinton has given our country's pride,  I will be forever grateful that my ancestors migrated to the USA when they did.  And, no matter where I have traveled in his world of ours, have I never found a place I'd rather live than here in the good old U.S of A.

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