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University of Heidelberg

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Heidelberg, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany

In 1619, through these doors [or those similar to these doors for the originals were, probably, destroyed by the  invaiding French in 1689 or 1693 ] stepped a young man known as Laurentius Roemich [Remichius] from Neustadt am Weinstrasse [Wine Road] of Landau, Palatinate [a German state] which took him into the University of Heidelberg.  Young Laurentius was the second student [the first being Jacobus Bawer] who  had received a grant founded by the Knight Friedrich von Hirschhorn.  Because of the outbreak of the Thirty Years War  1618-1648 [as it was to be labeled later by historians], Laurentius left the university and joined the army to fight in ca. [about] 1619.

In 1991, some 372 years later,  I, Judy A. Remmick-Hubert visited the city of Heidelberg and found the old university and took photographs which I present on this page and the following pages.  I hope, you as a visitor to my site, enjoy by various photographs and comments.

Thank you for being interested.  And,  if you have anything to correct or add please contact me at:

History of University of Heidelberg

The university was founded by Elector Ruprecht I von der Pfalz in 1386 in Heidelberg which was at that time the capital of the Rhenish-Palatinate and so remained until the year 1720. See the history of Heidelberg. It is the oldest university in Germany and the third oldest in German speaking communities.  [Prague University was found in 1348 and Vienna in 1365.]  In 1991], the University of Heidelberg had 218,000 students.

The first building was of Gothic facade and I presume the invasion of the French in 1689 or later in 1693 destroyed much of the original facade or even the building which was probably rebuilt in the Baroque style .....  Someone who knows will have to give me this data and I will present it here when I know more.

In one of the travel books is mentioned a building known as the Studentenkarzer  [Student-lock-up] where students, usually guilty of public drunkenness, were jailed. I did not visit this building.

Another travel book mentions two popular pubs [no dates known] to the university studtends were Zum Sept I [Stepp's Place] and Roter Ochsen {The Red Cow].  Both were known for their hard drinking contests and where the permanent facial dueling scar was inflicted by an opponent....

Links for Genealogy:

In the library a person can find the following:

Baumgart, Karl: Philipp Jacob Roemmich (1766 - 1813) : vom reformierten Pfarrer zum "fonctionnair" in der Zeit der Französischen Revolution ; zugleich ein Beitrag zur rheinisch-pfälzischen Landes- und Kirchengeschichte. - Speyer :

Zechner, 1999. - 183 S. : Ill.

(Veröffentlichungen des Vereins für Pfälzische Kirchen-geschichte; 21)

(Schriftenreihe des Vereins für Rheinische Kirchenge-schichte ;143)

ISBN 3-87928-992-1 - ISBN 3-7927-1806-5

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