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Created by Gyla Gray, Carolyn Schott and Shirley Gibbard

ALEXANDROWITSCH Therese, +13 Dec 1882 in Kischinew, widow, born in

Hungary, 1895610/1 65 (St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical Archives).

ALLERDINGS Georg, from Franzfeld/Hungary, 1813 in Güldendorf/Od; RL: 16

(Stumpp, pp. 207/598).

ALLERDINGS Johann Georg, + 1 Aug 1884 Güldendorf, about 90 years, born

in Hungary, 1895616/3 78 22 (St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical


ALLERDINGS Nicolaus, + 15 Nov 1867 in Worms, 65 yrs 9 mos 11 dys,

single, born in Hungary, 1884091/3 666 38 (St. Petersburg Lutheran

Evangelical Archives).

ALTHEIM David from Rietberg/Hungary, 1787 in Neuwerbaß/Hungary, died

2.4.1803 in Neuwerbaß, 34 yrs., married Katharina, widow of Philipp OTT

(Stader, #00573).

ALTHEIM Georg Philipp, from Winterborn, S of Rockenhausen/Pfalz, 41

yrs., wife Sophia, child Christina, in May 1785 to Hungary, in

Klein-Ker/Hungary, House No. 68 (Stader, #00571). SEE ALTHEM/ALTHENN.

ALTHEIM Johann Georg, from Winterborn/Rockenhs. Pfalz, settled in

Sekitsch Ungarn, to Rosental/Krim (Stumpp, p. 78).

ALTHEIM Johann Georg, farmer 24 yrs.,Protestant, son of Peter ALTHEM

and Katharina KRUPS, from Winterborn N of Rockenhausen/Pfalz, he was

settled in Klein-Ker/Hungary in House No.71. He died in 1832 in Alt

Werbaß, 74 yrs., first marriage 20.5.1785 in Vienna, Second marriage,

St. Josef's Church, Susanna Juliana SEIDEL, 21 yrs., Protestant,

daughter of Friedrich and Susanna Maria HECHT, from Planig, NE of Bad

Kreuznach (Stader, #00572).

ALTHEM, Johann Georg, protestant [son of Peter Althem, farmer in

Winterborn, and Maria Katharina Krüps] b. 22 Feb 1758 in Winterborn,

north east of Rockenhausen/Pfalz, farmer d. 1832 in Werbaß [Verbas, Alt

and Neu Werbaß in Hungary] remark: settled in Kisker [Dobro Polje,

Hungary] married on May 20, 1785 in Vienna, St. Josef Church to SEIDEL,

Susanna Juliana, protestant [daughter of Friedrich Seidel, farmer in

Manich and Susanna Maria Hecht] b. 1764 in Planig, Bad


marriage witness: Christian Leißler b. in Planig (assumed) marriage

witness: Anton Misamer b. in Planig (assumed) (Lung, #002).

ALTHENN Konrad, born 1788 from Winterborn/Rockenhausen-Pf, via

Klein-Ker/Hungary, 1806 in Neuburg/Od, RL: 42, + 5 Sept 1835 in Neuburg

(Stumpp, p. 207). SEE ALTHE(I)M.

AMANN Eva Catharina, + 22 Sep 1848 in Glueckstal, 52 yrs 5 mos 29 days,

born in Tscherwenka/Hungary, wife of Adam OSTER, 1882641/2 369 224 (St.

Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical Archives).

AMANN, Jakob Johann b. 14 Dec 1755 in Medard?, d. 18 May 1798 (son of

Peter?, Jakob? Amann) Married 2 Dec 1779 in Medard, GRAVIUS Anna

Katharina ( daughter of Jakob Gravius and __? In Vienna on 31 Jul 1784

one son died(?), 1 daughter died 8 Jan 1785 in winter quarters at age 1

year old. On the list for food supply only two adults are mentioned


ANDERST Dorothea and Daniel, arrived in Neuburg 1814, resettlers from

Warschau. Neuburg Revisionsliste 1816 #60, then Semeni via

Teplitz/Bessarabia; RL 60 (Stumpp, pp. 208, 621).

ANDERST Elisabetha Margaretha, wife of Daniel, * 1798 in

Klein-Ker/Hungary, + 19 Feb 1855 in Grossliebental/Odessa (St.

Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical Archives).

ANDERST Katharine, + 3 Mar 1875 in Neuburg/Odessa, 73 yrs 5 mos 10 dys,

widow, * 1801 Klein-Ker/Hungary, 1884064/1 576 4 (St. Petersburg

Lutheran Evangelical Archives).

ANGELMANN Gottfried, age 40, from Hungary to Peterstal/Odessa in 1805

(Mack, p. 221).

ANTONI Franz, from Weitersburg/Koblenz, 1786 in Sektisch/Hungary, 1809

in Rosental/Crimea RL: 58 (Stumpp, pp. 208/933).

ANTONI, 1796 in Sekitsch, descent from Weitersburg (Sandles). ARNOLD

Adam, age 58, from Gangrehweiler/Rockenhausen-Pf, via Neuwerbaß/Hungary

to Freudental, RL: 74 (Stumpp, p. 575).

ARNOLD Johann Adam, from Gaugrehweiler, NE of Rockenhausen/Pfalz, in

1785 in Neuwerbaß, Hungary, House No 122, died 1825, 71 yrs., wife

Katharina LANG, died 1828, 70 yrs (Stader, # 01066).

ARNOLD Johann Adam, reformed from Greeweiler in the Zweibrückischen

d.i. Gaugrehweiler, Kr. Rochenhausen, Rhl. , 1785 passed Vienna.

Neuwerbaß house # 122, died 71 years old in 1825, wife Maria Katharina

LANG, died 70 years old in 1828, from Battweiler, BA. Zweibrücken, Rhl.

(Werbass 1785-1975).

ARNOLD Johann Heinrich Adam, reformed, farmer (son of Heinrich Arnold,

farmer, and Anna Margaretha Lemberg) b. 1759 in Waldgrehweiler, by

Ransweiler, Zweibrücken d. 1825 in Werbaß, Hungary [Verbas, Alt & Neu

Werbaß, Hungary] married on 29 May 1785 in Vienna, St. Joseph Church to

UHL, Maria Ottilia, protestant (daughter of Jakob Uhl, farmer, and

Maria Katharina ___ ) b. 1755 in Abtweiler, south west of

Sobernheim/Rheinland Pfalz

marriage witness: Philipp Wagner b. in Hausbach, d. 1797 in Werbaß

marriage witness: Johann Christian Wagner, b. in Hausbach marriage

witness: Philipp Wagner, d. 1797 in Werbaß, b. in Oberwiesen (Lung,


ARNOLD Nikolaus Jr., * 1804, from Waldorf/Tübingen Württemberg; father:

Nikolaus, 1874 after Neuwerbaß/Hungary (Stumpp, p. 209).

ARNOLD Nikolaus, from Waldorf/Tübingen Württemberg to Neuwerbaß/Hungary

then to Freudental/Odessa (Stumpp, p. 78).

ARNOLD Wilhelm, on first settler's list registered with an Odenwälder

craftsman, originated from 6101 Reichelsheim/Oldenwald, where the name

is frequently misinterpreted, the churchbook for the referred time,

burned down. Note: Stader noted inTscherwenka in 1785 (Vetter & Keiper).

ARNOLD Wilhelm - birth, parents not known. Registered as a tradesman in

the 1790 citizen listing. Popular name in Reichelsheim/Odenwald


BACKER Augustin, from Neuwerbas/Hungary, 1806 to Freudental/Odessa; RL:

18 (Stumpp, pp. 211/573).

BADER Adam, age 44, * 1772, from Burbach/Wiesbaden-He, 1784 in

Neuwerbaß/Hungary to Neuburg/Odessa RL: 51 (Stump, p. 620).

BADER Adam from Burbach/Wi.-Württembergvia Neuwerbaß/Hungary to

Neuburg/Odessa (Mack, p. 180 ).

BADER Dominik, catholic, farmer (son of Anton Bader [deceased] and

Elisabeth Klein) b. 1743 in Oberstinzel, Kt. Fenetrange, Moselle

remark: billeted from 30 Nov 1785 to end of Oct 1786 in Bogarosch

married on 25 Oct 1785 in Vienna, St. Josef church to ZIMMERMANN,

Maria, catholic (daughter of Philipp Zimmermann, farmer [deceased] and

Maria Mischo [deceased]

b. 1761 in Pfalzburg, north east of Saarburg, Lothringen marriage

witness: Johann Georg Freysinger, Austrian marriage witness: Michael

Rommer b. in Oberstinzel (Lung, # 008).

BADER Georg, + 27 Apr 1854 in Grossliebental/Odessa, 48 yrs 6 mos,

widower, * 1805 Bulkes/Hungary, 1883189/2 686 39 (St. Petersburg

Lutheran Evangelical Archives).

BADER Johann Jost, from Burbach, by Weilburg, Hessen, + 1788 in

Neuwerbaß/Hungary, 56 yrs (Stader, #01530). House # 122 in Neuwerbaß

(Werbass 1785-1975).

BADER Nikolaus, son of Johann Jost, from Burbach, by Weilburg/Hessen,

1785 in Neuwerbaß/Hungary, (Stader, #01541).

BADER Nikolaus from Burbach Elsaß to Neuwerbaß/Hungary then to

Neuburg/Odessa (Stumpp, p. 78).

BADER Nikolaus, from Burbach by Weilburg community Niedermorsbach, Rhl.

until 1815, then to Nassau-Weilburg, son of Johann Jost BADER, died in

1788 at 56 yrs., house # 192 (Werbass 1785-1975).

BAIER Theodor, settled in Fransfeld, Ungarn then to Neuburg/Odessa

(Stumpp, p. 78).

BAIER Theodor (Theobold) born *1780 from Franzfeld, Banat. Note - re:

Baier, Theodore, (Theobold) from Franzfeld, Banat (Torontal County) NE

of Belgrade. No information was found about this family in the

Sammelwerk. Records may be found in the Lutheran parish records for

Franzfeld, Banat, Hungary; Microfilm 1190286: Births 1793-1814,

Marriages 1793-1835, Deaths 1793-1824. If no Lutheran parish was

available, ceremonies often took place in the neighboring Catholic

church and earlier records may be found in the Catholic parish of

Jabuka, (Torontal) County, Hungary; Microfilm 858438, Births, Marriages

and Deaths 1766-1835.

BALLIET Anna Katharina, from Fechingen, SE of Saarbrücken, married

10.6.1785 in Ulm- Munster, Nikolaus REICHERT, from Altglashütte, by

Saabrücken, underway to Hungary (Stader, #1630).

BALLIET Franz, + 11 Aug 1869 in Peterstal/Odessa, 70y.0m.8d.,

calculated birth 3 Aug 1799, Hungary, wife: Maria HIRSCHMANN, 1884110/3

108 16, PBN:3 (St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical Archives).

BALLIET Jakob, age 28, from Hungary to Peterstal in 1805 (Mack, p.

220). BALLIET Johann, age 48, from Pfalf, via Hungary to

Peterstal/Odessa in 1805 (Mack, p.


BAST Franz, from Weissach/Backnang-Württemberg, to Teplitz/Bessarabia

via Hungary (Stumpp, p. 214). * 26 Dec 1797 (blacksmith), son of Johann

and Ottilie, 4th wife Anna Maria HIRSCHMANN (St. Petersburg Lutheran

Evangelical Archives).

BAST Franz, * 1766, + 1821, from Unterweißach/Backnang via

Morowitz/Hungary in Teplitz/Bessarabia (Stumpp, p. 552).

BAST Franz, from Weissach/Backnang Württemberg, settled in Ungarn then

to Teplitz/Bessarabia (Stumpp, p. 78).

BAST Katharina, born RÜB, * 1790, + 1854, from

Stetten/Waiblingen-Württembergto Teplitz/Bessarabia (Stumpp, p. 552).

BAST Ludwig, * 8.9.1803, + 1854, from Harrowitz/Hungary, wife Kath.

RÜB, * 18.2.1816, from Steten/Waiblingen-Württembergto

Teplitz/Bessarabia (Stumpp, pp. 214/552).

BAST Ludwig, + 15 Apr 1854 in Teplitz, born in Morowetz/Hungary,

1883189/2 632 14 (St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical Archives).

BAUDER, Johann/Hans Georg, the older, b. 30 Jun 1696 in Affaltrach,

died 14 Sep 1773 in Obersulm/Affaltrach (Stephan).

BAUDER/BAUDERER Johann Peter, b. 2 Apr 1726 in Obersulm, Affaltrach m.

about 1755 in Obersulm/Affaltrach to WEIDMANN [II], Anna Margaretha


BAUER, 1796 in Setitsch, descent from Marienthal (Sandles). BAUER

Christian, from Entringen, Kr. Tüblingen, Baden-Württ, registered

5.8.1784 in

Torschau, wagon builder, 3 persons (Lotz).

BAUER Friedrich, protestant, farmer (son of Friedrich Bauer and

Magdalena Steitz) b. 1761 in Gerbach, north east of Rockenhausen,

Pfalz, m. 4 May 1785 in Vienna, St. Josef church to SCHLAD, Apollonia,

protestant (daughter of Michael Schlad and Barbara Oblad (Oblach) b.

1760 in Neu Bamberg, south east of Bad Kreuznach, Rheinland Pfalz

marriage witness: Johann Berg marriage witness: Karl Anton Degen b. in

Neu Bamberg (Lung, #011).

BAUER Georg, from Ulm-Wü, via Torschau/Hungary, 1805 to

Freudental/Odessa; RL: 23 (Stumpp, p. 215/573).

BAUER Georg, age 35 from Wü., to Torschau/Hungary to Freudental/Odessa

in 1806 (Mack, p. 234).

BAUER Georg * 1754, widower, from Mariental/Kirschheinbolanden-Pf, 1784

in Sekitsch/Hungary, 1807 to Franzfeld/Odessa; RL: 8, went to Odessa,

wife: Christine ROTH, Kinder Georg *1806 (Stumpp, pp. 215/569).

BAUER Jakob, age 61, from Hungary to Peterstal/Odessa in 1805 (Mack, p.


BAUER Johann Georg, miller's assistant in Fränkisch-Crumbach NW of

Michelstadt/Odenwald, 1784 in Torschau/Hungary, 1805-1807 to Russia,

married 1.7.1784 in Fränkisch-Crumbach, Anna Maria GROH, child born

before marriage, Anna Margaretha 15.5.1783. Passed Vienna 12.8.1784,

farmer and miller, 24 yrs. Catholic, with wife and 1 daughter, 260

Gulden, 3 persons to the Banat (Stader, #02122).

BAUER Nikolaus, age 32, from Hungary to Peterstal/Odessa in 1805 (Mack,

p. 221).

BAUER Nicolaus, + 5 Apr 1856 Peterstal/Odessa, 73y.8m.2d., * 4 Aug 1782

Elsaß, wife: Anna Maria ZECHMEISTER, 1884100/2 89 98 PBN:8 (St.

Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical Archives).

BAUER Philipp, 1785 in Sekitsch/Hungary. Passed Vienna 24.10.1785,

farmer and shepherd, single, 25 yrs. Evangelical, from

Marienthal/Pfalz, E of Rockenhausen/Pfalz, to Hungary (Stader, # 02292).

BECHTEL Georg, reformed, passed Vienna 10.10.1785, from 6141

Ellenbach/Odenwald, came with Johann Peter PFEIFFER, born in Ellenbach,

churchbook Schlierbach, father Philipp B., married 3.1.1786 in

Tscherwenka Anna Elis. GRIESER, daughter of Peter Grieser from

Ellenbach. The name became Bechtler in Tscherwenka. (Hefner). SEE


BECHTOLD Conrad, + 15 Aug 1855 in Freudental/Odessa, 65y.8m.17d., * 29

Nov 1789 (Freudental/Odessa Church Family Book shows * 30 Nov 1789),

Torschau/Hungary, wife Magdalena EHLI, 1884075/1 194 29 PBN:9 (St.

Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical Archives). SEE BECHTEL.

BECHTOLD Johann from Ottwiller = Ottweiler, SE of Saarwerden/Alsace,

died 30.10.1796 in Klein-Ker/Hungary, 45 yrs., wife Margaretha GESSMANN

(Stader, #02765).

BECHTOLD Karl, #214 listed in Torschau April 1790 (Lotz). SEE BECHTEL/


BECHTOLD Karl, from Saarbrücken, ev., farmer, traveling with 4 persons,

registered in Torschau 16.5.1784 (Lotz).

BECHTHOLD Kaul, from Saarbrücken-Pf, in Torschau/Hungary in 1784

(Stumpp, p. 219). BECHTHOLD Konrad, age 27, from Hungary to

Freudental/Odessa in 1807 (Mack, p. 235).

SEE BECHTEL. BECK Adam, #20 listed in Torschau April 1790 (Lotz).

BECK Catharina, + 9 Jul 1859 in Freudental/Odessa, 64y.7m.3d., * 7 Dec

1794, Sektisch/Hungary, husband Andreas DICK, 1884077/1 545 33 PBN:50

(St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical Archives). * 25 Dec 1794 (GRHS).

BECK Friedrich, #13 listed in Torschau April 1790 (Lotz). BECK

Friedrich, from Leimen, Kr. Heidelberg, Baden, ref., farmer, 2 persons,

registered in

Torschau 19.5.1784 (Lotz).

BECK Jakob, + 3 Jun 1885 in Neu Freudental/Odessa, mothers maiden name

STEINHILBER, 93y.6m.16d., Sekitsch/Hungary, * 17 Nov 1791, wife:

Johanna, 1897695-1 788 10 (St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical


BECK Jakob, age 23 from Saarbrücken/Saarland via Torschau/Hungary to

Glückstal/Odessa, RL: 73 (Stumpp, p. 78, p. 674).

BECKER Adam (Charlotte), age 28, from Hungary to Peterstal/Odessa in

1805 (Mack, p. 221).

BECKER Adam, age 53, from Hungary to Freudental/Odessa in 1806 (Mack,

p. 235).

BECKER Adam, + 22 Feb 1841 in Peterstal/Odessa, 51y.8m.0d.,

Klein-Ker/Hungary, Rel:EL, wife Elisabetha HUMANN, 1883193/1 569 9

PBN:131 (St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical Archives).

BECKER Andreas, age 26, from Hungary to Freudental/Odessa in 1807

(Mack, p. 236). BECKER Andreas, + 14 Jan 1854 Neu Freudental/Odessa,

63y.0m.0d., Werbaß/Hungary,

wife:?,1883189/2 737 90 PBN:4 (St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical


BECKER Anna Barbara, + 20 Feb 1856 Neu Freudental/Odessa, 59y.0m.0d., *

1797, Sektisch/Hungary, husband Johannes WILL, 1884100/2 84 64, PBN:109

(St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical Archives).

BECKER Catharine, + 16 Sep 1867 Peterstal/Odessa, 76y.0m.0d., * 1791,

Tscherwenka/Hungary, husband: Jacob LENO, 1884091/3 103 22, PBN:40 (St.

Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical Archives).

BECKER Catharina, + 23 Feb 1838 Freudental/Odessa, 39y.0m.13d.,

Tscherwenka/Hungary, married name FENTZLEIN, 1882648-1 336 9 (St.

Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical Archives).

BECKER Catharina, * 1 Feb 1805 Sektisch/Hungary, + 30 Mar 1872,

husband: Philipp SCHLECHT (GRHS).

BECKER Catharine Margarethe Elisabeth, + 30 Nov 1868 Freudental/Odessa,

78y.11m.5d. calculated birth 25 Dec 1789 in Neuwerbaß/Hungary, husband

Johann Jacob SCHMIDT, 1884092/1 106 29 PBN:83 (St. Petersburg Lutheran

Evangelical Archives). Listed as Elisabeth, * 7 Jan 1790

Neuwerbaß/Hungary, + 30 Nov 1868, husband: Johann Jacob SCHMIDT (GRHS).

BECKER Charlotte, + 1816, from Leidringen/Balingen-Wü, 1805 to

Peterstal/OD; RL: 51 (Stumpp, p. 220).

BECKER Daniel, catholic, farmer, (son of Philipp Becker, farmer at

Dill, and Elisabeth Katharina Mousel) b. 1761, south west from

Kirchberg, Hunsrück m. on 14 May 1785 in Vienna, St. Leopold church to

DILLMANN, A. Magdalena, catholic (daughter of Mathias Dillmann,

carpenter at Lautzenh., and Elis. Katharina Schuch) b. 1763 in

Lautzenhausen, west of Kirchberg/Hunsrück.

wedding witness: Christian Bayer, b. in Neudorf wedding witness: Peter

Staab, b. in Lautzenhausen (Lung, #018).

BECKER Friedrich Jacob, + 11 May 1848 Freudental/Odessa, 56y.8m.4d.,

(Freudental/Odessa Church book show * 14 Aug 1791) Neuwerbaß, Hungary,

wife: Margaretha (GLASER) ZIMMER, 1882641/2 84 8 PBN:13 (St. Petersburg

Lutheran Evangelical Archives).

BECKER Georg Ludwig, house # 73, crossed Vienna 30.10.1784, 6 persons,

wife, 4 sons, and 100 Gulden. Wife Klara MAURER of Gielert onto the

Rhineland, Kr. Bernkastel-Kues, Mosel: died 15.3.1789, their son Ludwig

to Russia after 1808 (Werbass 1785-1975).

BECKER Gerhard, reformed, from Burgsponheim, church book

Waldböckelheim, W of Bad Kreutznach/Rhein-Pfalz, died 7.9.1785 in

Tscherwenka/Hungary, married Anna Maria SCHWARZ, from Bockenau, N of

Sobernheim, Rhine/Pfalz, children: Maria Magdlena, 7.9.1757, Johann

Jakob 8.5.1760, Agnes 3.11.1762. Passed Vienna 2.7.1784, farmer,

Reformed, with wife, 1 son and 2 daughters, accompanied by relative

Barbara JUNGIN, 70 Gulden, 6 persons to the Hungary (Stader, #2949).

BECKER Jakob Johann, b. 7 Nov 1730 in Ausweiler/Reichenbach, (son of

Valentin Becker and M. Barb. Schumacher) m. on 22 Jan 1760 in

Reichenbach/Nahe to NÄHER, Barbara, b. 29 Oct 1735 (daughter of

Nikolaus Näher and Anna Elisab. Schmidt). Joh. Jakob Becker "secretly

escaped" without paying the money for the withdrawal and release costs.

His wife was the aunt of the 'Tscherwenka' settler Jakob Näher.

Children: Johann Nikolaus, b. 4 Dec 1763 in Ausweiler, Reichenbach

district Maria Barbara, b. 7 Dec 1767 in Ausweiler Johann Peter b. 8

Dec 1772 Children of J. Valentin Becker, Schöffe (Alderman) in

Ausweiler and M. Barb. Schuhmacher, who emigrated:

Johann Jakob, b. 7 Nov 1730 - married - Mar. Barb. Näher - to

Tscherwenka Eva Elisab., b. 18 Nov 1735 - married - Joh. Jakob Näher,

widow - to Tscherwenka Mar. Elisab., b. 24 Dec 1737 - married - Georg

Michael Schüssler - to Sekitsch Mar. Dorothea b. 31 Aug 1740 - married

- Peter Karius, widow - to Sekitsch Joh. Peter b. 16 Feb 1743 - married

Mar. Marg. Schleich - to Tscherwenka Anna Elisab., b. 5 Jan 1746 -

married Georg Jakob Tempelfeld - to Tscherwenka (Hefner).

BECKER Jakob Johann, b. 8 May 1760 in Burgspohnheim (son of Joh.

Gerhard Becker and SCHWARZ, Anna Maria) married 3 Jul 1784 in Vienna to

BRÜCKNER, Anna Margar., b. 17 May 1759 in Burgspohnheim (daughter of

Joh. Jakob Brückner and Anna Marg. Simon). To Vienna with parents on 2

Jul 1784. Entries in the Waldböckelheim Church book.

Son Mathias was b. on 10 Feb 1785 in Hodschag in the winter quarters.

He married Marg. Schlarb on 19 Nov 1805. (Hefner).

BECKER Johann, from Eppingen/Sinsheim Baden toLiebling/Ungarn then to

Kassel/Odessa (Stumpp, p. 78).

BECKER Johann Jakob, * 11 May 1801 Sekitsch/Hungary, + 18 Jan 1872,

wife: Juliana GANTHNER (GRHS).

BECKER Johann Jakob, 24 yrs, Reformed, son of Gerhard B. and Anna Maria

SCHWARZ, born 8.5.1760 in Schlossböckelheim, NW of

Sobernheim/Rhein-Pfalz, married 3.7.1784 in St. Josef's Parish, Vienna,

Anna Maria BRÜCKNER, 25yrs., Reformed, daughter of Johann B. and

Margaretha SIMON, born 17.5.1759 in Burgsponheim, W of Bad

Kreuznach/Rhein- Pfalz, from 1785 in Tscherwenka/Hungary. Passed Vienna

2.7.1784, 21 yrs. Reformed, with wife, 2 persons to the Hungary

(Stader, #2967).

BECKER Johann Jakob, reformed, farmer (son of Gerhard Becker, farmer,

and Anna Maria Schwarz) b. 8 May 1760 in Schloßböckelheim, northwest of

Sobernheim, Rheinland-Pfalz remark: Tscherwenka 1785 married on 3 Jul

1784 in Vienna, St. Josef church to BRÜCKNER, Anna Maria, reformed,

farmer's maid (daughter of Johann Brückner, farmer and Anna Margaret

Simon) b. 1759 in Burgsponheim, north west of Bad Kreuznach

remark: both fathers present marriage witness: Abraham Lindacher, b. in

Schwetzingen marriage witness: Christoph Lungheimer, b. in

Schloßböckelheim (Lung, #015).

BECKER Johann Mathias, son of Hans Michael B. and Anna Margaretha LA

FERRÉ, born 1.2.1750 in Bischmisheim, E of Saarbrücken, married

1.1.1772 Margaretha KUNKEL, from Völklingen/Saar, child born in

Bischmisheim, Valentin 23.11.1774, from 1785 in Tscherwenka/Hungary.

Passed Vienna 28.6.1784, farmer, 33 yrs., Evangelical, with wife, 1

son, 4 persons to the Hungary (Stader, #3050).

BECKER Johann, catholic, farmer (son of Johann Becker, farmer

[deceased] and Anna Schaaf) b. 1760 in Hentern, east of Saarburg,

Trier, m. 28 Mar 1786 in Vienna, St. Josef church to HAGET, Maria

Katharina, catholic (daughter of Franz Haget, farmer [deceased] and

Angela Winterlich) b. 1760 in Baldringen, east of Saarbrücken, Trier

marriage witness: Nikola Klement, b. in Rieneck marriage witness:

Michael Kopperstein, b. in Schunderfeld (Lung, #017).

BECKER Johann Peter, + 11 Feb 1838 Freudental/Odessa, 44y. 0m. 0d.,

Tscherwenka/Hungary, 1882648-1 336 6 (St. Petersburg Lutheran

Evangelical Archives).

BECKER Johann Peter, from Ausweiler, E of Birkenfeld/Nahe (prohibited

area), from 1785 in Tschwenka/Hungary, died before 1790, married Maria

Margaretha SCHLEICH, from Breungeborn, E. of Birkenfeld, children born

in Ausweiler, church book Reichenbach, Maria Elisabetha 15.2.1773,

Johann Jakob 1.9.1779, Johann Nikolaus 22.1.1782 (Stader, #3084).

BECKER Joh. Peter of 6581 Ausweiler according to Reichenbach

churchbook, secretly escaped, as a result his property was confiscated,

born in Ausweiler, died before 1790 in Tscherwenka/Hungary, married

Maria Margaretha SCHLEICH from Breunchenborn. Children: Maria Elisabeth

born 15.2.1773, Joh. Jakob born 1.9.1779, married 28.1.1800 Magdalena

BAUER, John Nickel born 22.1.1782, all in Reichenbach churchbook

(Vetter & Keiper).

BECKER Leonhard, age 41 from Hungary to Freudental/Odessa in 1808

(Mack, p. 236). BECKER Ludwig, from Tiefenbach/Kusel to Werbaß/Hungary,

in 1807 to Rußland

(Stumpp, p. 220).

BECKER Ludwig, from Tiefenbach Pfalz to Kis-Ker/Ungarn then to

Freudental/Odessa (Stumpp, p. 78).

BECKER Ludwig, age 34, from Hungary to Freudental/Odessa in 1807 (Mack,

p. 236).

BECKER Ludwig, 1785 in Klein-Ker/Hungary. Passed Vienna 19.11.1785,

farmer, 25 yrs., Evangelical, with wife, 2 persons from

Tieffenbach/Zweibrück =NW of Zabern, Alsace to Hungary (Stader, #03027).

BECKER Maria Catharina Elisabeth, + 7 Feb 1885 Helenental, 81y. 8m.

26d., *11 May 1803, Hungary, husband Jakob KAST, 1897695-1 791 3 (St.

Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical Archives).

BECKER Maria Dorothea, from Algenrodt, district of Idar-Oberstein,

married (1774) Wilhelm FUCHS from Dahn, SE of Pirmasens/Pfalz, 1785 in

Tscherwenka/Hungary (Stader, #2921).

BECKER Maria Elisabeth, + 21 Sep 1877 Freudental/Odessa, 76y. 5m 25d.,

Tscherwenka/Hungary, husband: Jakob BISCHOF, 1895622/1 474 40, PBN:6

(St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical Archives). Maria was born 26 Mar

1801 Tscherwenka/Hungary, + 12 Sep 1877 (GRHS).

BECKER Nikolaus, age 53, from Hungary to Freudental/Odessa in 1806

(Mack, p. 234).

BECKER Peter, 1785 in Klein-Ker/Hungary, House No. 171, died 6.1.1809,

50 yrs., Passed Vienna 14.10.1785, farmer 27 yrs., Evangelical, with

wife, 2 sons, 4 persons, from Recksingen by Nassau-Usingen (=Rexingen,

SE of Saarwerden/Alsace) (Stader, #3085).

BECKER Philipp Peter, from Ausweiler, E of Birkenfelf/Nahe (prohibited

area), from 1785 in Tscherwenka/Hungary. Passed Vienna 27.9.1784,

farmer, Lutheran, with wife 3 daughters, 25 Gulden, 5 persons to

Hungary (Stader, # 3094).

BEICHELD (SEE BECHTHOLD) Johann According to the settlement records, he

came from Ottweiler, Elsass He moved to Batschko, Dobropolje/Kischker


BENDER Franz, came from Klein Ostheim, Aschaffenburg district, Mainz

region, he was a farmer and came with 4 people. He died in 1789 at the

age of 27. His wife was Katharina geb. HOFFMANN (Stephan).

BENDER Johann Peter, from St. Johann, District of Saarbrücken,

immigrated to Sekitsch/Batchka, after 1787 in Neuwerbaß/Hungary, with

wife: Anna Katharina REINHARD, widow of Adam FRITZ (Stader, #03402).

BENDER Johann Peter, from Dudweiler/Saarland to Cervenka/Ungarn then to

Alexanderhilf/Odessa (Stumpp, p. 78).

BENDER Leonhard, from 1785 in Sekitsch/Hungary, in 1789 was a juryman,

wife: Maria Barbara HARICH, passed Vienna 30.11.1785, farmer and

tailor, 38 yrs., Evangelical, with wife, 3 sons, 3 daughters, 8

persons, from St. Johann/Nassau Sabr = District of Saarbrücken, to

Hungary (Stader, #03396).

BENDER Peter, Passed Vienna 10.6.1803, farmer from Börstadt/Falkst =

Börrrstadt, SE of Rockenhausen/Pfalz, to Hungary or Galicia (Stader,


BENDER Peter Johann b. 11 Mar 1799 (son of Philipp Bender and

Margaretha HAHN) married on 13 Jun 1820 FRIEDRICH, Margaretha (daughter

of Georg FRIEDRICH and Mar. Marg. EBERSOLD) Child:Mar. Magdal., b. 6

Sep 1833, married 4 Jul 1858 LITZENBERGER, Friedrich (Hefner).

BENDER Philipp, wife: Margaretha HOLM, 1785 in Tscherwenka/Hungary

(Stader, #03404).

BENDER Philipp, born in Dudweiler/Saar, married HAHN, Margaretha

Children: Joh. Peter b. 11 Mar 1799, married 13 Jun 1820 Margaretha

Friedrich According to Dr. Karl Stumpp, the Benders came from

Dudweiler/Saar (Hefner).

BENDER (Binder) Sigmund, shoemaker, from Böhringen, E of

Urach/Schwabia, with wife, 3 children, passed Vienna 3.5.1786 farmer

and shoemaker, 30 yrs., Lutheran, with wife, 2 sons, 1 daughter, 5

persons from Ulm to Hungary (Stader, #03405).

BENDER Thomas, Philipp, *1798, from Mariental/Rokkenheim-Pfalz, to

Bulkes/Hungary, 1822 to Sarata/Bessarabia (Stumpp, p. 221).

BENDER Philipp, + 22 Feb 1842 Sarata, 44 y 20 d, * Bulkes/Hungary,

tablemaker, 1883193/2 43 1 (St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical


BENZ Johannes, from Mettenz./Ludwigsb Wurttemberg to Liebling/Ungarn

then to Peterstal/Odessa (Stumpp, p. 78).

BERG Adam, in 1791 was 29 yrs., in Klein-Ker/Hungary house no. 55, wife

Maria Elisabetha, 20 yrs., child Katharina born in 1790 (Stader,


BERG Adam, age 53, from Herrenberg/Böblingen-Württembergvia

Torschau/Hungary to Alexanderhilf/Odessa, RL: 40 (Stumpp, p. 566).

BERG Caspar, + 20 Mar 1839 Kischinew, * Klein-Ker/Hungary, 43years,

1882649/3 250 3 (St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical Archives).

BERG Georg Adam, from Bütten, Kr. Zabern, Elsaß, ev., farmer, 4

persons, registered in Torschau 25.8.1784 (Lotz).

BERG Gerhard, 1752 in Apatin/Hungary, house no. 208, marriage II

1.10.1752 in Apatin/Hungary, Katharina MITTNER, passed Vienna in June

1752 from the Reich to Hungary (Stader, #03581).

BERG Gottfried, passed Vienna 25.4-15.7.1763, weaver, to

Hodschag/Hungary (Stader, #0367).

BERG Heinrich, resettled from Nagyag, Komitat Hunyad, Siebenburgen, in

1787 to Neuwerbaß/Hungary, died in 1818, wife: Gertrud, drowned in the

canal in 1818 (Stader, #03584).

BERG Johann, Martin andAdam, from Herrenberg/Böblingen Württemberg to

Torschau/Ungarn then to Alexanderhilf/Odessa (Stumpp, p. 78).

BERG Johann, from Herrenberg/Böblingen-Wü, 1784 in Torschau/Hungary to

Alexanderhilf/Odessa, then to Arzis/Bessarabia (Stumpp, pp. 222/507).

BERNHARD Konrad, from Rutsweiler, Kr. Kusel, Rhld-Pfalz, ev., farmer, 6

persons, registered in Torschau 28.4.1784 (Lotz).

BERNHARD Konrad, from Rutsweiler/Kusel Pfalz to Torschau/Ungarn then to

South Russland (Stumpp, p. 79).

BERNHARD Philipp, Evangelic, b. 28 Jul 1765 in Meisenheim (son of

Samuel Bernhard and Anna Marg. Dohm). Married MAYLÄNDER, Elisabeth, b.

29 Jan 1779 in Saarbrücken (daughter of Jakob Mayländer and Kathar.

Weiss). child: Christina b. 25 Jul 1812, m. Christoph Müller on 7 Feb

1833 (Hefner).

BERNHARD Samuel from Göllheim married Anna Mar. Dohm from Desloch on 13

Nov 1764 in Meisenheim. Philipp Samuel could be their son. Parents

settled in Bulkes (Hefner).

BERNHARDT Georg, also came from MEISENHEIM an der Glan, died in 1841

and was 70 years old. His wife Magdalena SCHÄFER was from NEUNKIRCHEN,

and died in 1836 at the age of 63. (Stephan).

BERNHARDT Konrad, from Rutsweiler/Kusel-Pfalz, 1784 in Torschau/Hungary

(Stumpp, p. 223).

BERNHARDT Jakob, came from MEISENHEIM an der Glan, died in 1837 and was

63 years old. His wife was Maria ELICKER from OTTWEILER, Saarbrücken

region, and died

in 1838 at the age of 61. (Stephan).

BERNHARDT Samuel, from Meisenheim an der Glan, died in the year 1804 at

the age of 63 years. First wife: Anna Magdalena WAGNER, second wife:

Maria Elisabetha WAHL, died in the year 1804, 56 years (Stephan).

BIBELHEIMER Adam, from Banat/Hungary, 1804 to Peterstal/Odessa, then to

Helenental/Odessa (Stumpp, pp. 224/600). SEE BINGENHEIMER.

BIBELHEIMER Adam, from Banat/Hungary to Peterstal/Odessa in 1804 (Mack,


BIBELHEIMER Jakob, from Fränk. Krumbach/Dieburg-He via

Tscherwenka/Hungary to Peterstal/Odessa RL: 31 (Stumpp, p. 624). SEE


BIBELSHEIMER Adam, to Peterstal from Banat/Hungary (Height, p. 83).

BIEBER Georg, passed Vienna in June 1765 from Lothringen to

Gajdobra/Hungary (Stader,


BI(E)BER Jakob, died 1797, from Eschburg/Lützelstein Elsaß to

Neuverbaß/Ungarn then to Alexanderhilf/Odessa (Stumpp, p. 79).

BIEBER Jakob from Eschbourg = Eschburg NW of Zabern/Alsace, 1785 in

Neuwerbaß/Hungary, house no. 152, in 1796 in Neuwerbaß, was 48 yrs.

Wife: Salomea died in 1812 in Neuwerbaß/Hungary, 66 yrs (Stader,


BIEBER Jakob, House No. 152. The Biebers were also in Sekitsch/Hungary,

originated in Eschburg, Alsace; he died in 1797 at 48 yrs, his wife:

Salomea died in 1812 at 66 yrs (Werbass 1785-1975).

BIEBER Johann Adam, was from HAMBACH,Kreis Wiesbaden. He was a farmer

and died in 1788 at the age of 24 years old. His wife was Maria Eva

STEIL (Stephan).

BIEBER Johann Daniel, Reformed, son of Johann Theobold BIBER and Maria

Sara MOLTERS, born 18.11.1752, churchbook Hinzweiler, SW of

Lauterecken/Pfalz, married 21.11.1780, churchbook Hinzweiler, Maria

Margaretha, passed Vienna 10.5.1784, farmer, Reformed, with wife, 2

sons, 4 persons to the Hungary (Stader, #04197). SEE BIBER.

BIEBER Johann Peter, 1785 in Tscherwenka/Hungary, wife Katharina, died

17.11.1786 in Tscherwenka (Stader, #04201).

BIEBER Margaretha, + 3 Oct 1877, 66y 5m 28?d, * Bulkes/Hungary, widow

of Simon GOETZ, 1895622-1-640-056 (St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical


BIEBER Peter, + 16 Feb 1874 Glückstal, 66 years 6 days, * in

Bulkes/Hungary, 1884120/1 649 43 (St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical


BIEDERMANN Katharina, + 8 Jan 1860 Großliebental/Odessa, 68 yrs 8 mos

28 dys, * Tscherwenka/Hungary, husband Michael BIEDERMANN, 1884080/1

170 1 (St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical Archives).

BIERMANN, Andreas, b. in Mühlbach (son of Josef and __?_ married in

Torscha on 30 May 1788 BLUMENSTOCK, Kath. Susanna b. 1771? In Baiertal

by Walldorf [died 2 Oct 1791?] (daughter of Johann Philipp and Anna

Maria Kräh) child: Sofia Dorothea b. 7 Dec 1789, married Johann Jakob

PFEIFER on 9 Jan 1810 (Hefner).

BINDER Wilhelm, age 18, from Hungary to Petersta/Odessa in 1805 (Mack,

p. 221). BINDER Wilhelm, from Holzhausen/Wiesbaden Hessen to

Bulkes/Ungarn then to

Peterstal/Odessa (Stumpp, p. 79).

BINDER Wilhelm, age 23 from Auingen/Münsubgeb-Wü, (Stumpp, pp. 618/626)

BINDER Wilhelm, was from HOLZHAUSEN via Aar, Wiesbaden district. He was

a farmer and came with his wife and one son. He was 26 years old. He

brought with him the stocking weaver apprentice Nikolaus HOLBACH. He

died in 1810 at the age of 52. His wife was Maria Katharina from

OERHOSENBACH, Oldenburg region. She died in 1834 at the age of 72


BINGENHEIMER Jakob, from Fränk. Krumbach Hessen to Cervenka/Ungarn the

to Peterstal/Odessa (Stumpp, p. 79). SEE BIBELHEIMER.

BINGENHEIMER Johann Josef, son of Johann Phillipp B. and Maria Dorothea

CARLE, born about 1759, from Framersheim, NE of Alzey/Rheinland-Pfalz

to Torschau/Hungary (Stader, #4402).

BINGENHEIMER Johann, Reformed, son of Johann Philipp B. and Maria

Dorothea CARLE, born 29.2.1760 in Framersheim NE of

Alzey/Rheinland-Pfalz, married 26.6.1784 in St. Josef 's Parish in

Vienna, Anna Maria GROSSARTH, 24 yrs. Reformed, daughter of Peter G.

and Maria Katharina, from Nahbollenbach, E of Idar

Oberstein/Rheinland-Pfalz, 1785 in Tscherwenka/Batschka. Passed Vienna,

26.6.1784, farmer, 24 yrs., Evangelical, with bride Anna Maria

GROSSART(H) to persons to the Batschka (Stader # 4401).

BINGENHEIMER Johannes, b. 29 Feb 1760 in Framersheim, widower (son of

Johann Philipp and Mar. Dorothea CARLE.) married in Vienna on 26 Jun

1784 (2nd marriage?) Anna Maria GROSSARTH b. 1760? (daughter of Joh.

Nikolaus and Mar. Kath. THERNES) "Vienna, 25 Jun 1784 with his fiancée

Anna Mar. GROSSARTH" They were married the following day. The

information about her parents do not coincide with the

Church book. She was the daughter of Peter GROSSARTH, master miller,

and Dorothea KÖNIG. Her mother was there with them in Vienna. She died

on 18 Apr 1785 in the winter quarters in Filipovo. Her father, Joh.

Peter d. 2 Jul 1781 in Nahbollenbach. She had 3 illegitimate children,

which her brother in Vienna took them under his name. Sons Jakob,

Johann and Adam Bingenheimer, also named BIEBELHEIMER, moved to

Peterstal, Odessa, Russia in 1806 and from there to Bessarabia. About

1880 descendants went to USA. The marriage record in Vienna reflected

"Allenbach" should be Bollenbach. Hieronymus Grossarth "with mother and

his sister Barbara Grossart" came through Vienna at the same time.


BINGENHEIMER Johann of 6509 Framersheim, reformed, passed Vienna

25.6.1784 with his bride, born 29.2.1760 in Framersheim. Father is Joh.

Philipp BINGENHEIMER of Undenheim (born in Selzen?), mother is Maria

Dorothea CARLE, her father Joh. Peter CARLE and her mother Anna

Christina MANN of Flonheim. In Vienna, at the marriage of Johann,

besides his mother was a Mann relative, his grandmother. Married on

26.6.1784 at St. Josephs-Pfarrei, Anna Maria Barbara GROSSARTH from

Nahbollenbach ( E. of Idar Oberstein, Rh-Pfz.), father Peter GROSSARTH,

miller, mother Maria Cathar. N., Johann was widower, he showed the

death certificate for his first wife. Adam BIBELHEIMER, son of Johann,

1806 in Peterstal/Odessa South Russia. From there to Bessarabia, then

in 1880 his descendants went to the USA. The elders of this family wish

to know (original) district of their deceased ancestors (Vetter &


BINGENHEIMER Johann, protestant, farmer (son of Johann Philipp

BINGENHEIMER, farmer [deceased], and Dorothea Mans [deceased] b. 29 Feb

1760 in Framersheim, north east of Alzey. Tscherwenka/Bat. 1785,

married 26 Jun 1784 in Vienna, St. Josef church to GROSSART, Anna

Maria, catholic (daughter of Johann Nikolaus Grossart, master miller

[deceased] and M. Theresia Theer) b. 1761 in Bollenbach, Idar-Oberstein

wedding witness: Johann Henn Winterhauch wedding witness: Hyronimus

Grossart b. in Bollenbach, settled in Tscherwenka, died remarks: Anna

Maria Grossardt gave false information, which are proven to be not

correct. (she had 3 illegitimate children, her brother took in under

his name (Lung, #021).

BISCHOF(F) Anna, + 28 Oct 1843 Odessa, * Hungary, widow, husband:

Stephan POPOWITSCH, 1882594/2 178 77 (St. Petersburg Lutheran

Evangelical Archives).

BISCHOF(F) Daniel, age 33 from Pfalz, via Hungary to Franzfeld/Odessa

in 1807 (Mack, p. 254).

BISCHOFF Daniel, + Oct 1882 Freudental/Odessa, 80y.5m.18d., * Mar 1802

Hungary, wife: Anna Maria RAFF, 1895610-1 681 33 (St. Petersburg

Lutheran Evangelical Archives). Daniel * 7 May 1802

Tscherwenka/Hungary, + 25 Oct 1882 (GRHS).

BISCHOF Georg, married before 1877 OSTER, Sofia Child: Ludwig b. 4 Nov

1877, married Magdalena Schmidt (Hefner).

BISCHOF Jakob, 1811, age 47, from Ottersheim/Germersheim-Pf via

Torschau/Hungary to Franzfeld/Odessa (Stumpp, p. 570).

BISCHOF Jakob and Paul, from Ottersheim/Germershm. Pfalz to

Torschau/Ungarn then to Freudental/Odessa (Stumpp, p. 79).

BISCHOF Jakob, age 47, from Pfalz, via Hungary to Franzfeld/Odessa in

1809 (Mack, p. 254).

BISCHOF Jakob, age 49, from Ottersheim/Germersheim-Pf via

Torschau/Hungary to Freudental/Odessa RL: 13 (Stumpp, p. 572).

BISCHOF Jacob, + 30 Aug 1878 Freudental/Odessa, 79y.11m.16d., *

Tscherwenka/Hungary, 1895624/1 508 27 PBN:6 (St. Petersburg Lutheran

Evangelical Archives). Jacob * 14 Sep 1798 Tscherwenka/Hungary (GRHS).

BISCHOFF Johannes, + 16 Jun 1856 Odessa, mothers maiden name

WEINGARTNER, from Freudental/Odessa, 56y.9m.23d., * 24 Aug 1799

Tscherwenka/Hungary, wife Catharine, 1884100/1 9 50 (St. Petersburg

Lutheran Evangelical Archives).

BISCHOF Ludwig, b. 4 Nov 1877, died? 13 Jan 1951 in Wels, Austria (son

of Georg and Oster, Sofia) married SCHMIDT, Magdalena b. 31 Mar 1881,

died? 30 Mar 1966 (daughter of Christian and Karius, Katharina) child:

Katharina b. 9 Sep 1906, married Ferdinand Schäfer on 29 Sep 1932


BISCHOF Paul, age 46, from Pf,. via Torschau/Hungary to

Freudental/Odessa in 1806 (Mack, p. 235).

BISCHOF Peter, from the vicinity of Kaiserslautern, passed Vienna

14.10.1785 with unmarried maids: Anna M. MAYRIN and Maria HERTLIN. In

1790 went to Werbaß (Vetter & Keiper).

BISCHOF Peter b. 1760 near Kaiserslautern Son: Wilhelm, married on 26

Nov 1805 Juliana HARTMANN, b. 14 Oct 1785. no children "originates from

Kaiserslautern" __ ?,"with single girls Anna M. Mayrin and Maria

Hertlin". Perhaps a different Johann Peter Bischof who married Anna

Maria Gruber on 19 May 1785 at the winter quarters in Hodschag.


BISCHOF Wilhelm, carpenter (son of Peter and __?) married on 26 Nov

1805 in Essweiler HARTMANN, Juliana [d. 28 Dec 1845] (daughter of

Johannes and Schenkel, M. Marg. Child: El. Eva b. 14 Dec 1819, married

Noll, Adam on 29 Nov 1839 (Hefner).

BITTERMANN Georg Heinrich, + 30 Dec 1862 Freudental/Odessa,

62y.11m.24d., * Rineck/Hungary, wife: Marie Elisabetha PFAFF, On 1863

Census, 1884099/3 13, PBN:6 (St.

Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical Archives). George born 6 Jan 1800

Rinek/Hungary (GRHS).

BITTERMANN Jakob, age 41, from Hungary to Freudental/Odessa in 1807

(Mack, p. 235). BITZ Jakob, 1785 in Neuwerbaß/Hungary, House No. 108,

died 1797, 57 yrs (Stader,

#04605). SEE PITZ.

BITZ Jakob, * 1740, from Wiesloch/Heidelberg-Baden, 1784 in

Neuwerbaß/Hungary, 1807 in Freudental/Odessa, RL: 65 (Stumpp, pp.


BITZ Jakob, age 33, from Ba., via Neuwerbaß/Hungary to

Freudental/Odessa in 1807 (Mack, p. 235).

BITZ Jakob, reformed, house # 108, descended Wiesloch (formerly

Kurpfalz) Kr. Heidelbert; died in 1797 at the age of 57 years. His son

Jakob to Russia in 1808 (Werbass 1785-1975).

BITZ Jakobine, from Wiesloch, S of Heidelberg, from 1785 in

Neuwerbaß/Hungary, House No.114 (Stader, #04604).

BITZ Johann Michael, from Wiesloch, S of Heidelberg, in 1787 to

Neuwerbaß/Hungary, his widow Salomea, was from "Dimringen" by

Bernkastel-Kus/Mosel (Stader, #04608).

BITZ Katharina Jakobine, house # 114, from Wiesloch, (formerly

Kurpfalz) Kr. Heidelbert; died 1829 at 72 years of age (Werbass


BLATTER Helena, + 6 Sep 1833 Sarata, 22 yrs, buried 8 Sep, married, *

Franzfeld/Hungary, 1792290/2 68 4 (St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical


BLATTER Joseph, from Bitsch/Lothringen (Loth) to Sekitsch/Ungarn then

to Rosental/Krim (Stumpp, p. 79).

BLUM Johann, from Kriegsfeld, Kr. Kirchheimbolanden, Rhld.-Pfalz, ref.,

farmer, 9 persons, registered in Torschau 13.5.1784 (Lotz).

BLUM Johann from Kriegsfeld/Kirchheimbolanden-Pf, 1784 in Torschau,

then Jarek/Ungarn; wife Anna Kath Althofer, V.: Michael u. Marg. Seiler

(Stumpp, p. 228).

BLUMENSCHEIN Johannes, Vienna 12 Aug 1784. 1 son, 2 daughters He came

with a group of 15 families from the Frankonian Crumbach region. One

son is missing. In the winter quarters of Hodschag one son Peter was b.

20 Mar 1785. Popular name around Reichelsheim/Odenwald. (Hefner).

BOPP Mathilde, + 4 Feb 1851 Odessa, parents Johann Friedrich/Christine

Catharine WEIBLE from Wuertemberg, 62y.1m.10d., * Pansoa/Hungary, 25

Dec 1844 1883181/1 43 16 (St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical Archives).

BRANDBER Georg, age 28, from Hungary to Peterstal/Odessa in 1805 (Mack,

p. 220). BRANDNER Daniel, + 19 Oct 1855, 52y 0m 0d * Hungary, widower,


(St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical Archives).

BRANDNER Jakob, + 13 Nov 1865 Marienfeld/Bessarabia, 65 yrs 10 mos, *

in Franzfeld/Hungary, 1884087/2 77 4 (St. Petersburg Lutheran

Evangelical Archives).

BRANDNER Joh. Georg, from Burgfarnbach/Fürth-Bay, 1805 to Peterstal/Od;

RL:38 (Stumpp, pp. 232/625).

BRAUNBECK Josef, age 50 from Stanorgan/Hungary, 1818 to

Kathariental/Odessa RL: 37 (Stumpp, pp. 233/723).

BRAUSCH Ernst, catholic, farmer b. 1761 in Britten, Losheim/Saar (son

of Paulus Brausch, farmer and Margaretha Eberhart) remark: Father of

the groom present married on 21 May 1785 in Vienna, St. Josef church to

BECKER, Magdalena, catholic (daughter of Mathias Becker and Johanna

Gastar) b. 1759 in Hentern, east of Saarburg/Trier marriage witness:

Johann Adam Bayer b. in Britten

marriage witness: Martin Perschi, b. in Britten (Lung, #026). BRAUSCH

Filipp, #97 listed in Torschau April 1790 (Lotz). SEE PRAUSCH.

BRAUSCH Michael, catholic (son of Paulus Brausch, farmer and Margaretha

Eberhart) b. 1763 in Britten, now suburb of Losheim/Saar married 21 May

1785 in Vienna, St. Josef church to WEBER, Margaretha, catholic

(daughter of Bernhard Weber, farmer [deceased] and Margaretha Kuffert)

b. 1763 in Britten, now suburb of Losheim/Saar marriage witness: Johann

Adam Bayer, b. in Britten marriage witness: Martin Perschi, b. in

Britten (Lung, #027).

BRAUSCH Peter, from Torschau/Ungarn (Stumpp, p. 233). SEE PRAUSCH.

BRAUSCH Philipp, from Schwetzingen/Mannheim Baden to Torschau (Stumpp,

p. 79).

BRECHENMACHER Georg, Philip, from Weyer/Drulingen Elsaß, to

Kis-Ker/ungarn then to Glückstal/Odessa (Stumpp, p. 79).

BRECHENMACHER Georg Philip, 1812, age 21, from Weyer-El, 1785 in Klein-

Ker/Hungary to Glückstal/Odessa RL: 78 (Stumpp, p. 674).

BRECHENMACHER Philipp, + 28 Apr 1870, Glückstal/Odessa, 70y, * Klein-

Ker/Hungary, 1884111-2-559-029 (St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical


BREITENSTEIN Heinrich, age 54, from Hungary to Peterstal/Odessa in 1805

(Mack, p 220).

BREITENSTEIN, Heinrich, 1805 to Peterstal/Od; RL: 37 (Stumpp pp.


BREITENSTEIN Margaretha, + 18 Nov 1851 Peterstal/Odessa, 58y.11m.12d.,

* Riberg/Hungary, husband: Georg Friedrich MAYER, 1883181/1 101 90,

PBN:121 (St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical Archives).

BREITENSTEIN Heinrich, + Dec 1833 Peterstal/Odessa, 73y.3m.9d., *

Niederhessen, 1792290-2 25 69 (St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical


BRENNEMANN Christian, age 51, from Württembergto Hungary to

Peterstal/Odessa in 1805 (Mack, p. 221).

BRENNEMANN Gertrud, * 8 Dec 1797 Schmiederhof (Hungary?) , husband:

Martin VOLK (GRHS).

BRETTER Georg Heinrich, shoemaker in Hinterwald, W of Braubach/Rhein,

son of Heinrich PRÖTER and Maria Barbara, born 15.11.1726 in

Hinterwald, church book Dachsenhausen, from 1785 in

Tscherwenka/Hungary, marriage I 12.10.1745 in Dachsenhausen, Maria

Christina OPEL, daughter of Konrad Adam OPEL, marriage II before 1785

Elisabeth Margaretha MÜLLER, children born in Hinterwald, Anna

Elisabeth 16.4.1749, Elisabeth Katharina 21.1.1755, Katharina

Margaretha 21.4.1758, Philipp Heinrich 30.7.1762. Anna Maria

26.12.1767, Justus 13.10. 1773, Maria Katharina 8.4.1776. Passed Vienna

10.9.1785, farmer and linen weaver, Evangelical, 55 yrs. with wife, 2

sons and 4 daughters, 50 Gulden, to Hungary (Stader, #6123).

BRETTER/PRÖTER Heinrich Georg, shoemaker b. 15 Nov 1726 in Hinterwald

(son of Heinrich Pröter and wife Mar. Barbara Müller?, Elis. Margar.

Heit?) in Vienna on 10 Sep 1785 with wife, 2 sons and 4 daughters "from

Hünnerwald", meaning Hinterwald by Dachsenhausen. In the available

Church book of Dachsenhausen, the name is written as Pröter, in

Tscherwinka it was changed to Bretter. 1st marriage to Mar. Chr. Opel,

she died before 1758. On 2nd marriage, the ancestor passports show

entries for the mother sometimes a Marg. Heid, sometimes a Mar. Elis.

Müller. In Vienna, the profession is entered as a linen weaver, but the

church book entry has profession as shoe maker. Children: Kath. Marg.,

b. 21 Apr 1758 in Hinterwald Phil. Heinrich b. 30 Jul 1762 in

Hinterwald Anna Maria b. 26 Dec 1767 in Hinterwald Justus (August) b.

13 Oct 1773 in Hinterwald, married 1) Neber M. on 17 Nov 1801, 2)

Schwarz Mar. Kath., b. 8 Apr 1776 in Hinterwald, married Peter

Dautermann on 7 Nov 1799 (Hefner).

BRETTER Juliana, + 14 Nov 1859 Petersthal, 65y.5m.20d., * 25 May 1794,

Tscherwenka/Hungary, husband: Christian GEHRES, 1884077/1 549 74,

PBN:61 (St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical Archives).

BRETTER Philipp, age 48, from Hungary to Peterstal/Odessa in 1805

(Mack, p. 220). BRETTER Philipp, 1805 to Peterstal/Od; RL:23 (Stumpp

pp. 234/624). BRÖCKEL Heinrich, age 20, from Hungary to

Peterstal/Odessa in 1805 (Mack, p. 220). BRÖCKEL Johann, #170 listed in

Torschau/Hungary April 1790 (Haas).

BRÖCKEL Johann, passed Vienna 28.4.1784, farmer, Evangelical, single, 1

person from Grabstätten/Württemberg = Grabenstetten NE of Urach Stader,


BRÖCKEL Johann, from Grabenstetten, Kr. Reutlingen, Württemberg, ev.

farmer, registered in Torschau 28.4.1784 (Lotz).

BRÖCKEL Johannes, from Brenz/Heidenheim-Wü, 1805 to Peterstal/Od; RL: 5

(Stumpp, pp. 235/623).

BROECKEL Elisabeth, + 14 Apr 1882 Odessa, 82y, * Hungary, widow of

Peterstaler Johann SCHEMPP 1895610/1 49 28 (St. Petersburg Lutheran

Evangelical Archives).

BROECKEL Heinrich, + 25 Jan 1867 Peterstal/Odessa, 71y. 2m. 20d., * 5

Nov 1795, Torschau/Hungary, wife: Christine SCHMIDT, 1884091/3 102 3,

PBN:10 (St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical Archives).

BROECKEL Johann Benedict, + 4 Dec 1840 Peterstal/Odessa, 56y. 2m. 0d.,

Torschau/Hungary, EL, 1883190/3 373 60 PBN:135 (St. Petersburg Lutheran

Evangelical Archives).

BROECKEL Kasper, + Jan 1884 Peterstal/Odessa, wife's maiden name

MARTIN, 90y. 11m. 7d, * Feb 1793 Torschau/Hungary, wife: Catharina,

1895617-1 710 4 (St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical Archives).

BROECKEL Lucas, + 31 Jul 1855 Peterstal/Odessa, 57y. 0m. 10d., * 22 Jul

1798, Torschau/Hungary, wife: Barbara KRAUSS, 1884075/1 198 65, PBN: 24

(St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical Archives).

BROT Jakob, age 21 from Hungary to Freudental/Odessa in 1807 (Mack, p.


BRUST Johann, from Rodheim/Friedberg Hessen to Cervenka/Ungarn then to

Franzfeld/Odessa (Stumpp, p. 79).

BUCZEK Johann, + 29 Sep 1881 Kischinew, * Treboston/Hungary, 16y,

1897592/2 598 36 (St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical Archives).

BURG Heinrich, #1 listed in Torschau April 1790 (Lotz). SEE BERG.

BURGHARD Christine, +31 Jul 1882 Freudental/Odessa, 81y. 11m. 0d., * 30

Aug 1798 Bulkes/Hungary, husband: Philipp WACKER, 1895610-1 680 16 (St.

Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical Archives). Listed as BURKHARD and

husband as WAKER (GRHS).

BURGHARDT Adam, linen weaver, b. 1746 (son of Georg and __?) Married on

1 Jun 1773 in Becherbach NAGEL, Anna Elisabeth,b. in Becherbach,

reformed (daughter of Daniel and __?) Children: Elisab. Kathar. B. 24

Jun 1774 in Becherbach, churchbook Gangloff, reformed, confirmed 1787

in Tscherwenka, m. Friedr. Zepp

Joh. Adam b. 22 Jul 1776 "church book Becherbach, evangelic Anna

Elisab., b. 1777?, "church book Gangloff, reformed, m. 28 Jan 1799

Theobald Schmidt Johannes b. 23 Mar 1783, "churchbook Becherbach,

evangelic Sons were baptized by the confession of the father, daughters

were baptized by the mother's confession. (Hefner).

BURGHARDT Franz, 1809 to Peterstal/OD; RL 66 (Stumpp, p. 238/626). SEE


BURKARDT Maria, + 11 Oct 1858, 63y 6m 0d, * Bulkes/Hungary, widow,

married name was MORGANSTERN, 1884105-2-427-080 (St. Petersburg

Lutheran Evangelical Archives).

BURKHARD Franz, age 41, from Hungary to Peterstal/Odessa in 1805 (Mack,

p. 221). CHRISTIAN Daniel, age 27, from Hungary to Freudental/Odessa in

1807 (Mack, p. 236). CHRISTIAN Georg. Other data is missing (Stephan).

CHRISTMANN Andreas, widower, born *28 Ma 1795 Torschau/Hungary, + 1855


CHRISTMANN Daniel, + 3 Oct 1855 Freudental/Odessa, 66y. 1m. 22d., * 12

Aug 1789 Torschau/Hungary, wife: Barbara HIEB, 1884075/1 195 37 PBN:41

(St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical Archives). Daniel * 11 Aug 1789

Torschau/Hungary (GRHS).

CHRISTMANN Jakob, age 26, from Kollweiler/Kusel-Pf in Torschau/Hungary

to Freudental RL: 47 (Stumpp, p. 574).

CHRISTMANN Jakob, age 26, from Pf., to Torschau/Hungary, to Freudental

in 1807 (Mack, p. 235).

CHRISTMANN Jacob, + 27 Jan 1853 Freudental, 64y.4m.6d., * 21 Nov 1788

Torschau/Hungary, wife: Elisabetha SCHAFFMAN, 1883188/2 82 1 PBN:38

(St. Petersburg

Lutheran Evangelical Archives). Jacob born 21 Sep 1788

Torschau/Hungary, + 27 Jan 1853, wife Elisabetha SCHAFFNER (GRHS).

CHRISTMANN Jacob Wilhelm, + 23 Apr 1876 Freudental, 72y.11m.1d.,

*Torschau/Hungary, 1884070/1 502 12 PBN:14 (St. Petersburg Lutheran

Evangelical Archives). Jacob * 22 May 1803 Torschau/Hungary, wife:

Christina Barbara BITZ, second marriage Barbara KAPPEL (GRHS).

CHRISTMANN Johann Michael, tailor, form Kollweiler, NW of

Kaiserslaurtern, married 3.5.1790 in the Lutheran church Ulm-Münster,

Maria Magdalena GÖDELIN, from Jettenbach, NW of Kaiserslautern,

afterwards in Torschau/Hungary (Stader, #7442).

CHRISTMANN Juliane Marie 24 Jan 1878 Peterstal/Odessa, 84y.11m.10d., *

Torschau/Hungary, Hungary, married name: JUNKER, 1895624/1 509 2 PBN:34

(St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical Archives).

CHRISTMANN Ludwig, + 22 Oct 1869 Schonfeld/Odessa, 66y.1m.0d.,

calculated * 22 Sep 1803, Hungary to Freudental/Odessa, 1884110/3 565 5

(St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical Archives). Ludwig * 2 Nov 1803

Torschau/Hungary, wife: Catharina SCHMIDT (GRHS).

CHRISTMANN Magdalena, * 15 Jul 1793 Torschau/Hungary, + 8 Nov 1870,

husband: Johann George FORSCH (GRHS).

CHRISTMANN Melchior, + 20 Jul 1870 Brienne/Bessarabia, * Hungary, not a

colonist, 1884111/2 259 12 (St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical

Archives). Melchior * 1 Jun 1791 Torschau/Hungary, wife: Juliana


CHRISTMANN Michael, from Kollweiler/Kusel-Pf, 1784 in Torschau/Hungary

(Stumpp, p. 240).

CHRISTMAN Michael, #162 listed in Torschau/Hungary April 1790 (Lotz).

CHRISTMANN Michael, from Kollweiler, Kr. Kusel, Rhld.-Pfalz, ev.,

farmer, 4 persons,

registered in Torschau 30.4.1784 (Lotz).

CHRISTMANN Michael, b. in Wörsbach/Heimkirchen, evangelic, (son of

George and __) Married on 23 Nov 1784 in Hodschag winter quarters (2nd

marriage) DECH, Christina b. in Niederkirchen, Heimkirchen. Her parents

not named in Vienna. 1st marriage to Mar. Elisab. May on 24 Nov 1778 in


child: Joh. Peter b. 11 Apr 1784, church book Heimkirchen (Hefner).

CHRISTMANN Michael, from 6751 Wörsbach, near Kaiserslautern, father is

Georg CHRISTMAN of Wörsbach. Marriage I, 24.11.1778 in Niederkirchen,

Maria Elisab. MAY, her father Jakob MAY of Wörsbach. She probably died

in Hodschag in winter quarters. Marrige II on 23.11.1784 in Hodschag,

Christine DECH from Niederkirchen, child from marriage I, Joh. Peter

born 11.4.1784 Heimkirchen churchbook (Vetter& Keiper).

CHRISTMANN Michael, from 1784 in Torschau/Hungary. Passed Vienna

30.4.1784 farmer and miner, Evangelical 49 yrs., with wife, 1 son and 1

daughter, 4 persons, from Kollweiler, in the Mittel Pfalz = NW of

Kaiserslautern/Pfalz, to the Banat (Stader, #7441).

CHRISTMANN Valentin, Jakob, Michael, and Wilhelm, from

Kollwweiler/Kusel Pfalz to Torschau/Ungarn to Freudental/Odessa

(Stumpp, p. 79).

CHRISTMANN Valentin, age 58, from Kollweiler/Kusel-Pf in

Torschau/Hungary to Freudental/Odessa RL:51 (Stumpp, p. 574).

CHRISTMANN Valentin, age 58, from Pf. via Torschau/Hungary to

Freudental/Odessa in 1807 (Mack, p. 235).

CHRISTMANN Wilhelm, * 10 Nov 1800 Torschau/Hungary, + 5 Dec 1871, wife

Johanna MEYER (GRHS).

CHRISTMANN Wilhelm, age 40, from Pf,. via Torschau/Hungary, to

Freudental/Odessa in 1807 (Mack, p. 235).

DAFFE Adam, from Oberbronn, NW of Hagenau, Alsace, from 1785 in

Torschau/Hungary (Stader, #7694). SEE TAFFE/TASSE.

DAFFEE Adam, from Oberbronn, Kr. Niederbronn, Elsaß, ev., entry in the

Neu Werbaß baptism book #33 on 7.10.1787 (Lotz).

DAFFE Jakob and Adam, from Oberbronn/Wörth Elsaß to Neuverbaß/Ungarn

then to Peterstal/Odessa (Stumpp, p. 79).

DAFFE Jakob, age 40, from Elsaß via Hungary to Peterstal/Odessa in 1805

(Mack, p. 220). DAFFE Jakob, from Oberbronn-EL via Torschau-Ung.

(Stumpp, pp. 240/624).

DAFFE Magdalene, + 13 Apr 1869 Peterstal/Odessa, 69y.2m.7d., *

Tscherwenka/Hungary, husband: BOEHM, 1884110/3 107 11 PBN:0 (St.

Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical Archives).

DAFFE (Daffing) Philipp, from Oberbronn, Ka. Niederbronn, Elsaß. Died

at age 40 in 1809 (church book page 151). Settled in Torschau. Jakob

DAFFEE with wife Maria Elisabeth emigrated in 1801 to Odessa (Werbass


DAVE Jacob, + 28 Feb 1840 Peterstal/Odessa, 44y.2m.15d., *

Torschau/Hungary, wife: Barbara HIRNING, 1883190/3 367 16 PBN:138 (St.

Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical Archives).

DICK Andreas, from Zellerhof, by Erdesbach/Kusel, Pfalz, married

18.5.1784 in the Lutheran parish Ulm-Münster, Charlotte BRUCKER, from

Inkeltalerhof, by Rockenhausen/Pfalz (Stader, #08281).

DICK Andreas, age 60, from Wü., via Hungary to Freudental/Odessa in

1807 (Mack, p. 235).

DICK Andreas, #105 listed in Torschau/Hungary April 1790 (Lotz). DICK

Andreas, from Zellerdorf, Gde. Schussenried (Württ.) married 8 may 1784


BRUCKER from Inkenthalerhof, B.A. Rockenhausen, Rhld.-Pfalz (Lotz).

DICK Andreas, + 1 Aug 1858 Freudental/Odessa, 66y.7m.16d., * 16 Dec

1791, Schoben/Hungary, wife: Catharina BECK, 1884105/2 118 28PBN:50

(St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical Archives). * 15 Dec 1791 (GRHS).

DICK Margaretha, + 18 Jun 1848 Odessa, 66y.0m.0d., *

Peteowacdein/Hungary, widow, husband: Ludwig BECKER from

Freudental/Odessa, 1882641/2 47 58 (St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical


DICK Maria Salomea, + 14 Jan 1869 Freudental/Odessa, 73y.6m.6d. * 8 Jul

1795 Torschau/Hungary, husband: Philipp SCHELL, 1884110/3 102 2 PBN:79

(St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical Archives) (GRHS).

DIETRICH (DISTINE) to Torschau/Ungarn then to South Russland (Stumpp,

p. 79).

DIETRICH, Jakob b. 1764, d.(?) 23 Jun 1825 Married 5 Dec 1801 EBERSOLD,

Anna Maria b. 1781 in Ottweiler?, Saar, d. (?) 10 May 1834 Children:

Joh. Wilhelm b. 22 Dec 1802, married 7 Jan 1823 Juliana Hahn Mar.

Magdal., b. 31 Mar 1816, married 5 Oct 1837 Andreas Rebmann (Hefner).

DOBLER Andreas, Friedrich, Georg, Michael, from Beutelsbach/Waiblingen

Wurttemberg to Cervenka/Ungarn, then to Teplitz/Bessarabia (Stumpp, p.


DOBLER Andreas, from Tscherwenka/Hungary to Teplitz/Bessarabia (Stumpp,

p. 247). DOBLER Andreas, * 1798, + 1878, from Bay, 1818 in

Teplitz/Bessarabia via

Tscherwenka/Hungary (Stumpp, p. 553).

DOBLER Andreas, + 7 Apr 1878 Teplitz, * Tscherwenka/Hungary, 1895623/2

216 12 (St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical Archives).

DOBLER Christian, age 47, from Hungary to Freudental/Odessa in 1806

(Mack, p. 234).

DOBLER Friedrich, George, from Beutelsbach/Waiblingeb-Wü, to

Teplitz/Bessarabia via Hungary (Stumpp, p. 247).

DOBLER Michael, * 4.2.1803, + 1832, from

Güglingen/Heilbronn-Württembergto Teplitz/Bessarabia via

Tscherwenka/Hungary; Fr.: Christina WIRT * 3.1.1826, + 24.5.1915

(Stumpp, p. 247).

DOBLER Michael, *4.2.1803, +1835, via Tscherwenka/Hungary to

Teplitz/Bessarabia (Stumpp, p. 553).

DOBLER Peter Michael, + 25 May 1843 Teplitz, * Tscherwenka/Hungary, 40

y 3 m 23 d, 1882594/2 379 13 (St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical


DORMAIER Kasper, 1807 to Alexanderhilf/Od; RL: 42 (Stumpp, p. 248). SEE


DORMEYER, Kasper, b. 14 Jul 1754 in Lorenzen, Elsass (son of Joh. Peter

Dormeyer and Anna Kath. Schweizer) married 7 Oct 1785 in Vienna "as

future son in law of the widow Susana Knipp". There is no mention on

any list. Per Dr. Karl Stumpp "Auswanderungen nach Süd Russland" there

is a Kaspar Dormeyer (b. about 1806?) who at age 60, emigrated with

family to Alexanderhilf by Odessa (Hefner).

EDER/OEDER Konrad, manufacturer, b. 1753 in Bubenhausen, reformed (son

of Michael and __?) 2nd. Marriage: Anna Margar. Wildmann, evangelic in

the AP no. 173, mother of Luise is named as Anna Marg. Wildmann. She

can have been the 2nd wife. (Hefner).

EDER/OEDER Konrad, cotton manufacturer, b. 1753 in Bubenhausen,

reformed (son of Michael and __) married 16 Oct 1777 in Bubenhausen

Mar. Appolonia La Ferre (born in St. Arnual/Saarbrueck?) (daughter of

Johannes and __?) Vienna, 7 Oct 1785, wife, 1 son, 2 daughters.

Profession: cotton manufacturer. The Eders emigrated to

Franzfeld/Banat. It is not know if son Peter is from 1. or 2. marriage.

Children: Magdal. Luisa b. 28 Dec 1777 in Bubenhausen, church book

Zweibrücken, marr. Johann Jakob Henke

Joh. Ludwig b. 23 Jan 1781, Joh. Peter b. 10 Apr 1791 in Tscherwenka,

married Eva Kath. Jakob (Hefner).

EDER Martin, + 19 Aug 1864 Großliebental/Odessa, 60 yrs 10 mos 18 dys,

* Tscherwenka/Hungary, 1884124/2 165 59 (St. Petersburg Lutheran

Evangelical Archives).

EDER Peter Johann b. 10 Apr 1791 (son of Konrad and __) Married 2 May

1809 Eva Kathar. Jakob, b. 29 Oct 1787 (daughter of Joh. Georg and

Friederika Knipper) Child: Maria b. 13 Feb 1822, marr Wilhelm Ferenz


EHLHARD Anton and Karl to Roschin/Ungarn then to Alt-Postal/Bessarabia

(Stumpp, p. 79). SEE ELHARD.

EIDENMILLER Johannes, from Fränk. Krumbach Hessen to Bulkes/Ungarn to

South Russia (Stumpp, p. 79).

ELHARD Carl, + 20 May 1846 Alt Posttal/Bessarabia, *

Raschin/Peterwarden/Hungary, 1882638/1 40 18 (St. Petersburg Lutheran

Evangelical Archives).

ELSÄßER Joh. and Georg, from Weitungen/Horb-Württemberg to Neuverbaß,

then to Bergdorf/Odessa (Stumpp, p.79).

ELSÄSSER Joh. Georg, from Vaihingen/Stuttgart or Weitingen/Horb-Wü,

1782 in Sekitsch/Hungary, then 1804 to Rußland (Stumpp, p. 254).

ENGELMANN Elisabeth, + 15 May 1884 Neu Freudental/Odessa, 80y.0m.0d., *

cal. 1804 Klein-Ker/Hungary, husband: Adam REDINGER, 1895617-1 761 12

(St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical Archives).

ENGELMANN Philipp Jacob, + 2 Oct 1881 Neu Freudental/Odessa,

76y.9m.13d., * 19 Dec 1804 Klein-Ker/Hungary, wife: Christina

KALLENBERGER, 1897593-1 668 18 (St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical


ENTZI Johann Adam, + 5 Mar 1865 Neu Freudental/Odessa, 64y.7m.7d., *

Torschau/Hungary, wid., 1884087/2 32 11 PBN:11 (St. Petersburg Lutheran

Evangelical Archives).

ENTZMINGER, Adam, according to settlement records, he came from

Harskirchen, Elsaß and died in 1789 at the age of 40 (Stephan). See


ENTZMINGER, Jakob came from Ratzweiler, Kaiserslautern, Pfalz. He died

in 1859 at age 83. His first wife was Barbara URSCHEL from Frankenbach

by Kaiserslautern. She died in 1828 at age 52. His 2nd wife was

Elisabetha JELCHO from Lauterecken in Germany per registration book.

She died in 1842 at the age of 63 (Stephan).

ENTZY Georg Michael, + 24 Jul 1864 Freudental/Odessa, 60y. 7m. 25d., *

29 Nov 1803, Torschau/Hungary, Blacksmith, W:?, 1884123/4 135 24 PBN:0

(St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical Archives). * 10 Jun 1803, wife:

Anna Margaretha GLASER (GRHS).

ENTZY Jacob, + 2 Apr 1841 Freudental/Odessa, 50y.0m.0d., * Hungary,

widow, wife: Christina SCHATZ, 1883193/1 571 30 PBN: 32 (St. Petersburg

Lutheran Evangelical Archives).

ENZ Johann, shoemaker, son of Johann B. and Maria Elisabeth HORN, born

8.3.1789 in Eppingen/Baden, died 22.2.1872 in Liebling/Hungary, married

27.11.1821 Elisabeth Margaretha, KOLLER (Stader, #3496).

ENZI(Y) Jakob and Johann, from Beinberg/Neuenbürg Württemberg to

Torschau/Ungarn, then to Freudental/Odessa (Stumpp, p. 79).

ENZI Jakob, from Beinberg/Neuenbürg-Wü, 1782 in Torschau/Hungary, then

1806 to Freudental/Odessa; RL:12 (Stumpp, pp. 256/572).

ENZI Johann, age 37, from Beinberg/Neuenburg-Wü., via Hungary to

Freudental/Odessa RL: 36, (Stumpp, p. 573).

ENZI Johann, age 37, from Wü., via Hungary to Freudental/Odessa in 1806

(Mack, p. 235). ENZI Johannes, + 6 Oct 1837 Freudental/Odessa,

74y.5m.0d., *Torschau/Hungary,

1882647-2 379 34 (St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical Archives).

ENZMINGER Johann, from Bust/Zabern (Sammeldf.) Elsaß to

Neuverbaß/Ungarn, then to Worms/Odessa (Stumpp, p. 79).

ENZMINGER Michal, * 11.3.1803, from Roth/Landau-Pf via Sekitish/Hungary

to Friedenstal/Bessarabia (Stumpp, p. 517).

ENZMINGER Michael, + 1 Dec 1858 Friedenstal, * Roth in Rhein, 53y 19d,

1884077/1 684 14 (St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical Archives).

ERBELE Elisabeth, + 23 Nov 1860 Teplitz, * Mornswitzfeld/Hungary, 1y 3m

19d, 1884080/1 253 37 PB 416 (St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical


ERBES Johannes, protestant, (son of Johann Heinrich Erbes, farmer, and

Elisabeth Knevitz) *D-55232 Alzey (1760), farmer, Rheinland Pfalz

maried BECKER Dorothea, reformed (daughter of Jakob Becker, farmer, and

Dorothea NN) *D-67655 Siegelbach (1760) northwest of Kaiserslautern,

married in Vienna, II, St. Josef rectory, 27 April 1785 (M125-F125:)

(Bourcy 35)

Wedding witness: Johann Schmidt, *D-55496 Argenthal Daniel Schmidt,

*D-55496 Argenthal (Lung, #44)

ERBS Martin, resettled in Sivac/Hungary (Vetter & Keiper). ERBS (ERBES)

Wilhelm, from Appenheim, SE of Bingen/Rhein, 1785 in

Neuwerbaß/Hungary, wife, Magdalena HOFFMANN (Stader, #10826).

ERBS Anna Margaretha, + 19 Feb 1852 Freudental/Odessa, 61y.2m.5d., * 14

Dec 1790 Neuwerbaß/Hungary, husband: Heinrich LOSING, 1883185/1 98 10

PBN:141 (St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical Archives). Listed as

Margaretha * 27 Dec 1791 Werbaß (GRHS).

ERBS (ERBES) Johann Wilhelm, house # 145, evangelical, place of origin

Appenheim in the Kurpfalz, d.i. Kr. Bingen, Rheinhessen, wife:

Magdalena HOFFMAN (Werbass 1785- 1975).

ERDMANN Johann, from Neckartenzlingen Wurttemberg to Franzfeld/Ungarn

then to Helenendorf/Kau (Stumpp, p. 79).

ERDMANN Johann, from Franzfeld/Hungary, 1817 in Helenendorf/South

Caucasus, (Stumpp, p. 256).

ERDMANN Johann from Franzfeld/Banat, 1817 in Helendorf/Kau; PL: VI, 59

(Stumpp, p. 256).

ERGER Georg, age 43, from Hungary to Freudental/Odessa in 1806 (Mack,

p. 236). ERHARD Friedrich to Torschau/Ungarn then to Odessa (Stumpp, p.


ERPS Wilhelm, age 57, from Pf,. via Torschau/Hungary, to

Freudental/Odessa in 1807 (Mack, p. 235).

ESCH Dorothea, + 27 Oct 1853 Großliebental/Odessa, husband: Valentin

ESCH, 50 yrs 11 mos, * 1802 Bulkes/Hungary, 1883188/2 123 94 (St.

Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical Archives).

FAAS Jakob, * 8.5.1796, + 23.2.1864 in Arzis/Bessarabia (St. Petersburg

Lutheran Evangelical Archives), from Mackenbach/Homburg-Pfalz, 1818 in

Teplitz/Bessarabia via Torschau/Hungary (Stumpp, p. 258). SEE FAUST.

FAAS Jakob, * 1809, + 1863, from Mackenbach/Homburg-Pf, 1784 in

Torschau/Hungary, then to Luisenhuld/Plonsk-Po; wife.: Elisabeth

STEIGMANN, * 2.4.1813, + 1853, from Weinsberg/Heilbronn-Wü, in

Teplitz/Bessarabia in 1817 (Stumpp, p. 554). SEE FAUST.

FAAS Jakob, + 22 Apr 1884 Teplitz/Bessarabia, * Wuertemberg, 87y, 11m,

27d; widower, 1895617/1 359 48 (St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical


FAELSCHER Johann, + 14 Mar 1853 Friedenthal, 63y9m13d, *

Tonafeba/Hungary, 1883188/2 191 4 (St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical


FAUL Johann, came from Steinau, Bieskasterl, Kreis St. Ingbert in the

Darmstadt region according to the settlement register. He was a farmer

and arrived with 3 sons and 3 daughters and had 30 Gulden. His wife was

Anna Margaretha __? (Stephan).

FAUL Johann Peter, +21 Feb 1843 Großliebental/Odessa, 38 yrs, *

Klein-Ker/Hungary, 1882594/2 322 14