Roemmich Chutors found on map near Worms / Odessa, S. Russia before 1918

Last Updated: 12 June 2002

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See Karl Rennich's Story Below


      Worms, Odessa, Southern Russia,

A German-Russian Village

Remmick / Roemmich Family History Continued.

Roemmich Chutors Also Known as:

  1. Roemmich Chutor = Kalagiea
  2. Roemmich Chutor
  3. Roemmich Chutor = Johannesfeld
  4. Roemmich Chutor
  5. Roemmich Chutor
  6. Roemmich Chutor
  7. Roemmich Chutor = Sarawnoje
  8. Roemmich Chutor in northeran Bessarabia [not shown]

Near Worms Odessa

See Enlarged photo of just the horse, cart and man.

Photographs by Dorothea  P. Kerr





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