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Gottlieb and Magdalena, nee Aldinger, Fischer

 with their children Magdalena and Bill, who is sitting on his mother's lap.

Jamestown, ND abt 1893 /4

Parents of Magdalena, nee Fischer, Roemmich, wife of Jacob Roemmich b. 1881.

Magdalena Fischer b. 11 Nov. 1889 d. 19 April 1959, dau. of Gottlieb Fischer and Magdalena Aldinger m. 21 May 1906   to Jakob Roemmich b. 14 March 1881, Worm, Od., S. Russia d. 25 April 1963, R-75

Note:  Leslie Remmick wrote: "...the spelling of the last part of the name, some were spelled 'ick' ae were 'ich', it all depended on how it appeared on each birth certificate." Jakob migr. from Worms / Od. S. Russia in June 1901. He worked on farms near Wishek. The wages were $150 a year. Later he went to Jmestown and was employed for the railroad. He filed on his homestead in Germania Township in 1905. He was on the school board and was an assessor for 17 years. He retired from farming in 1941 and moved to Streeter, ND... "Issue: