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buttonGen. 7 - Philip [Phillip] Karl [Carl] Roemich [Roemmich] & Marie Lingenfelder Families continued....

Child #II. Wilhelm Roemmich  [Remmich] b. 14 April 1795 Edenkoben, Landau, Palatinate m. Katharina Specht b. 1797 [cenus 1858], dau. of Peter Specht and Maria ____.

W FamRay

Photo #2

1. & 2. are family friends, 3. William Roemmich, son of Harold, 4. William's friend, 5. Jim Clark, Janice Roemmich's fiance, 6. Ronald Roemmich, son of Lorenz, Jim Clark's mother, 8. Jim Clark's brother, Harold Roemmich, 9. Harold Roemmich, 10. Eleanor Roemmich Hyatt, 11. Eleanor's husband Deaune Hyatt, 12. Margarotte wife of Lorenz Roemmich, 13. Lorenz Roemmich, 14. Evenyl, wife of Raymond Roemmich, 15. Raymond Roemmich, 16. friend,  17. Janice, dau. of Harold Roemmich, 18. Lucille wife of Harold Roemmich, 19. Geogffery, son of Lorenz Roemmich, 20. Stanley, son of Lorenz., 21. Michael Roemmich, son of Raymond, 22. Wilhelm W. Roemmich, 23. John Roemmich, son of Lorenz, 24. Barbara Roemmich, dau. of Lorenz, 25. Vitoria Roemmich, dau. of Lorenz, 26. Mark Roemmich, son of Lorenz, 27. Sharon Roemmich, dau. of Lorenz, 28. Rodney, son of Raymond.

Photograph taken abt. 1950 and probably in Lodi, CA, USA

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