Map of Groetzingen and other villages near Nuertingen / Baden-Wuerttembert, Germany  plus list s of Hess Families who migr. to S. Russia abt 1814

Last Updated: 16 Oct 2003

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Map of a section of present day Baden-Wuerttemberg State, Germany.


See Hess families who migrated to Borodino / Bess. S. Russia


other German-Russian colonies.

Found in the  Karl Stumpp book title: The Emigration from German to Russia in the Years 1763 to 1862 p. 305:

Adam Hess b. 1781 d. 1853 from Aich / Nuertingen-Wu in 1814 migr. to Borodino / Bess. S. Russia

Christian Hess b. 1796 with Joh. Georg b. 1793 from Groetzingen/ Nuertingen-Wu in 1814 to Borodino / Bess

Jakob Hess b. 1787 d. 1855 migr from Groetzingen / Nuertingen-Wu in 1814 to Borodino / Bess with his wife Christina Bruessel and children:

  1. Joh. Georg b. 1794 d. 1866
  2. Joh. Georg b. 1811 d. 1865

Johann Hess, "Seifensieder" from Neckartailfingen / Nuertingen-Wu migr. to Sarata / Bess

See Stumpp book for other Hess families.

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See genealogy of the Wernher Hess b. 1460 and his family from Groetzingen. from Alfred Hein.

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