Map of Freudenheim and other villages near Mannheim / Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany  plus list of Hess Families who migr. to S. Russia abt 1814

Last Updated: 16 Oct 2003

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Map of a section of present day Baden-Wuerttemberg State, Germany.

Elizabeth Hess b. 22 Aug 1789 Feudenheim / Mannheim - Baden d. poss Borodino / Bess. S. Russia  , dau. of Johann Heinrich Hess  and Anna Eliz. Lenz, m.  widower  Johannes Stoehr b. 6 Dec 1780 Lutzelsachen / Mannheim - Baden. They migr. to Friedrichsfeld / Molotschna, [Taurien], Russia in  1809   See Issue.

See Map of the Mannheim area with Lutzelsachsen shown.

See Borodino / Bess.  Genealogy List of Hess

See Adam Hess who migr. from Eich [not shown on this map]  which is north of Worms / Pfalz [Palatinate] ....

There was a Adam Hess listed as having migrated from Aich / Nuertingen, [Ba] Wu

Mannheim, The City of

Mannheim is on the right bank of the Rhine River at its junction with the Necker River.  It was once the capital of the Electors of the Palatinate.

The old Electoral Palace is, now, where the University stands.

It is presently found in the German state of Baden-Wuertemberg.