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While in the 3 C's, I furthered my high school education....became a pretty good boxer (got beat only once)....  became an Assistant Leader....

Leadaership Certificate

Edwin received his leadership certificate and then served for 9 months as Field Leader and this is a certificate showing he had become "proficient" and is dated 14 June 1940 and signed by the Company Commander Paul L. Bach, Camp Educational Adviser Ralph D. Criger and Project Superintendent J H Stephes and approved by the district commander Paul E. Couch.

....and met Lillian Hein [daughter of Ludwig and Christina, nee Schweikert, Hein of Sidney, MT] .

Dad and Mom

We did all kinds of conservation work [in the 3 C's] .

Dad and Crew

Edwin Remmick with his crew out in the field on a very cold winter day.

We took part in the fight against the GREAT GRASSHOPPER PLAGUE which must have been about 1938.


This is the front of a  postcard of 1938 which was a spoof on the grasshopper plague

Grasshoppers came into the Yellowstone Valley in clouds so heavy that it made day seem like night. We mixed tons of "hopper" bait which consisted of banana oil, saw dust and "fermeldahyde" which we placed along ditches and bands, where it wouldn't harm humans or animals. The grasshoppers died in piles...

I left the 3 C's in 1940 and Jerome Mietchem and I took a freight train to Idaho where I was going to visit Lillian. [Her father's ill health had taken them to Idaho at that time.] ....We fell asleep on a flat car and when we woke there were no trains or people in sight... [accept , of course, the train cars which ]....had been side tracked. [They were] ...stranded near Moscow, Idaho which , lucky for us, was only twenty miles from Lewiston where Lillian lived.

In the fall of 1940, I and Lillian [Hein, who by then had returned with her family to Sidney] were married [8 Nov] in Sidney , Montana, then went on to Mandan, N. Dakota [to live].

Mom and Dad

Lillian, nee Hein, and Edwin  Remmick

In Mandan, I worked in several places, the last being at the Lewis and Clark Hotel.

In 1941 we returned to Sidney and lived on the Peterson Ranch where I worked, up until, I went to work for the Holly Sugar Company which was seasonal work.

...1942, our daughter Judy, was born [22 July] at Sidney, Montana.

....1943, we started for California in our old 1934 Chevy [Chevrolet]. We got caught in a terrible [snow] blizzard and what was worse, Judy became very ill. We were broke and desperate....[when] we reached Lodi. I worked in the Pollock Shipyards as an electrician. This was considered vital to our country so I didn't go to the [military] service until later.

We went back to Sidney, Montana in the fall of 1944 and I, again, worked for the Holly Sugar Company waiting to be called into the service.

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