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Schweikert Family continued....

North and South Caucasus, Russia and the Transcaucasus Steppes

[Ca = Kaucasus = Ka]

The Black Sea was to the west and the Caspian Sea was to the east. Iran to the South and Turkey, which was then part of Persia,  to the Southwest. & Russia proper to the north

North and South Caucasus which included Georgia

Tbilisi = Tifilis: Captial of Georgia, Russia afater 1801

See map showing German-Russian Colonies near Tifilis and Elizavetpol


Mt. Ararat is where many of the Separatists from Wuerttemberg [Germany] thought Jesus would step down upon at his Second Coming in 1833 or 1836.

Tibilis [Tifilis] was the capital of Georgia, which held a German Quarters and clustered nearby the capital were German-Russian Colonies. Georgia was ceded to Russia after 1801. A struggle for ownership between the Turks [Persia's Sultan' and Russia continued into the 1850s when Imam Shaml surrendered.. [1859]. Then, again, in the Russo-Turkish War from 1877-8 when, again, Russia was successful in their campaigns.

Near Elizavetpol [Elizabetpol] was a cluster of German-Russian Colonies.

The green arrows mark the old military highways which cut through the Caucasus Mts..


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