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Roemig Families To PENN., USA in Early 1700s

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22 July 199 E-mail from  Barbara Mcllrath,  barbemac@yahoo.com

The following is her family data:Hi Judy:

Here, finally, is the descendant list of my Elizabeth Roemig ancestor. I really appreciate that you are putting this list on your website. A couple of notes: [1]The information I am providing is quite well documented and is, therefore, quite credible. [2]I have not listed anyone who is still alive (although there may be an exception or two ....)..... [3]The info on Elizabeth Roemig's descendants leads down to my Mother only -- and no further -- so if people have inquiries about possible connections, they may email me at barbemac@yahoo.com. [4]The names with *** after them are my direct ancestors.

Also, here is a very good site -- mostly about Rothrock's, however, they are another branch from George Rothrock and Elizabeth Roemig -- this site has some pictures of those Rothrock/Roemig descendants - you may even want to contact the woman whose site this is -- I have -- just to say "hi" -- her name is Nancy:


Again, thank you very, very much for posting this on your site -- I will notify you when I upload my site and you can add a link to it.





1. Elizabeth ROEMIG resided Bucks County, PA.

She was married to George (2) ROTHROCK (son of Johannes (Michel ?)

ROTHROCK and Anna Margaretha (?) MRS. ROTHROCK). George (2) ROTHROCK

was born in 1721 in Germany. He died in 1806 in Northampton County,

Pennsylvania. (Information about ancestors of George Rothrock can be

obtained by emial to: barbemac@yahoo.com). Elizabeth ROEMIG and

George (2) ROTHROCK had the following children:

2 i. Henry ROTHROCK.

3 ii. Daniel ROTHROCK.

+4 iii. George (3) ROTHROCK.

5 iv. John ROTHROCK was born between 1748 and 1750. He died in


6 v. Peter ROTHROCK was born in 1755. He died in 1826.

7 vi. Philip ROTHROCK was born in 1757. He died in 1851.

+8 vii. Zacarias ROTHROCK.

9 viii. Samuel ROTHROCK died in 1744. He was born in 1766.

10 ix. Jonathan ROTHROCK was born in 1771. He died in 1846.

11 x. Susanna ROTHROCK was born in 1772.


4. George (3) ROTHROCK was born in 1747 in Bucks County, PA. He

died in 1827 in Mifflin County, Pennsylvania.

He was married to Elizabeth MYERS. Elizabeth MYERS was born in 1751.

She died in 1827. George (3) ROTHROCK and Elizabeth MYERS had the

following children:

+12 i. Elizabeth (4) ROTHROCK.

8. Zacarias ROTHROCK was born on 29 MAR 1763 in Springfield

Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. He died on 29 JAN 1834.

He was married to Catherine TRAPP. Zacarias ROTHROCK and Catherine

TRAPP had the following children:

13 i. Elizabeth ROTHROCK was born on 16 APR 1781.

14 ii. Solomon ROTHROCK was born in 1782.

15 iii. Valentine ROTHROCK was born on 6 JAN 1784. He died on 13

FEB 1851.

16 iv. Mary ROTHROCK was born on 24 NOV 1785.

17 v. Susanna ROTHROCK was born on 22 JUL 1787.

18 vi. Sarah ROTHROCK was born on 10 MAR 1789.

19 vii. Zacariah ROTHROCK was born in JUN 1790. He died on 15 MAR


He was married to Rosina LABAR.

He was married to Elizabeth (?) MRS. ZACARIAS ROTHROCK. Zacarias

ROTHROCK and Elizabeth (?) MRS. ZACARIAS ROTHROCK had the following


+20 i. Barbara ROTHROCK.

+21 ii. Nancy ROTHROCK.

+22 iii. Jonas ROTHROCK.

23 iv. David ROTHROCK was born on 24 JUL 1803. He died on 13 OCT


24 v. Joseph ROTHROCK was born in 1808. He died on 20 JAN 1854.

25 vi. William ROTHROCK was born on 22 DEC 1813. He died on 8 JAN


He was married to (?) (?) MRS. ZACARIAS ROTHROCK-WIFE #4). Zacarias


following children:

26 i. Catherine ROTHROCK died in 1834.


12. Elizabeth (4) ROTHROCK.

She was married to Peter or Jacob RUSH***. Elizabeth (4) ROTHROCK

and Peter or Jacob RUSH*** had the following children:

+27 i. Peter RUSH***.

She was married to John MEYER (son of ? MEYER and MRS. (?) MEYER).

John MEYER died in 1805.

20. Barbara ROTHROCK.

She was married to Laffert HOUGHAWONT in 1827.

21. Nancy ROTHROCK.

She was married to David REYNOLDS in 1811.

22. Jonas ROTHROCK was born on 14 JUL 1801 in Mifflin County,

Pennsylvania. He died on 8 SEP 1894 in Akron, Ohio.

He was married to Elizabeth JONES.

He was married to Lydia NAGELE on 5 MAY 1825. Jonas ROTHROCK and

Lydia NAGELE had the following children:

28 i. George N. ROTHROCK was born on 21 MAR 1826.

+29 ii. Elias ROTHROCK.

30 iii. David Rickabaugh ROTHROCK was born on 16 JUL 1830.

31 iv. John Myers ROTHROCK was born on 8 APR 1833 in Mifflin County,

Pennsylvania. He died on 5 SEP 1925 in Morenci, Michigan.

32 v. Harriet Ann ROTHROCK was born on 6 APR 1835. She died on 28

JUL 1845 in Akron, Ohio.

+33 vi. William Henry ROTHROCK.


27. Peter RUSH*** was born on 16 JAN 1811. He died on 8 JUN 1887.

He was married to Margaret RUBLE*** (daughter of Michael RUBLE*** and

Margaret MRS. MICHAEL RUBLE) on 12 FEB 1835 in Lewiston, PA.

Margaret RUBLE*** was born on 3 MAR 1814. She died on 18 OCT 1888.

Peter RUSH*** and Margaret RUBLE*** had the following children:

+34 i. John Allie RUSH***.

35 ii. Henry RUSH***.

36 iii. Albert J. RUSH***.

+37 iv. Mathias RUSH***.

+38 v. Eli RUSH***.

+39 vi. Isabella RUSH***.

+40 vii. Oliver RUSH***.

41 viii. George RUSH***.

29. Elias ROTHROCK was born on 1 SEP 1827 in Mifflin County,

Pennsylvania. He died on 26 APR 1910 in Akron, Ohio.

He was married to Mary RHODENBAUGH on 29 NOV 1846. Elias ROTHROCK

and Mary RHODENBAUGH had the following children:

42 i. Jemina Kessiah ROTHROCK was born on 22 SEP 1847 in Summit

County, Ohio. She died on 18 MAR 1848.

+43 ii. Ida Ellen ROTHROCK.

+44 iii. Elva Delphinia ROTHROCK.

He was married to Leah HUBLER (daughter of Michael HUBLER and

Elizabeth SNIDER) on 15 SEP 1861. Elias ROTHROCK and Leah HUBLER had

the following children:

+45 i. Edgar Sylvanus ROTHROCK.

+46 ii. Emma Jane ROTHROCK.

+47 iii. Lydia Elsie ROTHROCK.

33. William Henry ROTHROCK was born on 2 FEB 1837 in Mifflin County,

Pennsylvania. He died on 6 FEB 1927.

He was married to Sarah MESSER. William Henry ROTHROCK and Sarah

MESSER had the following children:

48 i. Hattie May ROTHROCK.

49 ii. Maynard Wilbur ROTHROCK.

He was married to Mary BENNAGE.


34. John Allie RUSH*** was born on 19 OCT 1839. He died on 13 NOV


He was married to Adaline ELLIOTT*** (daughter of Joseph ELLIOTT***

and Margaret RUBLE??***) on 5 DEC 1861 in Mifflin County,

Pennsylvania. Adaline ELLIOTT*** was born on 16 JAN 1839. She died

on 8 FEB 1922. John Allie RUSH*** and Adaline ELLIOTT*** had the

following children:

+50 i. Anna Margaret RUSH***.

+51 ii. Will RUSH.

37. Mathias RUSH***.

He was married to Margaret WALLS in 1865. Mathias RUSH*** and

Margaret WALLS had the following children:

+52 i. John E. RUSH***.

38. Eli RUSH***.

He was married to Susan MCGIRK.

39. Isabella RUSH*** was born in 1848. She died in 1913.

She was married to David HARSHBARGER. David HARSHBARGER was born on

15 NOV 1840. He died on 15 JAN 1927 in Mattawana, Mifflin County,


40. Oliver RUSH***.

He was married to Josephine Matilda KIRK. Josephine Matilda KIRK was

born on 7 DEC 1854 in Mifflin County, Pennsylvania. She died on 23

AUG 1936 in Bellwood, Blair Co., PA.

43. Ida Ellen ROTHROCK was born on 20 OCT 1858 in Summit County,

Ohio. She died on 17 MAY 1923.

She was married to John DITTO.

She was married to Edward J. BULLOCK on 8 MAR 1881. Ida Ellen

ROTHROCK and Edward J. BULLOCK had the following children:

+53 i. Orlan Edgar BULLOCK.

44. Elva Delphinia ROTHROCK was born on 29 OCT 1860. She died on 10

MAY 1911.

She was married to Mark STROMAN on 11 NOV 1880. Elva Delphinia

ROTHROCK and Mark STROMAN had the following children:

+54 i. Edna STROMAN.

45. Edgar Sylvanus ROTHROCK was born on 3 MAY 1862 in Summit County,

Ohio. He died on 13 JUN 1931 in Cleveland, Ohio.

He was married to Mary Ellen MOORE on 14 JUN 1888. Edgar Sylvanus

ROTHROCK and Mary Ellen MOORE had the following children:

+55 i. Edgar Paul ROTHROCK.

+56 ii. Donald Thomas ROTHROCK.

+57 iii. Howard Eugene ROTHROCK.

46. Emma Jane ROTHROCK was born on 24 JUL 1866 in Summit County,

Ohio. She died on 6 MAR 1940 in Akron, Ohio.

She was married to William A. KILMER on 1 JAN 1889.

47. Lydia Elsie ROTHROCK was born on 4 APR 1870 in Summit County,

Ohio. She died on 4 FEB 1928 in Akron, Ohio.

She was married to Fred MCDONALD.

She was married to Julian P. MILLER on 27 FEB 1893.

She was married to Oliver PURKY on 27 MAR 1805.


50. Anna Margaret RUSH*** was born on 15 OCT 1865 in Ferguson

Valley, Pennsylvania. She died in 1932.

Harry McClellan FRENCH*** (son of Andrew J. FRENCH*** and Catherine

FIKE***) was born on 16 FEB 1863 in Wayne Township, Mifflin County,

Pennsylvania. He died on 6 JUN 1925. Anna Margaret RUSH*** and

Harry McClellan FRENCH*** had the following children:

+58 i. Ethel Adaliade FRENCH***.

+59 ii. Nannie Catharine FRENCH.

+60 iii. Myrtle Lucinda FRENCH.

51. Will RUSH.

He was married to Lucinda KNOX. Will RUSH and Lucinda KNOX had the

following children:

+61 i. Viola RUSH.

+62 ii. Anna RUSH.

+63 iii. Gertrude RUSH.

+64 iv. Theodore RUSH.

+65 v. Herbert RUSH.

52. John E. RUSH*** was born on 23 JUL 1870 in McVeytown,

Pennsylvania. He died in 1936 in Altoona, PA.

He was married to Carrie Belle GOSHEN on 27 DEC 1892 in Altoona, PA.

53. Orlan Edgar BULLOCK.

He was married to Melissa JOHNSON. Orlan Edgar BULLOCK and Melissa

JOHNSON had the following children:

66 i. Letha Jane BULLOCK.

67 ii. Billy Max BULLOCK.

54. Edna STROMAN.

She was married to Rildo LAURENTZ. Edna STROMAN and Rildo LAURENTZ

had the following children:

68 i. Evelyn LAURENTZ.

55. Edgar Paul ROTHROCK was born on 26 AUG 1889 in Garretsville,

Ohio. He died on 2 AUG 1977 in Vermillion, South Dakota.

He was married to Grace Rhoda FOSTER on 15 SEP 1917 in Cleveland,

Ohio. Edgar Paul ROTHROCK and Grace Rhoda FOSTER had the following


69 i. David Paul ROTHROCK was born on 10 MAY 1920 in Oklahoma City,

Oklahoma. He died on 18 DEC 1992 in Silver City, New Mexico.

70 ii. Donald Foster ROTHROCK was born on 24 JUL 1924 in Vermillion,

South Dakota.

56. Donald Thomas ROTHROCK was born on 22 JAN 1891 in Garretsville,

Ohio. He died on 24 JUL 1977 in Akron, Ohio.

He was married to Johanna Sophia Caroline ASMUS on 18 MAR 1913 in

Bowling Green, Ohio. Donald Thomas ROTHROCK and Johanna Sophia

Caroline ASMUS had the following children:

+71 i. Margaret Ellen ROTHROCK.

+72 ii. Edward Eugene ROTHROCK.

+73 iii. Dorothy Jeanette ROTHROCK.

+74 iv. Hazel Ruth ROTHROCK.

57. Howard Eugene ROTHROCK was born on 11 JUL 1893 in Garretsville,

Ohio. He died on 9 NOV 1983 in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

He was married to Irene Elizabeth TULLY on 27 MAY 1920 in Cleveland,

Ohio. He was married to Elizabeth FIELDEN on 21 OCT 1945 in

Washington D.C..


58. Ethel Adaliade FRENCH*** was born on 11 JUL 1892 in Oliver

Township, Mifflin County, Pennsylvania. She died on 10 DEC 1971 in

McVeytown, Pennsylvania.

She was married to Eugene Oliver KINSEL*** (son of James Levi

KINSEL*** and Ada Elizabeth BROWNE***) on 24 DEC 1914. Eugene Oliver

KINSEL***1 was born on 1 JAN 1892 in Germantown, Wayne Township,

Pennsylvania. He died on 9 DEC 1964 in McVeytown, Pennsylvania.

Ethel Adaliade FRENCH*** and Eugene Oliver KINSEL*** had the

following children:

+75 i. "Kay" Myrtle Catharine KINSEL***.

+76 ii. Thelma Margaret KINSEL.

+77 iii. Glenn Eugene KINSEL.

+78 iv. Rachel Annabell KINSEL.

59. Nannie Catharine FRENCH.

She was married to Luther Jay DUNMIRE (son of George W. DUNMIRE and

Emma RUPERT). Luther Jay DUNMIRE2 was born on 9 FEB 1890 in Oliver

Township, Pennsylvania. He died on 8 FEB 1961 in Lewistown,

Pennsylvania. Nannie Catharine FRENCH and Luther Jay DUNMIRE had the

following children:

79 i. Ira Nelson DUNMIRE.

80 ii. Harold Luther DUNMIRE.

81 iii. Raymond A. DUNMIRE.

60. Myrtle Lucinda FRENCH was born on 19 DEC.

She was married to Byron S. DIEFFENBACH on 5 FEB 1920 in McVeytown,

Pennsylvania. Byron S. DIEFFENBACH was born on 5 JAN 1892. He died

on 25 JUL 1960 in McVeytown, Pennsylvania.

61. Viola RUSH.

She was married to Samuel BLAZER. Viola RUSH and Samuel BLAZER had

the following children:

82 i. Anna Gertrude ("Tuitty") BLAZER.

62. Anna RUSH.

She was married to Francis BLAZER. Anna RUSH and Francis BLAZER had

the following children:

83 i. Samuel BLAZER.

84 ii. Harold BLAZER.

85 iii. Kenneth BLAZER.

63. Gertrude RUSH.

She was married to Bert Edward STRAW. Gertrude RUSH and Bert Edward

STRAW had the following children:

86 i. William STRAW.

87 ii. Gertrude Elizabeth STRAW.

88 iii. Bert Edward, Jr. STRAW.

89 iv. Joan Marie (Jo Ann) STRAW.

90 v. Mary Frances STRAW.

64. Theodore RUSH.

He was married to Beatrice OSTRANDES.

65. Herbert RUSH.

He was married to Eunice WEED. Herbert RUSH and Eunice WEED had the

following children:

91 i. Donald RUSH.

92 ii. Marian RUSH.

93 iii. Aileen RUSH.

94 iv. Robert RUSH.

95 v. Herbert, Jr. RUSH.

71. Margaret Ellen ROTHROCK was born on 5 JUL 1914 in New Plymoth,

Idaho. She was married to Herbert Vincent PFROMM on 28 JUN 1941.

72. Edward Eugene ROTHROCK was born on 9 SEP 1917 in Akron, Ohio.

He was married to Ethel GREGG on 21 MAR 1942 in Akron, Ohio.

73. Dorothy Jeanette ROTHROCK was born on 7 APR 1919 in Akron, Ohio.

She was married to Edwin Carl LEMMERBROCK on 20 APR 1945.

74. Hazel Ruth ROTHROCK was born on 1 FEB 1922 in Akron, Ohio. She

was married to Richard Merle BLOSSER on 10 APR 1944 in Bowling Green,



75. "Kay" Myrtle Catharine KINSEL***3 was born on 24 SEP 1916 in

McVeytown, Pennsylvania. She died on 31 JUL 1983 in Long Beach,


She was married to "Jack" John Edward MCILRATH*** (son of James

Martin MCILRATH*** and Mary Laura BASSINGER***) on 6 MAR 1943 in

Denver, Colorado.4 "Jack" John Edward MCILRATH***3 was born on 16

JAN 1920 in White Bear Lake, Minnesota (Ramsey County). He was

buried in MAR 1972 in Sawtelle Military Cemetary, Los Angeles,

California. He died on 23 MAR 1972 in Long Beach, California

(Veteran's Hospital). Prepared by:

Barbara McIlrath



1. Obituary.

2. Information about Luther Dunmire and his family is from his


3. Birth Certificate.

4. Marriage Certificate.

**Rothrock / Roemig information provided by Carol Ellison


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E-mail #4 from  Carol , c4romig@supernet.com, 30 Dec 1999, which reads:


.....gave you info on my family in hopes you might have some knowledge of them. The names in your file, seem so familiar with my Romigs, which some of these people spell their last name, Romich, Romick, then found some records of Romigh.

Here goes,

My Family, starts with a Michael Romig, 1620-30. He had a son, named, Christoph, born 1649. Married an Ursula Catherina. His youngest child, Hans George Romich, born 1678 In Unterkessach, Germany, married an Anna Dorothea. They had six children. Four sons, of which, immigrated to America. The first one to immigrate was the youngest, named, Christian, he arrived at the port of Philadelphia, in the year of 1749. He settled in Lancaster County, Penna. The next two brothers, they traveled together, Hans George and George Michael, arrived at the Port of Philadelphia during 1750 and settled in York County, Penna. The last brother to immigrate, Johannes, ( my ancestor), arrived through the Port of Philadelphia, during the year of 1752. He settled in Berks county,.Penna. His youngest son, Henry, born 1776, when of age, moved on to Lancaster County.

I am having problems, locating more info on the York county brothers, also, on brother Christian, of Lancaster county.

Since most of these first names are so like the first names in your file, also, they lived very close to your Romigs, that, I have hopes you might be able to find a connection.

You might want to shorten, correct, as I am also in a hurry. Seems life sure is a rush, lately. I look forward to the New Year.

Happy New Year,

Hope this is what you meant.


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Romig family of Boyertown area, Berks County, Pa and Germany

E-mail from Carol (Romig) Dietrich  [R-65]   c4romig@supernet.com, : 15 Nov. 1999

E-mail #1

I am working research on my Romig family....

My first ancestor here in PA is Johannes Romig, arrived here in 1752, his three brothers arrived in this county a couple of  years earlier.

Johannes was born in Unterkessiach, his greay grandfather, Michael Romig, was born in Crispenhofen.....

Carol (Romig) Dietrich


E-mail #2 - 16 Nov 1999


I am just amazed at your web site. One of the best, I have been to visit.

I do not have a web site, yet, been working on it, but must say, I am having abit of problem with the ftp program, that I needed to download, first. However, I will have a web site, soon. At first, it will be small, have alot to learn.

On my Romig family. I have such a need to learn more about the ancestors, of my ancestor. Seems like an inner drive for me.

Johannes, 3/28/1728-9/1804, arrived here during 1752, he arrived on the ship, " Snow Louisa"and settled in the Boyertown area of Berks county, Pa.

Christian was the first to settle in this country. 7/23, 1730-??? and he settled in the City of Lancaster, Pa., but during 1756 settled to the east in what was known as Earl Twp., Lancaster county, Pa. He arrived on the Ship, "Two Brothers", during 1749.

Hans George 10/01/1724--???? arrived here during 1750, On the ship, " Brothers", along with his brother, George Michael, 5/05/, 1723---1791, both of which, settled in York county, Pa.

Their Father was, Hans George Romig, 5/03, 1687---10/17/1736, Unterkessach, Germany. Mother, Anna Dorothea, ????

Hans George Parents were, Christoph Stoffel Romich born 1649 and died May 02, 1712 in Unterkessach,. Germany. Wife, Ursula Catharina????

Hans George, Father was a Michael Romich.

These records, were from, Widdern, Germany.

This might shed another light, with your Romigs, and I do not mean to be a pest, however, thought something might look framiliar to you.

Thanks for your response, I do appreciate it. Believe I spend far toooooo much time, checking into the Germany side, but, for some reason, I have this need. Hope you understand.

Thanks again,'




Hello Again,

Been quite awhile since I last wrote to you. But I wanted to imform you of our Second National Romig Reunion to be held in Reading, Berks County, Pa on the 28th/29th/ and 30th of June. This coming June that is.

Hope you and your family could attend.

Carol Romig Dietrich


June 28, 29, 30 -----2002


Suzanne Romig

Carol Romig Dietrich

The Romig Reunion in June 2002 will be held at The Inn at Reading in Wyomissing, Pa.,

A suburb of Reading. A block of 60 rooms will be held for the reunion group up until a month prior to the reunion when they will be released back to the hotel. The rooms will be priced at $75.00 per night plus Pa., Sales Tax of 6%. The rate includes a continental breakfast. You will make your own reservation with the hotel. The phone number there is 1-8000/383-9713 or 1-610/372-7811. Mailing Address is:

The Inn at Reading

1040 Park Rd.

Wyomissing, Pa., 19610

If you notify the hotel prior to your flight into the Reading Airport, they can arrange for a jitney to pick you up.

The hotel will provide a conference room for display of your historical information.

When you make your hotel reservation please notify Carol that you have done so in order to get a head count, and include a $20.00 reservation fee per family to cover miscellaneous expenses. Unused money will be refunded. A group dinner will be planned at the Inn for Saturday night, and you will be informed of the cost at a later date.

The committee will try to arrange for visits to places of interest-----Historical Societies, the site of the red school, cemeteries, etc. More information on that later.

For those of you visiting Pa., for the first time you might wish to extend your visit to include other places of interest. The Capital at Harrisburg, is a little over an hour away, Hershey is almost an hour. Also about 25 minutes north of Reading at Kutztown, the famous Kutztown German Folk Festival will open June 29 and run for a week. It is nationally known for its quilt sale and people come from everywhere to purchase quilts. Back in the 30's the Romig Reunions were held in Kutztown. Also in this area are many antique markets. The route 272 strip between Reading and Ephrata is knows as Antique Alley.

Berks, Lancaster and Lehigh Counties were the areas in which your first Romig ancestors settled. Save the time on your calendar and come join us here to get a sense of where it all began.

For the local Romigs we hope you all can attend at least one day. We are sure you will enjoy yourselves and want to meet Romigs from all over the United States. Quite a few of us have done extensive research on our Romig families.

Please contact me at:



Carol Romig Dietrich

493 South Ninth Street

Akron, Pa.


We hope to hear from you,

Carol and Suzanne


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