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POTATOES Continued:



How To Pan Fry Potatoes:
Step One
First you need to choose the correct potato variety so they will fry nicely.  I have chosen for this demonstration the Russet potato.  I like Idaho Potatoes the best but for this day,  all I had in my pantry was the Russets, which is actually the first widely harvested potato in Idaho.  See History of the Russet..

Russet Potato

Preparation of the potato:

Wash throughly

Peel the potato.  Leave some of the peelings on the potato. Area marked #2. You can leave a lot or done.  It depends on what you would like to do.  It is healthier to leave on some of the potato peel, so,  that is why I do leave about as much as I'm showing you in the photo.  Notice  area marked #1  This is called an "eye".   Remove  front the peeled area  if you would do not want them. Area marked #3 is the removed peeling.  You can throw the peelings away or make an appetizer with them. I'll tell you how to do that at another time, under Appetizer With Potato Peels.. 

Step Two


There are different are different ways one can slice the potato for frying.  They are: sliced, french and cubed.  When frying them in a pan,  my preference is cubed. The cube become brown on all four sides.  Cooks more evenly and is easier to turn as they are frying

Place in a pan oil and heat the pan over moderate (medium) heat. The oil you use is your preference.  In a teflon I like using extra virgin olive oil.  About a tsp.

Step Three

The frying pan I'm using today is made of teflon.


Place a few of the potatoes into the warm oil and wait until you see a few bubbles coming from under the raw potatoes.

Watch for these  bubbles.

When you see the bubbles, the oil is hot enough . With care add the rest of the potatoes.

Step Four:

Salt and pepper to your taste.  Sprinkle granulated garlic on the frying potatoes if you'd like add more flavor.

Continue to fry and stir the potatoes until they are golden brown.

Step Five:

Removed the potatoes.  Place on a paper towel or terry cloth for a moment to get rid of any  access oil,  place in a bowl and serve



Mix into the fried potatoes some pre-cooked sliced or cubed sausages.

 See  how to cook sausages.


Mix into the frying potatoes thinly sliced or diced onions.


Mix into the frying potatoes some chopped garlic chives  If you don't have any fresh chives then sprinkle over the potatoes some dried chives.


Add to the frying potatoes sliced and chopped pieces of cooked bacon or cubed ham, onions and chives. Just before your serve, sprinkle with cheddar cheese.   Serve with sour cream as a  topping. 

Interesting Facts:

1. Teflon pans do not brown food as well as the old fashion iron  or other kinds of non-stick frying pans. You will need more oil to fry your foods.

2.  If you want to make great french fries,  soak the sliced potatoes in ice water and the potato will release the starch.  Pour off the water and placed potatoes onto a towel  to get rid of any access water.

 Use a deep fryer and the amount of oil indicated for your fryer.

Do not place extra oil into the pot.

Lower the potatoes into the hot oil and watch the potatoes brown.  

WARNING: Be careful, too many sliced potatoes placed into the deep fryer will cause the oil to bubble up and over the edge of the deep fryer.