2 March 2007

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Photograph taken in 2005 in our side yard.

Turkeys were introduced into California a few years ago and because they no longer have a natural predator they have multiplied quickly which has made them into pests in our area.  There are times when we have 15 to 40 turkeys in our yard.

No,  we have never had wild turkey for our Thanksgiving feast.  I believed one needs a hunting permit to hunt them here in California,  plus,  they are in an area I believe is considered residential and it's illegal to fire guns in this area.

I certainly do like domestic turkey for Thanksgiving and for sandwiches during the year.

From what I understand,  our German-Russians raised turkeys in Russia.  They didn't have a holiday called Thanksgiving Day as we do here.

I assume the turkeys were closer to our wild turkey, a game bird,  than our domestic raised today on farms. 

Russian Turkeys

#435  Turkey near the village of Borodino  / Bess. in the Urkrain in 2006.

Alfred Hein's Photo Collection