UPDATED:  10 Oct  2007

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[Soupf, Souppe, Supp, Suppen, Supp, Zuppe]

Split Pea Soup

After a long hot summer,  the autum days are times to pull out the old soup recipes, fire up the stove and have something warm for dinner.

Lillians 2 Day Navy Bean Soup

Navy Bean Soup with Milk

Split Pea Soup

Tomato Soup


Asparagus Soup = Spargelsuppe

Barley Soup = Gerstesuppe, Gerste Suppe

Bean Soup = Bohenensuppe, Bohnsuppe

Bread Soup = Brotsuppe, [See Fry Bread Soup]

Burned/Baked Soup = Einbrennsuppe

Butchering Day Soup = Metzelsluppe

Cabbage Soup =  Krautsuppe, Zelouckasuppe, [See Sour Cabbage Soup, Sweet Cabbage Soup]

Cherry Soup = ___ [See Sour Cherry Soup]

Chicken Soup = Hinkelsuppe, Huhnsuppe, Huehnsuppe, Huehnasuppe, Huhnersuppe,  Huehnersuppe, ______

Chicken Cream Soup = Huehna Rahmdungis Suppe, _____

Chicken Dumpling Soup = Huhner Klosse Suppe, ____

Chicken Noddle Soup = Huhn Laufnoodeln Suppe

Chicken Vegetable Soup = Kumpst Borscht, ____

Cold Soup = Kale Suppe

Dill Soup = Dillzwiebel, Kemmich

Dumpling Soup = ___ , [See Snipped Dumpling Soup, Small Dumpling Soup]

Dried Fruit Soup = Plumamoos

Egg Soup = Zeddle, Zettlesuppe

Egg Drop Soup = Ein Lauf, Einlaufsuppe, Einlouf

Egg Flour Soup = Gaggele

Fish Soup = Fischsuppe, Fischesuppe, Fischsuppe

Fruit Soup = Sotsuppe,  Pluemenoos, Schmit Suppe, [See Dried Fruit Soup]

Fry Bread Soup = Kuchlasuppe, ____

Garden Lettuce Soup= Garten Salat Suppe

Green Bean Soup = Schaubel Suppe

Liver Dumpling Soup = Leberklossesuppe, Leberknodelsupper

Meat and  Fruit Soup = Doerrobstsuppe

Milk Rice Soup = Milchereissuppe, Milchreis Suppe, ___

Milk Noodle Soup = Milchnudelsupp',  Milchnudelsupper

Noodle Soup = Laufnoodeln Suppe, Nudelsuppe, Nudlasuppe,  [See Milk Noodle Soup, White Noodle Soup)

Onion Soup = Cebulowa Zupa,  Zwiebelsuppe, Zwiebelnsuppe, Zwiefelsuppe

Paprika Soup = Paprihash,  Paprikash

Potato Soup = Grumbarasuppe, Grumberasuppe, Karoffelsuppe, Kartofellsuppe, Kartoffelsuppe, Kartoffelhnsuppe,  Kartoffelnsuppe, Kaertoffelsluppe, Katofelsuppe, Kattofelsuppe, Kattufelsuppe, Kakutoffelsuppe, _____

Potatoe Dumpling Soup = Kartoffelkchelesuppe

Pumpkin Soup = Kerbinsuppe, Kurbissuppe, Kuerbissuppe, ____

Rice Soup = ____, [See Milk Rice Soup]

Rice-like Soup = Rivweissel Suppe

Small Dumpling Soup = Swartz Reffel Suppe

Snipped Dumpling Soup = Schnitzuppe

Squash Soup = Kurbissuppe,

Soup for the Sick = Suppe fur Krankeleute

Soup Noodles = Suppe Nudeln 

Sour Cabbage Soup = Kislye Shchi, ___

Sour Cherry Soup = Sup  iz Veshni

Sour Soup = Sauersuppe

Split Pea Soup = Erbensuppe

Sweet Cabbage Soup = Suesskraut Suppe

Sweet Milk Soup = Zaeta Malscha Moos

Tomato Soup = Tomatosuppe

Vegetable Beet Soup = Borcht,  Borsch, Borscht, Borschtsch, Borschch, Borsht ,  Worsch 

Vegetable Summer Beet Soup = Gruene Borscht

Wedding Soup =Hochzeitzuppe

White Noodle Soup = Weiss Nudlasuppe

White Rice Soup = Weiss ____  Suppe

White Bean Soup = Weiss Bohnensuppe 

Yeast Noodle Soup = Hefeklessesuppe


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