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Sources for Hubert Web Sites

H Source Sym

Letters & E-amils
Source's ID E-mail Name if given Data
H-1 Judy A. Remmick-Hubert Webmistress
H-2 Garry J. D. Hubert
H-3 no longer living M/ P. Hubert
H-4 Catherine , nee Hubert, Hicks Catherine wrote Judy Hubert many letters which answered questions about the Hummal and Hubert families.
H-5 Theresa, nee Hubert, Pack
H-6 "Doll" , nee Hubert, Holden
H-7 no longer living Josephine, nee Hummel, Hubert
H-8 no longer living Nicholas Hummel
H-9 "Pat", nee Johansen, Hubert
H-10 Charlette, nee Stone,  Sorrntino
H-11 Margaret McDermott
H-12 Terry Moore
H-13 no longer living Nicholas Hummel
H-14 John Michaels Translated Nikolaus Engelmann's book THE BANAT GERMANS , Ed. 1987

Banat Bk Cov

John Michaels'  family wer Banat Germans and was most helpful.

H-15 Anton Kraemer Lives in Germany and researched the Hubert, Hummel and Goetz information from records

Note: 19 March 2003 - Evidently he is presently taking orders for a Perjamosch Family Book.  Write to:  Anton Kraemer, Frankenstr 18, 55218 Ingelheim am Rhein, Germany

H-16 Magdalena Segredo
H-17 Mildred Marschall
H-18 Catherine Dentler
H-19 J. Schmidt of Arbeitskreis Donauschwaegischer Familenforscher  (AKdFF) in Germany
H-20 Susan Repp
H-21 Gottfried Moser of Germany
H-22 Werner Weissmueller
H-23 Hans Grimm of Austria
H-24 Nancy Marie Hummel Frost Hummel family. See Michael and Anna , neeMohr, Hummel who migr. to Chicago in 1904
H-25 Gertrude Gier Fresenburg Goetz  and Hummel family.  See Gier Family
H-26 Frank Hummel Hummels from Eningen, OA, Reutlingen, Germany
H-27 Kathy Ward Hummel
H-28 Drew Hummel Hummel
H-29 Wolfl-Dieter Kuehn Kuehn
H-30 Josef Kuehn He collected the data for the following book:

Famlienbuch der Kathollischen Pfarrgemeinde, SACKELHAUSEN IM BANAT und  ihr Filialen, Beregsau (Ber.), Deutsch-Sankt-Michael (DSM) und Rumanisch-Sankt-Michael (RSM), 1766-1844, von Josef Kuehn, Mit einer geschichtlichen Kurzfassung, von Dr. Josef Pitzer, (im Anhangf:  Einwohnerliste von 1862 mit Nachtraegen bis 1907 von Jakob Pleiss, bearbeitet von Dr. Josef Pitzer), Sea of Donauschwaebischer, Reutlingen/Sidelfingen 1998

Buy if from:

Michael Koppi, Heimatortgemeinschaft Sackenlhausen, Rommelsbach, Thueringer Str. 5, 72768 Reuktlingen, BR Deutschland

H-31 Art Stubel Hummel See letter
H-32 DRK0731 Knaack Hummel See letter
H-33 Didier Ott Web Site:

A treasure hunt for names of relatives who lived in the area of Surbourg / Bas-Rhin, Alsace which is presently in France but in early history the area changed back and forth from French and German many times.....  Many are listed in Garry Hubert ancestoral village of Sackelhausen / Banat, Austria-Hungry who migr. from Surbourg in the mid-1700s.

H-34 GanderGe George Gander Web Site:

Desc. of Jean Daentzler m. Catherine Kuntz. plus other ancestory from Surbourg / Bas-Rhin, Alsace & Schweickert

H-35 dvhh Donauschwaben Village Helping Hands Project (dvhh):
H-36 monthaftermarch

April Messerschmidt Goetz, Messerschmidt


Letters and E-mails for Source of Data


Gertrude Gier Fresnburg, 19 July 1999:

"I cam across your Hummel Family Tree...My grandmother Katharina Hummel married Peter Gierg in St. Michael's in Sackelhausen.  Ahe was Katharina Hummel.  My great granparents were Peter Hummel and Katherina Goetz (Gotz).  My one aunt married an Andrew Goetz from Sackelhausen.  There wer married in St. louis ...after they arrived in America.  My Granmother had two sisters in Sackelhausen.  One was Suzanne.... who married Nikolas Schneider.  The other married a Mr. Furi...I know there were a lot of Hummels, Goetzs and Eglers in Sackelhausen. I live in St. Louis and am working on the family trees. My mother came from Billed.  By grandmother also had a brother John Hummel who married Barbara Hummel.  They are buried in a cenetary here in St. Louis.  The two sisters, as much as I know, never came to America. ...The pcitures of the person inside the Hummel home brings back memories of my gradmother's home...."

20 July 1999:

"I will have copes of the three alters inside St. Michael for you....I have a huge chart of the Hummel families that my cousin gave me. It has one of the names on it that you have on your list. It is Joseph Hummmel married to Anna Marie Mutch...."

12 Oct. 1999

"It looks like we are related.  My information maes Anton Goetz my fifth generation grandfather.....Anton Gotz was born in 1710...."

13 Oct

"...I have a Sackelhausen Familie Book...."

13 Oct 1999

"...I guess the 1998 book is still available.  The address is:  Michael Kippi, Thuringer Str. 5, 72768 Reutlingen, Germany...I have a picture of John Hummel and Barbara Klein and 6 of their 8 children in front of their house in Sackelhausen....  John Hummel b. 19 Jan 1868 d. 23 June 1948..... John's wife was Barbara Kelin from Billed.  b. 17 June 1871 d. 21 Feb 1955.  Both buried in St. Louis.     .....heard from...Theresia Weber who was a Hummel.  Her father was Nicholas and her mother was Margaret Filipi or Filippi.  She was going on about a Nancy in Chicago..... I remember reading about a Nancy on your page is the same person...  Theresia mentioned the names Rosenaour and Morh.  She is in that line.....



Gen. 1

Katharina Hummel b. 20 Aug 1866 d. 20 Feb 1942 St. Louis, MO, dau. of Johann Goetz*  m. Peter Gier b. 10 March 1861 d. 27 Sept 1924 St. Louis, MO

Gen. 2

Peter Hummel b. 17 Feb 1838 Sackelhausen d. 16 Jan. or Feb. of 1897 m. Katharina Pesch or Besch b. 27 Feb 1820 d. 7 Dec 1889 Sackelhausen

See Letter dated Feb 2002


E-mail fron Nancy marie Hummel Frost   - See bottom of the page
E-mail from Nancy Marie Hummel Forst, , 28 Dec. 1998.  "My name is Nancy (Hummel) Frost.  I have just read your Web Site and think that there is a connection to our family tree.... My father was: Michael Hummel. My grnadfather waw:   Michael Hummel  (came to America in about 1904, settled in Chicago...Then moved to Iowa.  He was married to Anna Mohr.....  all of my fathers Aunts and Uncle's settled in St. Louis, MO. ...  I live in Iowa..."

Judy A. Remmick-Hubert's Note: This is the names she sent and how I placeds them in the family tree:

Gen. 5 [se above]

Child6: .Joseph Hummel,  son of  Joseph Hummel and Anna Schneider,   m..  to Anna Marie Mutsch.  Issue:

  1. Joseph Hummel m. Barbara Schneider. Issue:
    • Konrad Hummel m.  Anna Marie Grundler. Issue: 
      • Jacob Hummel m. Katharina Rosenauer. Issue:
        • Michael Hummel m. Anna Mohr. Migr. to USA in 1904 to Chicago, Ill. USA.  Issue:
          • Michael Hummel.  Issue:
            • Nancy Hummel and source of this family in a letter dated 28 Dec. 1998

Person no longer wishes to be idenitfied.  Contact for farther information.  [No reason was given.]

Best Regards,Mrs. Judy A. Remmick-Hubert;

Accidentally, searching something else, I visited your Web Site. Because we know well some of your ancestors, I took the liberty to make some short comments on:

1] Johan Hubert m. Suzanne Jost

b. 1852 Serbish-St. Peter

In fact, Johan Hubert was b. 9.08.1852 in Razz St. Peter=RSP/ Banat and will

M 14.01.1877 in Periam with Suzanne Jost [B 27.11.1851, daughter of Paul & Margaretha Focht]. Johan will D on 22.10.1912 in Banat.

Johan was the son of Peter Johan Hubert [B 5.06.1819 in RSP] which M 4.08.1851 in RSP with Elisabeth Schuch [B 15.04.1822 in RSP]. Johan had a brother [Adam, B~1854 in RSP] which will M on 21.09.1878 with A. M. Hollerpach.

Johan Hubert & Elisabeth Schuch had 6 children:




-Mathias will emigrate to USA [for Cincinnati trough Baltimore on MS Hannover] will M 11.01.1912 with Josepha Hummel and will D 14.07.1947 in Chicago



We have info on the Hubert family until 1744 in Germany [ie their place of origin] and some info up to date on this family with a history of almost 250 years in Banat. But you probably have them too .

2] Anna Maria Kühn [Khin/Kuehn] b. 26 Dec 1809 or 18.03.1811? This is the question because:

Anna Maria Khin m1. 8.02.1829 with Peter Wagner [B 29.08.1808] is listed as b. 26.12.1809 [page 628; entrance no 3561]; and her second m. 12.07.1829 with Johann Georg Götz [entrance no. 0664].

But at entrance no. 0664 is Goecz Andreas & Wagner Anna Maria [b. 6.05.1780]; there is no Johann Georg Götz listed at page 115-116-117; and at the second marriage of Anna Maria Kühn with Johan [Evang.=Evangelisat; but this is not a name! It is only to know after which Joannes the child was baptized] Goetz [b. 28 Dec 1807], the birth date for Anna Maria is given as 18.03.1811. But at page 281, entrance no. 1618 there are even bigger "problems" and the "mess" is complete:

-2 children with the same name [Anna Maria], for the same couple [ Johann Kühn & Anna Maria Buchheit], living in the same period of time [starting 1816]; this is not possible !

-the Anna Maria b. 18.03.1811 is listed as being m1. with Peter Wagner and m2. with Johann Ev. Gotz.


Lorenz Goetz b. 18 March 1837 [is, in fact, 1831!] Sacklehausen

m. 17.06.1850 to Margaret Karl [b. 16 June 1833, Sacklehausen]

do Nicholaus Karl & Barbara Hoffman

Margaretha Goetz b. 2 Sept 1834 d. 14 Aug 1841 [as Margaretha!]

Andreas Goetz b. 1 March 1836

Katharina Goetz b. 11 Oct 1839

Anton Goetz b. 22.02.1841, d. 23.11.1916

Mathias b. 22 Aug 1843

Johann Goetz b. 29 April 1846


a.. D 23.05.1856, NICOLAUS KARL, plebeus, married with BARBARA HOFFMAN, H 629, 55y, phtysis.

[this info is probably new for you; the D of BARBARA HOFFMAN is still a mystery]

3] Comment on the entrance existing in Sacalaz familienbuch [page 118; 0674A]:

a.. Gotz, Lorenz

B 18.03.1831

M 17.06.1850, S

Karl Margaretha ? wohl/probable Barbara! [entrance no. 1279.4 at page 222]

B 16.05.1833 do Nicholaus Karl & Barbara Hoffmann.

The author of Sacalaz familienbuch sustains that no Margaretha Karl is to be B in Sacalaz.

The problem is that the author did a mistake because Barbara [b. 16.05.1833] will:

a.. D 5.06.1856, BARBARA KARL, 22y [B~1834], do NICOLAI KARL & BARBARA HOFMAN, unmarried daughter, H 269.

So, who is Margaretha Karl? Possible answers [without checking in the original church records!]:

1.. a relative of Nicolaus Karl [but not her daughter!]

2.. a daughter of Nicolaus Karl because [see page 222 in Sacalaz familienbuch] between 1829 [when Jacob is B] and 1833 [when Barbara is B] there are 4 years for the couple without any child; to long and unusual! If you will analyze the years when the children of Nicolaus Karl are to be B you will see that these are B from 2y in 2y. And because there is a "empty" place in 1831.Please note that the child's [Margaretha Barbara?] births not necessarily occurred in Sacalaz.

Best Regards,

Person no longer wishes to be idenitfied. Contact for farther information.

JARH Note: Still trying to discover the correct ancestors and feel the letter above isn't completely correct nor are the letters from Krammer who was working on earlier records before he accomplished his books on family history for Perjamosch and Sackelhausen.  With the help of family records, memories, letters, and books, I hope to discover the correct ancestors.  In time I will produce several web pages showing how I arrived with my conclusions.  If you have different view, please, let me know. 


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