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Hummel Family

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Josephine, nee Hummel, Hubert Plowing in Louisiana, USA

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Gen. 1


Josephine, nee Hummel, Hubert

Josephine Hummel
  • dau. of Johann Hummel and Katharina Goetz
  • b. 18 June 1893 Sackelhausen / Banat, Austria-Hungary
  • d. 21 April 1975 St. Francisville, LA, USA
  • m. 11 Jan 1912  in Chicago, Ill. USA to

Mat(t)hias G.  Hubert

Josephine Hummel and Her Family's Migration to U.S.A.:

The Hummel family  [Johann and Kathrina, nee Goetz, Hummel with dau. Josephine and son Nicholas] left  their village of Utvin / Temsvar, Banat, Austria-Hungary and traveled by train to Germany, sailed from the port of Hamburg and arrived in the United States through the port of New York City, New York .....on January 26 1909 on the vessel S/S :Kaisserin Auguste Victoria". See Nicholas Hummel's entry papers.  From Elis Island they traveled to the New York City 's train station and took the train to Chicago, Illonise where Margaret, nee Hummel,  and her husband Georg Duckhorn were living. Margaret was Josephine's half sister. [Her mother had been married and widowed  of Charles Hummel before marrying Josephine's father.] They,  [Josephine and her family], like the Duckhorns, moved into the area of Chicago known as German Town.  See Mathias G. Hubert for more information on Josephine, nee Hummel, Hubert.


Johann Hummel

  • son of Peter Hummel and Margaret Krammer
  • 22 June 1868 Sackelhausen / Banat, Austria-Hungary
  • WW II  Sept. 1946 nd poss. in or n. Utvin / Banat, [Austria-]Hungary
  • m. 2 May 1892 Sackelhausen / Banat, Austria-Hungary [Rumania]

Widow Kathrina, nee Goetz, Hummel, dau. of Laurenz Goetz and Margaret Meszmer

Gen. 3
Peter Hummel
  • son of Jakob Hummel and A. M. Kuncz
  • b. 30 Aug 1838 Sackelhausen / Banat, Austria-Hungary
  • d.
  • m. 25 June 1861 Sackelhausen / Banat, Austria-Hungary

Margret Kraemer # 1580.1, of  Friedrich Kraemer and Marg. Mayer (Majer) #1922.1

  • b. 4 April 1842 Sackelhausen / Banat, Austria-Hungary
  • d.

Issue:See family in detail

Gen. 4
Jacob Hummel  [Humel] #1155

A. M. Kuncz  # 1650.8, dau. of Nikolaus Kuncz [Khunst, Kuncz, Kuntz] and Elisabeth Feurstein

  • 15 Sept 1815 Sackelhausen / Banat, Austria-Hungary

Issue:See family in detail

Gen. 5
Joseph Hummel  #1142
  • son of Joseph Hummel and Anna Maria Mutsch
  • b. 4 Sept 1793 Sackelhausen / Banat, Austria-Hungary
  • d.
  • om  (2) 14 May 1839 Sackelhausen  to widow Barbara, nee, Katzenmajer, Nahm b. 26 Oct 1791 [#2189 & #1295.10]
  • (1) m. 19 Nov 1811, St. Michael Cathedral*, Sackelhausen to

Anna Barbara Schneider #3094.2, dau. of Nicolaus Schneider and Anna Marie Paulus

  • b. 19  Dec 1794 Sackelhausen / Banat, Austria-Hungary
  • d. 22 Nov 1838
  • Issue  See Family data
Gen. 6
Joseph Hummel #1133, migr. from Trier , Germany  to Sackelhausen in 1755

Anna Maria Mutsch, migr. to Sackelhausen in 1752

  • b. 1752 Black Forrest [Schwarzwald], Germany
  • d. 20 Jan 1844

Issue: See family data in detail

Gen. 7
_?_  Hummel [poss Martin Hummel who m. Katharina __NN__  See letter from Art]


  1. Gen. 6: Joseph Hummel #1133, migr. from Trier , Germany  to Sackelhausen in 1755 m. Anna Maria Mutsch b. 1752 ____ Black Forrest [Schwarzwald] Germany  Issue:
    • See Gen. 5 to  Gen.1
  2. ? poss. brother was Johann Humel [Hummel]  # 1132  b. 1752 [in or near] Trier , Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany  d. 8 Feb 1814 Sackelhausen / Banat, Austria-Hungary. He migr. to Sackelhausen in 1752.  Then he was  m..   to  Barbara Krindler [Kruedler, Gruendler], b. 16 July 1754 Hambach, Kr. Birkenfeld, Germany d. Sackelhausen / Banat, Austria-Hungary. dau. of  Joh. Nick. Gruendler and Maria Magd. Hauppert , who was born in 1706 and d. 11 Sept 1768 in Sackelhausen / Aust-Hung. [See letter from Art about Johann being the brother of Joseph and son of Martin Hummel...]Issue:
Sackelhausen = Sacalaz

Religion : Catholic


History & Maps Of Villages in Banat, Austria-Hungary  in Which Hummel's Lived:

Hummels Listed In Deaths in Wars of WW I  &  WW II



I'd like to thank all those who helped me collecting photographs, family information and stories.  Without them I would not have accomplished all you see in this family site Here are listed only a few:

  • "Pat" Hubert, my mother-in-law
  • My husband's father's sisters Catherine, nee Hubert, Hicks, Theresa, nee Hubert, Pack and "Doll", nee Hubert, Holden
  • Charlette, nee Stone,  Sorrntino
  • Margaret McDermott
  • Terry Moore
  • Magdalena Segredo
  • Mildred Marschall
  • Catherine Dentler
  • Anton Kraemer
  • J. Schmidt of Arbeitskreis Donauschwaegischer Familenforscher  (AKdFF) in Germany
  • Susan Repp
  • Gottfried Moser of Germany
  • Werner Weissmueller
  • Hans Grimm of Austria
  • Gertrude K. Fresenburg
  • JosefKuehn who helped me with the Sackelhasen families while he was preparing his own book: Familienbuch der katholischen Pfarrtgemeide, Sackelhausen im Banat und ihrer Filialen, Beregsau (Ber.) Deutsch-Sankt-Michael (DSM) und Rumaenisch-Sankt-Michael (RSM) 1766-1844  von Kuehn, Miet einer gewschichtlichen KuDr. Josef Pizer (im Anhang: Einwohnerliste von 1862 met Nachtraegen bis 1907 von Jakob Pless, bevon Dr. Josef Pitzer), Reutlingen / Sidelfingen 1998 which can be purchased  by using the title :Heimatortsgemeinschausen, Landsmannschaft der Banater Schwaben e.V. from the 1. Vorsitzender:  Michael Koppi, Rommelsbach, Thueringer Strasse 5, 72768 Reutlingen, Germany. It was 50 M back in 1999....
  • And Many others.... See Source Page
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