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Hummel family continued....

Gen. 2

Johan    Kath

Johann and Kathrina, nee Goetz, Hummel -abt 1900

Johann and Kath. Hummel

Johann and Kathrina, nee Goetz, Hummel - abt 1945

Johann Hummel

Widow Kathrina, nee Goetz, Hummel, dau. of Laurenz Goetz and Margaret Meszmer

They migrated to USA with family then returned to Europe  sell property and were caught in WWII and would die in or near Utvin.


The mother is Katherine, nee Goetz, Hummel-Hummel with her second husband Johan Hummel and their children: Nicholas [Nikolas] standing next to his father,  two daughters seated are Helen on the left and Susan on the right, one daughter Josephine is standing on the right, Katie is the daughter  of her first marriage to Charles  Hummel and is standing to the left and next to her mother.


  1. Josephine Hummel [See Gen. 1] m. Matthias Hubert  See Gen. 1
  2. Susan Mary Hummel b. 16 July 1894 Sackelhausen / Banat, Austria-Hungary d. 25 June 1982 poss. Chicago, Ill, USA m. (1) Paul Stone  b. 1898 d. 1922 m. (2) John Mickalski b. 24 April 1886 d. 6 Aug 1961
  3. Nicholas Casper Hummel b. 1895 Sackelhausen / Banat, Austria-Hungary, d. 22 April 1976 Covington, LA, USA. No Marriages.
  4. Helen Hummel b. 1901 Sackelhausen / Banat, Austria-Hungary d. 1910 Chicago, Ill, USA. No marriages.

See Katharina, nee Goetz, Hummel children by her first husband  to  [Joseph] Charles Hummel plus photographs

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