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Hummel Family Continued........ 

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Utvin / Temsch (Timesora or Temesvar), Torrental, Banat,  Austria-Hungary


QUESTION:  Who in the Hubert family lived in Utvin, Austria-Hungary?
ANSWER: Catherine, nee Hubert, Hicks [H-4] wrote:  Mom's family, " [Hummels]. " lived there from 1898 to 1909 then 1914 to 1945.  It was a Wallach town with about 30 families."

Family History

In  the winter of 1912 the Hummel family migrateds to the USA and settled in German town in Chicago, Illionise, USA.  In a letter from Catherine she tells why her  Hummel grandparents returned to Utvin in 1914:  "...They returned in 1914, four months before I was born in June, in order to sell their properties and stock, leaving all their children here, " {Chicago], "They never returned as the war intervened."

In a letter dated 7 May 1973 Catherine wrote:  "...then the family moved to Utvin which was a short distance away,"  [from Sackelhausen], " here they were on the banks of the Bega River and Canal,...."  "About the land...the Hummel's,  Johann 's was 20 hectares (one hectare is 2.471 acres).  The GOetz family had 80 hectares....  Seemingly a lot for individuals families, considereing that later large holdings were divided among the peasants at a reasonable cost to these people who had labored for centuries under oprresions...."  "We don't know how much the Hubert family had.

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