Kulm, Lamour County, North Dakota, USA, German-Russian Settlers List

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Grosz [Gross] Page

The following is taken from the Kulm Jubliee book p. 85 [with additions by Remmick-Hubert]

Daniel Grosz

GroszDaniel, Sr. and wife Christina, nee Mueller, Grosz

"Mr. Daniel Grosz Sr., son of Mr. and Mrs Christian Grosz, was born June 1, 1853 at Kulm," [Bessarabia], " South Russia.  On Octer 29, 1876 he married Carolina Mueller.  They arrived in 1878, setteling on a farm in Hutchinson Co., South Dakota.

"They were among the early pioneers on this part of the Dakotas, selling their farm in South Dakota and buying one in northeast McIntosh County in the spring of 1886.  Dis ontinuing farmin in the fall of 1908, they moved to Kulm, N.D..

"Mrs. Grosz passed away July 22, 1927.  Mr. Grosz continued living at home until he too passed away in October of 1937.

"Mr. and Mrs. Grosz were the parents of twelve boys, five of whom preceded their parents in death.  Three sons died after their parents.

"Children living are:  Rev. John D. Grosz, Ashley, N.D.; Gottfried Grosz, Ashely, ND; Gotthilf Grosz ...Sacramento, Calif.; Nathaniel Grosz, Minot, N.D.

Note from Ashely, ND Jubliee Bk: p. 215 and 219

Story on Katharina, nee Werre, Gross who maried Johann Gross in 1899.  She was born 11 June 1874 in Glueckstal / Od. S. Russia, dau. of Joe Werre.  In 1901 John and Katharina migrated with their two children, Joh and Katherine, to Ashley, S. D., USA.  Five more children were born to them.  They are: Christian, Jacob, Anna, Edward and Arthur.  Johann passed away 16 Aug 1949.  When the book was published in 1963, Katharina was still living.

Christian Gross was born 7 Nov 1903 in Ashely and married Ida Bender, dau. of George Bender.  One son, Leonard is mentioned and a daughter Glady who married Walter O. Weisser.

There are photos of Christian and Ida Gross on p. 219 and a photo of Katharina, nee Werre, Grosz on p. 215.   

Daniel Grosz, Sr. *



In a message dated 2/17/05 10:23:08 PM, carolgrosz@mac.com writes:

...There seems to be a problem with one of your records about the Daniel Grosz  Sr. family.  Part of the problem comes from the fact that there was two Daniel Groszs, both Sr. who lived in Kulm in the early 1900's. 

My grandfather had ten children, married to Maggie Schlechter.

  The children were:

Clara              1893-                             first born in Kulm, ND

Albert            1894 - 1978

Lydia            1897 -

Leontina        1898 - 1988

Edwin            1900 - 1959

William        1902 - 1946

Alvin            1904 - 1956

Harry            1906 -

Milton            1908 - 1979

Edna            1910 - 1993

Second marriage to Wilhelmina Tobler in 1911

Elmer 1912 - 1982

Hope to hear from you soon,

Carol Grosz

*Note:  There were two Daniel Grosz Seniors living in Kulm at the same time.

p. 72

Gustav Grosz

Grosz Gustave and Julianna , nee Billigneier, Grosz

"Gustave Grosz was born January 10, 1881 at Hutchinson Co., South Dakota and came with his parents to live on a farm in McIntosh County in 1886.  He grew to manhood on this farm.  In 1901 he married Julianna Billigmeier.  Three children were born to them:  Mr. Paul Grosz, Washington, D.C.; Mr. Harry R. Grosz, Richmond, Va.; and Adeline, Mrs. Olaf Holman, Fredonia, N.D.

"In 1908 they moved into Kulm and built a house.  He was manager of the Powers Elevators for many years, spending sometime away from Kulm, but always working as manager of an elevator.  He finally returned to Kulm and started doing carpenter and repair work.

"Mrs. Grosz passed away in 1914 and in 1915 he married Pauline Kosanke.  One child was born to them, but died in infancy.

"Mr. Grosz passed away July 29, 1949 of a heart ailment.

John Grosz

Grosz3 John and Christina, nee Gackle, Grosz

p. 117

"One of the early businessmen in the city of Kulm was John Grosz.  He operated a general merchandise story in partnership with his sons.

"Mr. Groz was born in South Russia.  He married Christina Gackle and a short time later the couple immigrated to America.  They settled in South Dakota for a time and later moved to Kulm.

"Any new immigrants who came to this vicinity were always welcome in the Grosz home as were borys and girls who attended confirmation classes.  Mr. and Mrms. Grosz were members of the Congregational Church.

"The children of Mr. and Mrs. Grosz were: Mary, Mrs. Henry Mogck;  John; Daniel; Otto; Lydia, Mrs. Gottred Grosz; Christina, Mrs. Peter Billigmeier; Emilia, Mrs. George Billigmeier; Bertha, Mrs. Gust Mueller; Gottfried; and Emma, Mrs. Peter Burgening.

Lona, nee Grosz, McSweeney

p. 154

Lona Groz McSweeny was born December 5, 1898 in Kulm, N.D.

"She moved to California in 1921 with her aunt Mrs. P. J. Burgening, formerely Emma Grosz, daughter of John Grosz.

"[Lona]...has one son William and a grandson, Timmy..."

Clara, nee Grosz, Hollan

4 Clara, nee Grosz, Holland, wife of Robert Holland

p. 145

Clara, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Grosz* was the first child born in the city of Kulm.  She was born on December 20, 1893.  As a young girl she attended the Kulm Public School from which was was graduated.....

On June 7, 1915 Clara Grosz was united in marriage to Robert Hollan, a son of Joseph Hollan of Kulm.  After their marriage they resided on a farm five miles south of Kulm.

One son was born to Clara and Rober Holland.  The son Lee Robert, makes his home on a farm tow miles west of the farm on which he was born.  Has has two sons, Dennis and Curtis.

"After a lingering illness Clara Holland passed away on July 21, 1922, at the age of 29."

*Daniel Grosz, Sr. and his first wife Maggie Schlechter.  There were two Daniel Grosz, Seniors  living in Kulm at the same time..


In a message dated 9/11/03 2:48:02 PM, Christine, christine@actual-eng.com writes:

<< Judy,

What a thrill to see the roll call and website information you posted!

Thank you so much for sharing the information from Kulm SD's history book  on your website. Among the pictures you included are my great-great grandparents John & Christina Grosz. I can't tell you how thrilling it is to see a picture of an earlier Christine Grosz!

Thank you!!!! >>


Letter #1

In a message dated 11/3/2003 5:06:50 AM Pacific Standard Time, Oliver Gross Jr., okgrosz@metrocast.net writes:

I was fascinated to see photos and history of my father's family on your site. If you're interested, I could share some wedding photos of my grandfather and grandmother (Gottfried and Lydia Grosz), childhood photos of their children (Oliver and Alice) as well as an excellent photo of Christina Gaeckle Grosz.

Oliver Grosz, Jr.

Letter #2

In a message dated 15 Nov 2003 okgrosz@metocast.net  wrote:

Attached is a wedding photo of my father's parents.... Gottfried and Lydia Grosz.  Gottfried,  son of Daniel Grosz and Christina Mueller. (I'm guessing from their loooks, Gottfried is brother of Bustave). Lydia is the daughter of John Grosz and Christina Gackle.  Photo by Kempf Studio, Kulm ND.

Christina, nee Gackle, Grosz who was the wife of John Grosz and mother of Lydia who married Gottfried Grosz.

Gottfried Grosz and Lydia, nee Gorsz

Their wedding photograph.

He was the son of Daniel and Christina, nee Mueller, Grosz of Kulm/ N.D., USA