Kulm, Lamour Co., North Dakota, USA, German-Russian Settlers List

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Kulm, LaMoure Co., North Dakota Genealogy of Early German-Russian Settlers from the Jubilee Book 1892-1957 continued......

A to Guthmueller.....Haase to Nylamd ..... Ogden to Zellmer


Haase, Martin

Haffner, Christian

Jaffner, John

Hanneld, Chris

Hanneld, Gottlieb b. 12 April 1881 S. Russia.  Migr. with his parents in 1885 to Parkston, SD ...Grew-up n. Ashley, ND, m. 21 May 1905 to Mathilda Isaak....  Issue (7) listed in KBk

Harter, Carl

Hasz, Daniel

Hauff, John G.

Hausken, Olaf

Heck, Christian

Hedlund, J. A.

Hehr, David

Heidinger, Cris

Heldinger, Johannes

Heldinger, M. M.

Hein Family History

Hein, Ludwig and Christina, nee Schweikert  migr. to Kulm / N. Dak.

"1910 to USA - Christina, nee Schweikert, and Ludwig Hein.left the port of Bremen and landed in Philadelphia, PA, USA.  They took the train to Kulm, ND. where they began their  life in American . ." wrote their granddaughter Judy A. Remmick-Hubert.

The following are a few of the web sites connected to the Hein family.

Hein Genealogy

MT Sym

Montana Memories


Borodino/Bess. S. Russia

bl Smith


Herman, Rudolph J.

Herrmann, Friederick

Herrmann, Sr., Gottlieb:   b. 10 Jan 1876 Beresina / Bess., S. Russia m.27 Nov 1897 to Sophia Dietrich. Migr. to USA in 1898 on the ship Kaiser Wilhlem.  Issue:
  1. Katharina Herrmann b. Beresina / Bess. S. Russia m. __ Heir
  2. Rudolph Herrmann
  3. Robert Herrmann b. 30 Nov 1901 m. 13 Feb 1925 to Margaret Nitschke of Jud, ND  Issue:
    • Marjorie Herrmann m. Raymond Busch
  4. Gottlieb Herrmann
  5. Ida Herrmann m. Jake Hoffman
  6. Solomon Herrmann
  7. Herman Hermann
  8. Melmuth Herrmann

Herrmann, Robert:  

Hieb, Christoph:  b. 18 Nov 1885 family farm south of Tripp, SD  m.10 Sept 1909 to Emma Gackle  They left Kulm in 1923 and moved to Lodi, CA Issue:
  • Ruth Hieb m. Ed Wuinn
  • Roy O. Hieb

Hieb, Edwin b. 8 June 1897 Kulm, ND, son of Michael Hieb and Margaretha Winckler, m. 24 Sept 1923 to Della Novak.  Issue:
  1. Edwin Hieb, Jr. m. Patricia Bolger  Issue:
    • Michael Hieb
    • Mary Hieb
  2. Wayne Hieb m. Patrica Brost
  3. Robert Hieb

Hieb, Michael:  b. 2 June 1857 n. Odessa, S. Russia d. Jan 1922 ND  m. 1880 in SD to Margaretha Winckler .  He migr. to USA in 1874 to Bon Homme County, SD then moved to Tripp, SD then to Dickey and LaMoure counties... Then to California then back to ND..  Issue:
  1. Christoph Hieb of Lodi, CA
  2. Edwin Hieb
  3. Lena Hieb m. A.F. Lehr
  4. Margaret Hieb m. ___ Meyer  of Lodi,CA

Note:  The Hiebs were related to Dockter-Hoffer families.  See Katharina Dockter m. Adam Hieb in Hoffer Home Site

Hildebrand, Fred. G. b. 7 Feb 1867 Kulm / Od. S. Russia, son of Gottlieb Hildebrand.  With his parents he migr. to Dakotas in 1879.  He m. 22 Nov 1889 to Louisea Radke and they settled n. Kulm....

Hille, Fredereka  m. Jacob Nill

Hille, Simon

Hillius, John b.  20 Oct 1860 Neu Elft / Bess. , S. Russia  m. ______ b. 1 Oct 1860.  Migr. to USA and arrived in Ellendale, ND on 27 Nov 1887. . Issue:
  1. Bertha Hillius b. Neu Elft / Bess. , S. Russia m. Sam B. Ruud
  2. Theodore Hillius
  3. Otto Hillius

Hilscher, Michael

Hiom, Tom, served as village Marschal in Kulm  d. Jan 1942 Missoula-Norweigan parents

Hoffer, Andrew:  b. 12 Dec 1887 Depritz / Russia  d. 6 July 1949  m.  to ______ b. 8 Oct 1887 Glastiatz/Russia .  He migr. to USA in 1902 and she migr. in 1895. See Hoffer Home Site. Issue:
  1. Hulda Hoffer m. William Morgan
  2. Oscar Hoffer
  3. Edwin Hoffer
  4. Edna Hoffer m. Jack Ellingson
  5. Emilia Hoffer m. Reuben Hehr
  6. Esther  Hoffer m. Alvin Schlauch

Hofmeister, John b. 2 April 1879 Waverly Minn. m. 27 Sept 1909 to Martha Billigmeier b. 5 July 1892, dau. of Ludwig Billigmeier and Juliana ___  They migr. to Ingormar MT in 1914 until 1937 and moved to Forsyth, MT.  Issue:
  1. Raymond Hofmeister
  2. Helena Hofmeister
  3. Andrew Hofmeister
  4. Irene Hofmeister m. Amos Smith

Holland, Clara Grosz

Holland, Joseph

Hollan, Robert

Holman, Ole A.

Hutton, Thomas


Irion, Gotfried

Irion, Jacob

Isaak, Christian

Isaak, Gottfried

Isaak, Gottlieb  b. 16 July 1860  S. Russia and Christina ____ b. 12 Nov 1860 ... They migr. with Isaak's father Christian Isaak to USA in March of 1886 and firstr settled in Parkston, SD....  Children listed in KBk...

Isaak, John

Isaak, Mathilda m. Gottlieb Hanneld

Isaak, Nathaniel G.

Isaak, William


Janke, John

Jans, William

Jenner, Albert

Jenner, John J.

Jenner, Peter John:  b. 1856 Worms/ Od. S. Russia d. 1928   m.  1875 to Christina Winkler  d. 1933. Note: Remmick/ Oremmich famillies were from Worms.Od. and several married Winkler girls... They lmigr. to  Streeter, ND Issue:
  1. Henry Jenner of Lodi, CA
  2. Paul Jenner of Lodi, CA
  3. Emma Jenner m. Davenport
  4. Katie Jenner m. Mogck
  5. Edmund Jenner
  6. John Jenner
  7. Albert  Jenner

Johanson, Carl Frederick

Johnson, Anton

Johnson, Carl Samuel

Johnson, John Oscar

Johnson, Jonas Peter

Johnson, Zacharias

Jonson, Bakmar


Keller, David

Keller, Henry

Kinzler, Fred

Kjos, Elling O.

Klettke, Reinhold

Knopp, Gottfried m. Rosina Reiman

Koenig, Peter

Konrad, David

Konrad, Joseph

Kraft :  Mrs. Maria, nee Kraft, Pahl

Kreis, Fred

Kuhn, Christoph

Kuhn, Gottfried

Kurtz, peter

Kurtz Rynold and Selma

Kusler, Edward C.

Kusler, John

Kusler, Willie L.


Laeger, August

Laeger, Carl and Friedericka

Lange, Gottlieb: ___  poss n. Borodino / Bess. S. Russia  d. 20 Oct 1913 m. 1 Dec 1886 to Louise Stehr b. poss Beresina / Bess. S. Russia   b.  d. 7 Dec 1940 Burbank, CA [See Stehr Home Site] Issue:
  1. William Lange b. n. Mound City, SD
  2. Gertha Lange b. n. Mound City, SD
  3. Edith Lange b. n. Mound City, SD
  4. Robert Lange b. n. Mound City, SD
  5. Oscar Lange  b. n. Kulm, ND
  6. Hulda Lange
  7. Richard Lange
  8. Anna Lange
  9. infant boy

Lange, Oscar

Lange, William F.

Larsen, Fred. H.

Larsen, James

Larsen, Nels

Larsen, Bernt

Larson, Elmer

Larson, Erick A.

Larson, Gustav

Lemke, Adam

Lindblom, Anders

Lingren, Anton

Lindgren, Carl J.

Lingren, Jacob

Lindgren, N. C.

Lindgren, Oscar

Lindgren, Peter

Lundgren, Signar

Lundstrom, Peter


Malin, Asa B

Malm, Daniel

Malm, Otto

Melicher, John b. 18 Aug 1867 Chicago, Ill.  Migr. to Kulm and m. Jary Fiel.  Issue (4):  Listed in KBk

Miller, Gottlieb b. 7 June 1880 Mansberg, Russia  m. 15 May 1899  to ______ b. 19 Aug 1879 Tripp, SD Issue (2): listed in KBk

Miller, John H.


Mogck, Chris B.

Montangey, George Risley

Mueller, Albert

Mueller, Sr. David m. 1893 Kulm, ND to Elisabeth Neumann


David Mueller, Sr. Home n. Kulm , ND

Mueller, John b. 1857 Kulm, Od. S. Russia m. Minnie _______   Migr. to USA in 1886.  Issue: (10)
  1. Mathilda Mueller m. Siewert
  2. Nathaniel Mueller of Ashley, ND
  3. Lydia Mueller m. Jenner
  4. Martha Mueller
  5. Gust Mueller of Lodi, CA
  6. Others not listed in KBk.

Mund, Gotthilf

Mundt, Jacob G.


Netz, Daniel b. 26 Aug 1868 Neu-Elft /Bess. S. Russia , Migr. to USA in 1888 m. June of 1888 to Maria Keller b. Neu-Elft / Bess. Russia.  Issue (13):  listed in KBk

Nill, Mrs. Chris

Nill, Georg b. 28 May 1882 Beresina/ Bess., S. Russia  Migr. to USA in 1897.....m. 29 Jan 1905 to Karolena Lemke. Issue(4)

Nill, Jacob b. 5 June 1864 Beresina, Bess., S. Russia  m. 1887 to Frederika Hille.  Issue (4) listed KBk

Nilsen, Andreas

Norden, Anton

Norden, Carl

Nordstrom, Eva

Noren, Zacharias

Norgren, Anton

Nyland, Gustav C. : b. Toten, Norway where he married and had one son John.  Migr. to USA in 1884.  His wife died in 1921. He died at the age of 86.

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