Last Updated:  5 July 2002

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Pfaff But

Imsbach n. Muenchweiler/ Rheinland-Pfalz

Our ancestor Conrad Pfaff b. abt 1711 married Anna Margareth Kolb and their first known child Johann Phillip Pfaff was b. 21 Sept 1733 in Imsbach.
Note: Map is from a travel agent - 1991
According to records of the children of Conrad, some of the family lived in Falkenstein which is just north of Imsbach.  It can be seen on the map above.  Look directly north to Bickberg,  Winnweiller than Falkenstein.

Conrad and family may have lived in Falkenstein.

Johann Philipp Pfaff b. 21 Sept 1733 Imsbach moved to Moersfeld which is north of Imsbach.  See map.
North of Imsbach is "Thunder Mountain".  A great web site to view and learn about this area is found under the following URL:

The web site presents photographs, history, legends, myths, mining of the area, maps and an English translation of almost every page.

Also found on this map are the villages of where Pfaffs were known to have lived:

Alsenborn: South of Muenchweiler

Enkenbach: North of Kaiserlautern 

Falkensstein: North of Imsbach

Muenchweiler:  South of Imsbach

Winnweiler: Directly above Imsbach