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Pfaff But

bGen. 5
Conrad Pfaff
  • son of  __NN__
  • b. abt 1711 poss Winnweiler/ Pfalz [= Winnweiller, Winnweiler  Municipalities / n. Rockenhausen, Donnersberg Dist., Rhineland-Palatinate]
  • d. ? 23 Nov  1761 Imsbach / Bavaria, [Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany]
  • occupation:  Scheffer [shepherder) and Schweinehirt (pig herder)
  • His family migr. to Moersfeld from Falkenstein. Then migr. to Austria-Hungary.  They passed through Vienna on 30 April 1784.  Left Torschau / Ungarn in 1806 to Russia.  A Conrad  is mentioned in the 1816 Census of Freudental / Odessa, S. Russia.
  • m.  18 Nov 1732 Imsbach / Bavaria, [Germany] to

Anna Margaretha Kolb

  • dau. of Johann Philipp Kolb b. bef 1700)
  • b. bef 1717 poss Winnweiler /  n. Rockenhuasen, Pfalz [= Winnweiler/ Donnersberg Dist., Rhineland-Palatinate]
  • d  23 Nov 1761 Imsbach / n. Kirschheimbolanden, Pfalz [= Imsbach / Donnersberg Dist., Rhineland-Palatinate].
  • NOTE:  There were families of Kolb living in Moersfeld / n. Rockenhausen, Donnersferg Dist., Rhineland-Palatinate  Two of the men were Heinrich Kolb from Tiefenthal b. abt 1803 and Ludwig Kolb b. 29 Dec 1803 in Fuerfeld. [/ Bad Kreuznach, Rhineland-Palatinate ]
  • Issue:  
    1. Gen. 4: Johann Philipp PFAFF, born 21 Sep 1733 in Imsbach, Bayern, Germany m. Anna Catharina Engel Closs / Clos.
    2. Maria Barbara PFAFF, born abt 1738  poss. Winnweiler / Pfalz. CONFIRMATION 1751 in Imsbach MARRIAGE While no birth record was found for Maria Barbara, her marriage record in 1763 gave her father as the deceased Conrad Pfaff. m. (1) Philipp Christoffel Burkay b. 1742 Mehlbach d. 2 Feb 1826 Baalborn. He is recorded as having been a "Schweiehirt [pig herder] in Baalborn in 1765 and a Lutheran in Muenchweiler und Sembach at St. A. Baalborn Church and listed in Rohrbach.   issue: 
      • Maria Katharina Wilhelmina Burkay b. 5 Nov 1765, R-106
      • Johann Theobald (Dewald) Burkay b. 30 June 1768 d. 27 Jan 1841. Occupation was "Schweinehirt" [pig herder]
      • Johann Albert Burkay b. 15 Nov 1771 Rohrbach
      • Johannes Burkay b. 1775 d. 7 April 1830
      • Maria Katharina Burkay b. 23 Oct 1776
      • Johann Andreas Burkay b. 11 March 1779 d. 1839
    3. Johann Peter PFAFF, b. 22 April  1740. Bap. 26 April 1761 Moersfeld, Germany.
    4. Anna Maria Pfaff b. 1741  d. 9 May 1824
    5. Andreas PFAFF, born abt 1743. CONFIRMATION 1756 in Imsbach
    6. Albertus PFAFF, born abt 1746. CONFIRMATION 1759 in Imsbach
    7. Sophia Elisabetha PFAFF, born 24 Sep 1747 in Imsbach, Bayern, Germany. BAPTISM Witnesses at her baptism were Johann Peter Pfaff and his wife Sophia. CONFIRMATION 1762 in Imsbach (record reads Sophia Catharina)
    8. Maria Eleanora  PFAFF, born 5 Apr 1750 in Imsbach, Bayern, Germany. CONFIRMATION 1764 in Imsbach, father given as Conrad Pfaff
    9. Anna Margaretha  PFAFF, born 15  or 19 Sep 1752 in Imsbach, Bayern, Germany, d. 25 Nov 1813 Baalborn. She was baptized in Winnweiler. CONFIRMATION 1764 in Imsbach, father given as Conrad Pfaff m. (1) Johann Leonhard Schaum b. 5 Feb 1748 Baalborn  d. 3 June 1803 Baalborn., R-106, son of Johann Hirnich Schaum (b. 1710 d. 1778) and Maria Elisabetha Simgen  (Source: Relatives In .../pwner: jurgenhartmann). 
    10. Eva Maria PFAFF. MARRIAGE Eva Maria Pfaff married on 20 Jun 1776 in Imsbach,  husband's name not given.
    11. Maria Catharina PFAFF, born 15 Feb 1755 in Imsbach, Bayern, Germany d. ___poss. Josefow/ Galizien m. 12 Feb 1782 Enkenbach. to Johann Wilhlem Boos b. Issue: 
      • Wilhlem Boos b. 1792 Enkenbach d. Josefow/Galizien
      • Johann Boos b. 1795 Enkenbach d. Josefow / Galizien
    12. ?? (son, nephew???) Michael Pfaff b. 1759 Moersfeld migr. from [Nd.] Eisenbach / Kr. Kusel, Rhineland-Pfalz to Torschau then in 1807, age the age of 48 to Russia.... m. __NN__

Moersfeld Family Book List On Pfaff Families


Our ancestor Conrad Pfaff was a "Schaefer" [sheep herder] as well as a Schweinehirt (pig herder).
That is all we know about him and his life outside of his family, therefore, I can only give a general description of what an average herder in the early 1700s did. One would suspect that as a young child Conrad followed an elder herder who taught him what pastures were to be used for each season and when to move the herds to prevent ruining grazing land for the future. pig2

pig1  One would think he learn about sheep dogs and probably had his own dog ...

.The sheep could be herded to great distances, however, I'm not sure about pigs.  I believe pigs were generally fed by-products.... plus the pig's temperament and intelligence made them difficult to herd. Their favorite food in the wild was acorns, if I remember correctly.


Pasturelands in Germany

I would assume that the pasturelands haven't changed tremendously accept where the cities, towns and villages have grown larger.  This map was created after WWII.  From what I understand animal husbandry , long before the two great wars, was very "intensive" by the Germans especially in the Marshen of the northern plain between Ems and the Elbe Rivers, the the Gulf of the Westphalian Plain and in the western section of Schleswig-Holstein. We've all heard of the Holstein cattle. The vast Alpine pastures of Bavaria, Swabia and Wuerttemberg gave the Germans cows grasses that produced high yields of milk.  There were, however, more pigs than cows since meat from pigs was keep longer without spoilage in a variety of ways, such as sausages. Thinking of smoked honey Black Forest ham makes my mouth water..... Sheep were not usually raised for their meat but for their wool.  When a sheep was slaughtered it was usually due to old age and it was tough old mutton, made into some kind of stew.....  
b Gen 6

__NN__ Pfaff




  1. Gen. 5: Conrad Pfaff b. about 1711
  2. Johann Philipp Pfaff b. early 1700s or late 1600s,  who came from Falkenstein .  His son's Conrad's son's , Gen. 4 Johan's, baptism. was in Imsbach, Pfalz.


List of Pfaff's of  Winnweiler / Pfalz:
Andreas Pfaff b. Winnweiler b. Winnweiler d. Gonbach  / Muenchweiler, Pfalz. Issue:
  1. Johann Peter Pfaff b. 1763 d. 28 July 18__
Conrad Pfaff
Karl Jakob Pfaff b. Winnweiler m. 13 June 1797  Doroetha Hach. Lived in Neumoehle / Muenchweiler, Pfalz.  Doroetha was b. 1779 in / near Otterbach d. 1875
Johann Philipp Kolb b. unknown (before 1700)
Research:  There was a Kolb family living in Tiefenthal / _____, Rheinland-Palatinate,  Germany & Fuerfeld / Bad Kreuznach Dist., Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany  Probably the village near Moersfeld, which is east and in Donnersberg Dist. (Donnersbergkreis), and Fuerfeld which is a couple of miles to the north and in the Bad Kreuznach Dist..  Niederhausen an der Appel is nearest to the west, which  is in the Municipal of Alsenz - Obermoschel, Donnersberg Dist. (Donnersbergkreis), Rhineland-Palaltinate.  Source: Website

Johannes Kolb "Muellermeister", Lutheran, b. 1675 Tiiefenthal / ___; d 22 June  1743 Tiefenthall / ___  m. 12 July 1703 Anna Maria Senff  b. 31 Oct 1679 Muensterappel / ___  d. 4 Feb 1747 Tiefenthal / ___Issue:

.1. Johann Nikolaus Kolb b. 11 Dec 1718 Tiefenthal d. 18 Aug 1762 Tiefenthal, son of Johannes Kolb and Anna Maria Senff, m. 8 Feb 1743 Tiefenthal to Maria Elisabeth Rodrian. (Source: Gerhard Wahl aus Bad Nauheim  Issue:.

  • Johann Philipp Jakob Kolb "Ackermann" , Luthern, b. 12 Dec 1745 Tiefenthal d. 22 Nov 1812 Fuerfeld m. 22 Nov 1768 Fuerfeld / ___. ___ to Maria Agnesa Lahr.  Issue:
    • Jakob Kolfb b. 8 April 1795 m. b ef 1827 to Katharine Meyer  Issue:
      • Johanna Kolb b. 1825
      • Christina Kolb b. 7 Aug 1827

2. Johann Philipp Jajcob Kolb b. 1745 Tiefethal d. 1812 Fuerfeld

3. Johannes Kol b. 1675 Tiefenthal d. 1743 Tiefenthal

#394  Moersfeld  Family Bk.

Kolb, Heinrich I, luth, Schneider, * Tiefenthal um 1803, Æ Mörsfeld 17.10.1876

oo Mörsfeld 31.05.1830

Müller, Anna Elisabetha, (aus #553), * Mörsfeld 24.06.1811, Æ Mörsfeld 08.07.1890

1Elisabetha, prot, * Mörsfeld 07.06.1832

2Christian, prot, * Mörsfeld 07.02.1835, Æ Mörsfeld 24.12.1896 (#396)

3(totgeboren), * Æ Mörsfeld 30.01.1839

4Johannes, prot, * Mörsfeld 17.09.1840, Æ Mörsfeld 19.12.1897 (#400)

5Philipp, prot, * Mörsfeld 26.01.1846 (#401)

Kolb Family Data in Moersfeld Family Bk.