Last Updated:  9 April 2002

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LETTERS From Des. of Worms /Od., S. Russian families

A year ago, I found out I had a Trautmann line. Since then, I have worked diligently (100's of hours) trying to find all the connections. Last November, I went to Salt Lake City FHL and with the help of Gwen Pritzkau, we found my connection and found the families in Hoffenheim, Germany. I then went to Worms/Rohrbach, Russia records, I documented the German-Russian Trautmann; then I made Russian connections from St. Petersburg records, the 1858 census of Worms and Rohrbach, and I have received some help on those from Erwin Ulmer and Gerald Ott.

The Trautmanns are difficult to keep straight while researching, because they have the worst naming problem of any family I have researched. They basically all have two names made up of combinations of 7 names, Johann, Peter, Georg, Jacob, Nicolas and some Adams and Friedrichs. One father named 4 sons after himself (making 5 in the family with the same name). Then to make things interesting they all seem to name the women Catharina, and Margaretha, and marry Catharina, Margaretha, and married sisters? I finally decided to keep them straight by whom they married and using the maiden names. For everyone, sometimes the 1858 census lists the one name, as they were known at that time. This added another combination of the 6 names-their birth records give both names!

Trautmann Research

The Trautmanns are from Hoffenheim, Sinsheim, Baden, Germany.  In the later 1700's Georg Peter Trautmann b. 1736 and Maria Elizabeth Rennig (Rennich) had 6 SONS. (He had 3 wives.) Two of their sons went to Russia.

SON #2,

Johann Konrad Trautmann went to Russia and arrived 1809 with a wife Maria Katharina Gilbert (I researched her lineage, because I thought it was my line.)

They had a total of 7 sons.

In the 1858 Worms census Family #60 are J Konrad Trautmann and M K Gilbert's two sons.

Families # 61 lists their grand children from another son, who was Georg Jacob Trautmann and Marie Elisabetha Hoeckel, who were deceased.

In the 1858 Rohrbach census families #157 and #158 lists another son:

Johann GeorgTrautmann and Maria Eliz (Rahnau) Ramo-descendants are also listed.


Then in 1817 (not in Stumpp another son (J Konrad's sibling) left Hoffenheim and went to Russia. This son Johann Georg Trautmann m. to Eva Marie Sauer had 9 children:

#3 son, Georg Peter Trautmann b. 1795 and his wife Catharina Cornelia Schwartz left Hoffenheim with a brother and sister. On the 1858 Worms Census Family (space after #84 and before #85) is the family of Georg Peter Trautmann and Cornelia Schartz (both deceased) their daughters are listed as married.

#7 son Johann Georg Trautmann m. Catharina Eissinger  In the 1858 Worms census Family #85 lists the children of Johann Georg and Catharina Eissinger who was the son Johann Georg Trautmann and Eva Maria Sauer who were the 1819 immigrants.

#9 daughter Catharina Elizabetha Trautmann b. 1811 (She is my ancestor.) Catharina m. Johann Wetzel.

This family is # 75 in Worms Census.

Isn't this fun!!!

The Trautmanns can be researched back to 1716 in Hoffenheim and their spouses (the female lines) can be researched back to 1600's.


1. I think Johann Christopher Trautmann who married Louisa Berreth who lived in Johannestal and in Worms is the son of Konrad? Anyone have proof? Didn't find his birth?

Who is the Trautman widow with two sons: Jacob and Adam on the 1858 census-family # 61. It looks like she remarried (who?) and left the children with their uncle?? Her deceased spouse was ? He would fit (datewise) in 3 or 4 places for Konrad's sons?

For these three generations are there any more in limbo with no parents??

Otherwise, I think most of the Trautmanns can be accounted for and documented. Third & Fourth generations in Russia are being figured out by family members, " I hope." I have my Catharina figured out.

Basically, I wanted to help some Trautmann researchers so they will not make J Konrad responsible for all those children. 1. "He isn't responsible for every Trautmann son."

2. "He had help from a brother who went to Russia about 10 years later."

So I wanted to help others so they wouldn't be spending so many hours researching Trautmanns.

Hope I typed this accurately, I checked it but who knows.

Okay, I'll go to bed nowÉ


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