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Residences, Palaces and Castles of German Nobles continued...



Ill. 2

The Throne Room

From Remmick-Hubert Photo Collection - 1991

#121 Ludwigsburg Castle, Ludwigsburg, Ba.-Wu., History of

There is quite a long list of of the House of Wuerttemburg which begins with:

Conrad, Lord of Wuerttemberg in 1081-92

The family continues through the ages and at times new branches were added such as: Counts of Grueningen and Landau, Urach Branch, Stuttgart Branch, Counts of Sponneck and Barons of Esperance, Dukes of Wuerttemberg-Oels, Dukes of Urach and Dukes of Teck.

The Dukes of Teck family is of interest to me because members of their family migrated to Russia and owned a large estate not far from Borodino / Bessarabia, S. Russia where my Hein and Schweikert ancestors migrated about 1812-1814.  

It was Frederick II who became Frederick I, King of Wuerttemberg in 1805 under the terms he held with Napoleon.

In the section of the Hohenzollern, Royal House of Prussia,  there is a photograph of Dorothea and Frederick Wilhlem I portraits which hang on the wall of the Ludwigsburg Castle.

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