Last Updated. 4 Sept 2003

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 Worms / Odessa, S. Russia - 1998

Worms Church

Reform Church with newly constructed steeple, Worms/Od. S. Russia - 1998.

 Photographs from the collection of Marv Rennich which was taken on 1 June 1998.

His family had settled in Waterloo / Odessa, S. Russia.

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The following photograph Marv Rennich tells us: "Here is the photo of the Womrs cemetery that I have.  All the iron work was around Russian graves.  This shot of the gate (with the Russian part of the cemetery in the background) show iron work similar to that of my grandfather's, who was a blacksmithy in Waterloo,"  Odessa, S. Russia.

gr button Photograph of  Karl Rennich, A Story and Photograph.


Cemetery near Worms/ Odessa, S. Russia