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Hein family continued.....

M. Georg Hein and Elisabeth, nee Hager Issue continued:

Son #1

Konrad Hein

Conrad Hein , son of Georg Hein and Elisabeth Hoeger, b. 15 July 1832/3  Borodino  [Des. Sabine tells us Konrad Hein was b. 15 July 1833. See her letters.] m.  m. 10 March 1855  Fere Champenoise  #1884075/1 346 27 to Karoline, nee Nickel, Scheer [poss.Schorr / Schoer] fr. Paris/ Bess. S. Russia.  Issue: 

  1. Gottfried Hein b. 1.6. 1855  d. 25.11.1929 Jakobstal  m. 12.2.1875 in Klöstitz / Bess. S. Russia to  Juliana Kraft  b. 20.11.1855 Leipzig, d. 21.8.1922 Jakobstal Issue:

  2. Christina Hein  b. 12 Dec 1859  d. 25.12.1859 Borodino, dau. of   Konrad Hein and   Karolina Nickel, #1884080/1 423 10

  3. Friederika Hein b. 2 Mar 1861 Borodino, dau. of   Konrad Hein and  Karolina Nickel, #1884094/2 114 16

  4. Johann Hein b. 5 Aug 1863 Borodino, son of Konrad Hein and Karolina Nickel, #1884099/3 426 59 Issue:
  5. Rosina Hein b. 26 June 1870 Borodino, dau. of Konrad Hein and Karolina Nickel
  6. Konrad Hein b. 21 April 1875 Borodino, son of Konrad Hein and Karolina Nickel m. poss. Magdalena  Graesle, b. 1883 Borodino S-5/K
  7. Friedrich Hein b. 21 June 1877 Joephsdorf [stet], son of Konrad Hein and Karoline Nickel


In a message dated 1/21/04 3:57:51 AM, Sabine, nee Hein, Schindler, writes:

<< Hallo,

....having Konrad Hein as our common ancestor is great. Unfortunately, we do not have facilities for genealogical research as extensive as those in the US. Therefore, I very much have to rely on the internet regarding my search about Bessarabia. I was really impressed by your homepage; it is so packed with information, just great!

Could you please send me the data about the Hein family in a ged format? In this way, I would be able to compare it with my data quite easily and, if necessary, to complete it. I would be pleased to supply you with my Hein file in this format. I just have to extract it from my family file first. I hope I will be able to do it this week.

I'm sorry to say that I don't have any clue about Konrad Hein's parents myself. Maybe you have got some information for me so I can work on that question.

Konrad Hein's family lived in Borodino and then in Jakobstal before being resettled to Germany. My father (born 1938) emigrated with his siblings and parents to Cannstatt (Germany) in approx. 1945. My mother was born in Swabia. Unfortunately, my father and his parents are not alive anymore, so I don't have any further information.

(I've been researching for my Hein ancestors for about four years and I also do research about Hoffnungstal (Müller-Reinhardt family) and Germany.

On your homepage, you often refer to a pedigree??/genealogical table???; how could I gain insight?

Best regards,


P.S.: My niece currently translates my emails as my command of the English language is quite outmoded. Do you know any German?>>


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