Saarland Map: Hubert Families who migr. to Perjamosch /Banat, Austria-Hungary

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Perjamosch / n. Arad Banat, Austria-Hungary [Rumania]



Families from Saarland [Germany] Who Migr. to Perjamosch / Banat, Austria-Hungary [Rumania]

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Asler [See Eisler] ...... poss. Saarland?

Britz from Ruemmelbach  / n. Lebach, .Saarland

Eisler [Asler, Isler]  Family

Finkler Family

Finkler from Mettnich /Merzig, Saarland


Fixmer from Schweimlingen / Merzig , Saarland

Goetz Family

Goetz from Soetern / ...Saarland

Gross [Gros] from Niedersaubach / ...Saarland

Hoffman Families #1 & #2

Hoffmann m. in Lebach  north of Saarbrucken and southeast of Merzig/ Saarlanden

Hoffmann from Niedersaubach / ..... Saarland

Hoffmann from Entscheider Hof  / Saarland

Horas Family

Horas from [Bubach-] Calmesweiler n. Lebach /Saarland

Horas from Urexweiler  [?Mexweiler], St. Wendel, Saarland

HUBERT FAMILY:  Des. of Franz Xavier Huber[t]

Huber  [Hubert] from Schwarzenholz / St. Wendel

Hubert [Hiubert] from Urexweiler / St. Wendel, Saarland

Hubert from Serrig / n. Trier, Saarburg in Saarland 

*Hubert from Oberkirch / Baden-Wu.

Huepgen from Eppelborn-Habach / Saarland

Huppert from Mettlach / Merzig, Saaralnd to Neu Beschenowa [in church records there.....

Isler  [Asler, Eisler] poss. Saarland.....

Jost Family

Jost from Blisen-Niederhofen / St. Wendel....

Kraemer  (Gremmer) in Lampaden /  [n. Trier, Rhineland-Palatinate] Saarland  [Germany]

Kraemer b. 26 June 1754 Blankenrath / [n. Trier [Germany]....

Kuehn Family

Kuehn married in Nunkirchen / Saarland

Kinn [Kuehn]  in Gresaubach, Dt. Lothringen / Saarland [Germany]

Kuehn  in Sch.-Bettlingen / Saarland [Germany]

Lambert from Schwarzenholz / St. Wendel, Saarland  [same as Hubert]

Laur from Weiten / ...Saarland

Maier  [Meyer] Family

Meyer [Maier] from Eiweiler / n. Lebach  [n. Primstal which is east of Merzig] , Saarland [Germany]

Meyer from  Muehlfeld/ Saarland

Zillich from Bliesen-Niederhofen / St. Wendel,  Saarland, [same as Jost], however, they originally were from Bettenberg / Alzette, Luxemburg.... 

Families of Rhineland-Pfalz

Andres [see Endres] fr. Merschbach n. Morbach, Rhineland-Pfalz.

Endres Family from Berglicht / Merschied n. Morbach, Rhineland-Pfalz

Bernhard Family  [See Bernard] fr. Berglicht / Merscheid, n. Morbach, Rhineland-Pfalz

Geller Family  from Rapperath / Rhineland-Pfalz 

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Perjamosch / n. Arad Banat, Austria-Hungary [Rumania]


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