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Schwemlingen /n. Merzig, Saarland [Germany]


Gen. 1: Marie Sidonia Fixmer  [F80.5] b. 21 Oct 1754 Schwemlingen / St. Gangolph, Pf or Schwemlingen n. Merzig, Saarland d. 27 Oct 1826 Perjamosch, dau. of Anton Fixmer and Anna Maria Steichen m. 23 June 1772 Perjamosch / n. Temesvar, Banat, Austria-Hungary to Franz Xaver Hubert [Huber] [S-PFBk H822] b. ca. 1744  d. 8 Aug 1820, son of  NN  and NN,,

There is a  Schwemlingen n. Merzig in Saarland [Germany] which is near Borg which is near Merzig, Saarland where the older generations of the Fixemers were born. Sometimes, when a group of people migr. to another area,  they name the new village after the village from which they had migr. . Perhaps there was a Schwemlingen  n. St. Gangloff  in Pfalz but it no longer exsists.  I'll have to do more research...... 

See a general map of Saarland.

St. Gengolff area in Pfalz

East of Schwemlingen is a town of Mittlach and about 3 km SW is another St. Gangolf site.  Mittlach can best be seen in the map of Serrig  

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Perjamosch / n. Arad Banat, Austria-Hungary [Rumania]


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