Viking map with photographs of Norway

 Last Updated: 4 April 2002

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Viking Map

Above are the names of the provinces [counties] known in Norway during the time of the Vikings.

royal wagon

Royal Wagon found in a Viking Grave of Oseberg

 Early Kings of Norway



General Map with Norway Map #2Oslo Hotel

Holmenkollen Park Hotel, Rica, Oslo, Norway 

Pat and old ship

Pat , nee Johnsen, Hubert viewing an old Viking ship which is like one of the ships her ancestors sailed.


Below: Norway- In -A -Nutshell, An Adventure near Bergen - 1990

Bergen Area

Flam Train

Train at  Myrdal  which took us to Flam on the edge of Aurlandsfjorden [fjord] in the valley.  The train took us passed thundering falls and al all times there was a panorma of unique beauatiful scenery.

water falls

Kjosfossen Falls

Met Terry Plant who wrote Nordic Journeys on the train to Flam.

The fjord known as Aurlandsfjorden is the arm of  Songnefjord, the longest fjord in Norway.

The peaks rose 4,000 feet above us.

The depth of the fjord is as deep as the peaks are high.

Troll and Garry

Troll and Garry at Flam

Undreal Village

Undreal Village - 700 Year old church is seen here at far right.

There were 700 known stave churches, now, only 204 still stand.  They were built entirely of wood and it's remarkable that even this number has survived for there has been many snow storms since the medieval times when they were created. These forms resemble stave churchs in Russia, Bohemia, Hungary and Germany.  This architecture is often credited to the Orient.  

Many painters are intoxicated with the old Norwegian pigmentation and fill their canvases with colors, mirror images reflected in the deep cold waters and the ornaments found in the village cottages as well as the intense moods of the seasons.


Naeroyfjord is a fjord by Songenfjord near Bergen

"There are fjords accessible by boat, and others fjords discovered only by the eider duck and the eagle.  There are fjords whose walls are treeless precipices and others where the forest slopes from crest to coast. There are fjords whose floors are broken platforms of stone, and still others which widen into harbours or shelves back into terraces or flatten into pastures."   [p. 22] Norway by Agnes Rothery       

Stalheim View

View from Stalheim from which we see  the Naeroy valley far far down below.

Voss Stave Ch

Voss Stave Church built in 1277. Near by is St. Olav's Cross placed there in 1023




Bergen, Norway - 1990

The old German Quay, [Tyskebryggen] warehouses were rebuilt after a fire in 1702. Care was taken in rebuilding it as it was before the fire which was the third time and third fire since 1070.


"These blocks are penetrated by alleys of medieval narrowness, darkened by crazy roofs, eaves at all angles, and overhanging wooden galleries. Doors open into small dark cubbyholes, where women are cleaning fish and men are bailing papers and all of them, judging from the smell,, doing something with fish oil.  Other stairs lead up to other cubby-holes, doubtless as dark and malodorous.  Some of the wall are supported with solid wooden ribs, like a ship.," wrote Agnes Rothery in the book titled NORWAY [p. 152]. 

Bergen Area Enlarged


Following Ancestral Places in Norway  Linked to L. Christine Myksvoll


See Norway Map #3: Hardanger Fjord

Nils Johanesen, Gravin and Espeland b. 1656 Granvin ,Hardagerfjord, m. Anna Ivarsdatter of Aurdal.

Salhaus / Mjolkeraa

Gen. 1  Synneve Hansdatter, Mjolkeraa, Salhaus b. 1792 m. Johannes Larson b. 1789
Gen. 2  Hans Nilsson Mujolkeaa, Salhaus b. 1764  Slettestoelen m. Torbjorg Holgersdatter b. 1765. Issue:
  1. Kari Hansdtr.,  Salhus b. 1789
  2. Syneve Handsdtr., Salhus  b. 1792
  3. Nils Hansen, Salhus  b. 1794
  4. Elen Handsdtr. Salhus,  b. 1797
  5. Holger Hanssen , Salhus b. 1800
  6. Jens Hanssen,  Slettestoelen b. 1809
Gen. 3  Nils,  Mjolkeraa, Salhaus b. bef. 1748 

Twedt / Twedtenes / Storetvedt

The family farm Twedtenes no longer exsists and the land is presently a part of the city of Bergen.

See Christian Joensen, Twedtenes


L. Christine Myksvold's great great great  grandparents were married in Voss.

Lars Nilsen, Espeland and Seim b. 1753 m. 1781 in Voss to Ambjorg Andersadatter d. 1853 Seim n.  Bergen.  She was the daughter of Anders Vinge, Voss and Ambjorg Knutsdatter

map of Sotra Is.      


Haakon's Hall

Haakon's Ch.Ch.

King Haakon IV's Hall

Haakon's Hall


  • Bergen founded in 1070 by King Olav "Kyree" [the Peaceful]
  • 1240 - Haakon IV, King of Norway took the throne  d. 1263
  • 1261 King Magnus , son of Haakon IV, was crown King of Norway 
  • Mangus "the Lawmaker" married the Danish Princess Ingeborg in Haakon's Hall


The rudder of an average Viking ship was about this size. Garry  Hubert stands six feet four inches tall.

Photographs are from the collection of Garry and Judy A. Hubert taken on trip to Norway in 1990

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