Myksvoll Home Site: Gen. 1 L. Christine Jonesdauther of Myksvoll [Maxvold, Myksvold]  n. Bergen, Norway m. Johan Johansen of Langeby n. Sandefjord / Oslo, Norway

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Maxvold [Myksvold/Myksvoll]


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Gen 1


L. Christine  Joensdtr., Myksvoll

L. [Larsina] Christine Joensdatter  [Joen's daughter], Maxvold* [Myksvold, Myksvoll]

  • b. 6 Nov 1888 Myksvoll Farm, Lindaas Parish, near Bergen, Norway
  • d. Seattle , WA
  • m.  7 July 1915 Seattle, WA to John Johansen  fr. Langeby Farm Sandars Parish, n.  Sandefjord, Norway
  • Issue:
    1. Sylvia Margareth Johansen m. (1)  Gliford Turner, M. (2 ) Earl Smithberg
    2. Ellinore Christine "Pat" Johansen m. M.P. Hubert.
Notes: *Christine wrote her name on her wedding certificate as "Maxvold" and that is why it's entered as her name.

When the Americans hear the name Myksvoll it sounds like Max-vold or Maxvoll or Maxwell..

This misspelling accidentally carried me to the family of Maxwell in Scotland. They are of Nordic origin. When I asked Christine if the Maxwell's of Scotland were part of her family she said they were.  Her Myksvoll branch returned to Norway. Christine, also, told me that she was connected to the family of MacLeod, another Scottish clan with Nordic origins, through her mother's  mother's [Kristi Larsdatter, Aase] family.  Christine's mother always  teased her husband by telling their children that her mother's family was more important  than  her  husband's family which, also, included her father's side.  Like the Myksvolls, the McLeods returned to Norway to take up inherited family estates [farms]. And, just like her own father who returned to the Myksvoll farm near Bergen, Norway after migrating to Walnut Grove, Minn., USA.

See MacLeod /McLeod Clan data:

The more I research Christine's family tales,  the more it appears to be based on historical facts.

Name found in 1900 cencus:





Myksvoll is in the church parish of Lindaas

HORDALAND [Søndre Bergenhus] COUNTY



Gen 2


Joen and Syneeve Myksvoll

Joen [Jon, John] Christiansen, Myksvoll

  • b. 10 Feb 1840 Tvedtenes, Storetvedt, Bergen,  Norway
  • d. 28 Dec 1919 Myksvoll
  • m. to Synneve Larsdatter, Aase-Seim b. 1845, dau. of Lars Johansen and Kristi Larsdatter, Aase, Desc. of " Aamund Larsson, Seim who's ancestors were chieftains at Seim-Aase.  They owned a great deal of land in the the northern part of Hordaland country." [a quote from  p. 16 in the book Myksvoll, Tweedt ,Tweet by  Fredna Tweedt Irvine- 1984. Connected to King Magnus IV  Erlingson [Rule Norway 1161-1184]
  • Issue:
    1. Andrina Christine Johnsdatter, Myksvoll m. Hans Fosse
    2. C. [Carl] Ludwig Johnsen, Myksvoll m. (1) Johanna Jonsdatter, Sletten, m. (2) Susanna Taule
    3. Hanna Johnsdatter, Myksvoll m. Ivar Iverson
    4. 4. Malena Johnsdatter, Myksvoll m. Johannes Olsen Fosse, Meland
    5. Josephine Sofie Johsdatter, Myksvoll m. Karl Brakstad
    6. L. [Larina] Christina Johnsdatter, Myksvoll [Myksvold, Maxvold] m. John Johansen [Engebritsen]
  • See Note Below:

Note: Joen and Syneve Myksvoll had a common ancestors Johannes Larsen, Seim and Synneve Handsdatter, Mjolkeraa, Saulhaus. Joen's mother Ambjorg and Syneves father were sister and brother. Therefore,  they were first cousins.


Christian and Amjorg Myksvoll

Christian Johnson, Myksvoll


Synneve Hansdatter, Myksvoll

  • b. 1785 Myksvoll, Lindaas Parish n. Bergen Norway
  • d.
  • m. 29 June 1806 to John Kristiensen, Feste b. 1784, son of Kristen Olsen, Feste and Brita Johsdtr, Utlygra  Desc.of Sebjorn Erikson, Feste b. 1668
  •  [Their family continued the line of Myksvoll through Synneve Hansdater of Myksvoll]

Hans Knutson, Skare & Myksvoll

  • b. 1744
  • d. 1830,
  • m. (1) Brita Kristiandstter b. 1734 , m. (2) Synneva Monsdatter, Smordal,
  • m. (3) Mari Olsdatter, dau. of Ola Eilivson
  • Hans Knutson bought Myksvoll in 1763.800yr.barn       This section of the barn on Myksvoll farm is  said to have been built by  Hans Kuntson, however, it might well have been a building left in ruins left from the time of the Viking period, or,  the monks' when this estate was part of the church.  The corner of the Myksvoll farm house was said to have been part of the Royal Guard barracks, or, a watch tower used by the King's Royal Guards, when the Royal family was in residence at Saeheim [Seim] in the Viking period.
  • House Wall A basement ceiling timber is dated "1717"


Knut Rasmusson, Myklestun [Myksvoll] and Skare

  • b.
  • d. 1733
  • m. (1) Brita Kristiansdatter ba. 1679
  • m. (2) Brita Hansdatter b. 1706

Rasmus Jonson, Nese

  • b. 1664
  • d. 1694
  • m. Ingeborg Magnesdatter, Mykletun

More information on Ingeborg Magnesdatter's Family  [below]


Jon Knutson, Nese

  • 1626
  • d.1703
  • m. Mariette Jonsdatter



Ingeborg Magnesdatter's Family [Gen. 7 of Myksvoll Family] m. Rasmus Johnson, Nese b. 1664 who bought Myksvoll in 1763.

 Her parents were:


Magne Monsen, Mykletlun

  • b. 1624
  • d.1690
  • m. Kari Mikkjelsdatter , Litleoksa b. 1645  dau. of Mikkjkel Sjurson , Litleoksa b. 1607
Gen.3 Ingeborg was the granddaughter of Sjur Mikkhelson, Litleoksa  b. 1580 who leased the church estate Litleoksa from 1600 to 1644 which later became known as Mykvoll [Mikkjel Voll or Michael's Place]. Originally about 37 acres of grass farm land. Church had owned the land for a time. May have originally been part of Haakon "The Fairhair's" land [Hornum in the Tweedt , the Happy Valley ], ancestor of Christine, nee Myksvoll, Johansen.

Sources: Information from Earl Allen Tweedt b. 1899 [family's first graduate from UC Berkeley], also, family story's  from the following book:



A Norwegian and American Family




By Fredna Tweedt Irvine and Albert John Brakstad - 1984

Based On Information from Earl Allen Tweedt  

See Family in Minnesota, USA 



Another excellent reference book is:


History of the Kings of Norway, Heimskringla, by Snorri Sturluson, Translated by Lee M. Hollander

 In Snorri's foreword he wrote: The learned Thjoth; Olf of Hvinir was a skkald at the court of King Harald Fairhair he composed a lay about King Rognvald the Highly Honored which is called Ynglingatal (Enumerations of the Ynglings Kings). ... In this lay are mentioned thirty of his forbears, together with an account of to each of them , how they died and where they are buried."
 On page 91 is mentioned the birth of the future King Haakon  "the Good".  His mother is Thora Morststong who gave birth of Haakon " the Good" on a rock on the Island of Morstr. while King Harold Fairhair was in Saeheim [Seim]. The year was about 935. He died in 961 on the same rock from a wound received in battle and his body was taken to Saeheim where it was buried [p. 124].

Early Kings, Ancestors of L. Christine Joensdtr , Myksvoll m. Johan Johansen



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