Hubert & Hummel Genealogy: Noreweigan Ancestors: Johansenliving near Sandefjord/Oslo, Norway

 Last Updated: 13 March 2006

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Johansen Family  continued 

....Sandefjord / Oslo, Norway - A Brief History

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  • Town takes it's name from the fjord which cuts from the outer Oslofjord 6 miles into the foot of a mighty moraine, which is the Ice Age barrier...
  • Was known as Sandefjord Bad - A fashionable place for summer vacation with it's bungalows and cottages where one took the waters for ones health
  • Once an old whaling village
  • Has 37 miles of coastline and pleasant bathing beaches
  • Oslo is 15 miles north
  • History  of the village dates back to the middle ages
  • The royal grounds of the Gokstad Viking Ship was found about 2 miles east of the centre of town in 1880 [according to the town's  flyer]
    •  According to a book about Vikings,  the ship was found in before 18542 and were excavated in 1852
    • A great  deal was lost to treasure seekers
    •  It may be that these were burial mounds [about seven together], the Gokstad and the Oseberg [see below], might be of Garry Hubert's ancestors/and/or relatives. See family of Myksvoll who are descendants of Harold I  "the Fairhaired"s .  The royal person buried with Gokstad  is possibly the great grandfather of Harold I "Fairhaired, Halfdan "the Black". The other mound may be that of Halfdan's father King Eystein
    • Area is right near the Engebritsen coast land and they donated a part of it for the national park which, protects these burial mounds.
      • The present owners if Engebritsen land are Garry Hubert's  third cousin Peter Dorsett  and his wife Kris
    • Mounds date back to 9th century
  • The beautiful fountain  by Sandefjord's Guest Harbour [shown below] is in memory of the time when this town was a whaling village.  Many of these whalers were Engebritsens, including Johan Johansen Engebritsen who migrated to the USA and took up the name John Johansen. Several of his brothers died in accidents while fishing the Baltic Sea....

fonatain in Sand.

Fountain Is In Memory Of The Whalers in Sandefjord's Past

Oseberg Ship

Oseberg ship

 Just to the south of the Gokstad burial mound was found the Oseberg  Royal Barge [ship].

  • Might be the burial ship of  Queen Asa who was Halfdan "the Blacks's"  second wife and step-mother to King Harold I "the Fairhaired"

  • This ship  and the Gokstad are on display in the Viking Ship Hall at Bydoy in Oslo

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Sandefjord 1864

Sandar, the Lutheran Church where Johan Johansen's family atttended.  Near it is the graveyard where his ancestors are buried.

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In Memory of the Whalers who

sailed out of this  and all harbours.

"Sunrise", Sandefjord, Canon Power Shot

Photo by Are Karlsen

Ariel View of Sandefjord in 1990

Coast Line in Front of Langeby Farm House, which is slightly west and south of Sandejford,

where Johan Johansen was born in 1890.


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