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H7 - Hein Letters : continued.......

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Hein letters - More


In a message dated 11/6/05 8:23:51 PM, deb, writes:

Dear Judy;

I accidently found your website and read two letters to you. One is a obit about my great-aunt Ella Weigum Hein, married to my grandfather's brother Benjamin "Bennie" Hein from Stockton, CA.  Another was a letter from another of my grandfather's brother Walter and wife Marie, from Stockton-Lodi CA.  I have been working on our families genealogy for sometime and have hit many brick walls. Are you related to us? I have only one contact from Canada, that has been very helpful, but he to seems to be having problems finding information as well. Martha Scherbenski is also mentioned and she is my grandfather's only sister from N.Dakota.

Here is an example:

Michael Heinrich m. Marie Zappel May 1825 Beresina, Poland (Great-great-great- great-grandparents)






George (My great-great-great grandfather)

Maria Magdalena

George Heinrich m.Christina Motz Nov. 1859



Johannes (My great-great grandfather)










Johannes Heinrich m. Christina Stickel 1881


Jacob (my great-grandfather)











(Note the Heinrich is changed to Hein as they come to the USA)

 Jacob Hein m. Regina Gackley d. Jan. 1923 N. Dakota   (2) Magdalina Horst


David Jacob (My grandfather)








     CHILDREN (Horst)










Please let me know if we are related and I will send more information to cross with you. Deb Wilson

n a message dated 1/12/06 8:34:21 AM, writes:

Dear Judy,

I just send you my notes as I found them in the churchbook. I do not believe

that that he was born in Westprussia, but I am certain that Georg Hein born

1807 is was the son of Georg born 1778. I have iserted my notes with a

coloured pencil.

There is another opportunitiy. Because georg was confirmed in Kulm there

must exist konfirmation register. Very often in this register the name of

the father is given.

Abreviations I used: k means confirmed; b means near; Po. means Poland and

Wü. means Württemberg.

Have you already checked the birth register of Kulm? Georg Hein born 1807

must be found there. If not I will order the film again and search for

Georg. I already found Michael Heins birth record in the Kulm birth

register. I gues that there exist a connection between theye both families.

The numbers on my notes must not bother you. That are my computer numbers.

I checked the book where all the Prussian communities are enlisted.

Rotten, county Stolp, Pomerania is called now Retowo. It belongs to the

lutheran parish Groß Garde, county Stolp.

Unfortunately there does no film exist of the church records. Only they have

filmed a civil register that begins 1874.

Sanskow, county Stolp, Pomerania is now called Zajaczkowo. It belongs to the

lutheran parish. Zirchow. Of this parish does not exist anything.

Kindly Ingrid

Dear Judy,

I have something forgotten. Several years ago I found Michael Heins birth in

Kulm. He was born in Klammer 4.08.1795, but he was confirmed in Graudenz.The

year of confirmation is not given, but they confirmed with 14 or 15 years. I

guess that there might be a relationship.

Kindly, Ingrid


In a message dated 6/13/06 7:16:31 AM, Laura Dallmann writes:


As you can see from my email address my name is Laura.  My mother is Caroline E. (Fehling) Dallmann

I would like to make an addition and a correction to the following page.

Currently the info listed says this...

Caroline Fehling m. Dennis Dallmann. They had three children:

· Laura Dallmann

· Larina Dallmann

It should read as follows....

Caroline Fehling m. Larry Dennis Dallmann, Sr.. They had three children:

· Laura Dawn Dallmann

· Larina DeVaris Dallmann

· Larry Dennis Dallmann, Jr.

Please let me know if you need any verification for this information.  I also wanted to say thank you for the work that went into getting this page together!





In a message dated 2/27/07 2:44:17 PM, writes:

...Ingrid told me we have relatives in USA from my families Motz/Hein and Reule/Hess ? Do you know them?

All my german-russian families are from Borododino and immigrated to Brasil in 1926. My grandparents Friedrich Reule/Hess and Katharina Motz/Hein had already a son, my uncle Arthur. The entire families of my grandparents came to Brasil.

I´m the great-grandaughter of Friedrich Hess and Margaretha Reule and of Cristoph Hein and Christina Motz.

My grandparents settled in Araçatuba, State of São Paulo, whereas the other Reule/Hess persons went to Ijui, State of Rio Grande Do Sul. Some of the

Motz/Hein family stayed in Araçatuba, others went to the State of Paraná and Santa Catarina. As you can see the family spreaded and the contact was lost.

I live in the city of São Paulo with husband Marco Antonio and my three daughters Anne Caroline, Flaviane Cristine and Marcela Isabele.

My very best wishes

Dalva (Motz/Hein/Reule/Hess) Aparecida Faria Venditti

27 Decemb er 2006

from Heather and Richard Hein:

.>>..My husbands father Helmut Hein was born in Bessarabia, Borodino....<<

Wednesday, December 27, 2006 12:59:33 PM



Dear Mrs Remmick-Hubert

This day I found your interesting Homepage about Bessarabia.

I was specially interested in information about Christian Hein b 28 Mar 1864 in Borodino because he is my Great-Grandfather.

If you want to have further information about his descenders just tell me in which format you want to have it.

Yours sincerely

Joachim Gaeth

16 Jan 2007

Marina Kim

Dear Judy,

My name is Marina King... I believe I am related to your family via my grandmother Nelly Hein.  She told me they lived in Borodino at the beginning of 20th century, and also, when I looked at your site it seems that it most probably the same family.

Plelase have a look at my family tree site at the following address:

Go to "Tree", "Ancestors", and then "Viktor Kim" (my father), "Hein, Nelly"(my grandmother) then follow her Hein names up to Josephy Hein who I believe is a brother of Michael Hein who as far as I understood is the closest to your side of the family.

.....King Regards

Marina Kim

XXXXXX  See Otterstatter's list.
18 April 2007

From GG

Hi Judy,

Found this accidently while surfing.  Do these Heins belong to you?

>>* Hein, Alois + Schönberger, Lydia (F2972)  Marriage 22 February 1933 -- Borodino / Bess.

>* Hein, Andreas + Wallewein, Magdalena (F5367)  Marriage 8 September 1918 -- Klöstitz / Bess.

>* Hein, Anna + Lutz, Herbert (F2952) Marriage 13 January 1937 -- Klöstitz / Bess.

>>* Hein, Christian + Kron, Friederike (F5610) Marriage 17 December 1887 -- Klöstitz / Bess.

>* Hein, Christina + Ehni, Johann (F6009)

>* Hein, Christina + Schlenker, Gottlieb (F336)  Marriage 19 January 1861 -- Klöstitz / Bess.

* Hein, Daniel + Schaber, Christina (F6010)

Marriage 15 January 1904 -- Borodino / Bess.

* Hein, Elisabetha + Otterstätter, Georg (F345)

Marriage 1 February 1907 -- Klöstitz / Bess.

* Hein, Eva Katharina + Käpple, Andreas (F6194)

Marriage 23 May 1868 -- Klöstitz / Bess.

* Hein, Friedrich + Otterstätter, Johanna (F2527)

* Hein, Friedrich + Wanke, Alma (F2526)

Marriage 26 January 1938 -- Beresina / Bess.

* Hein, Jakob + Flath, Karolina (F2973)

Marriage 12 February 1904 -- Klöstitz / Bess.

* Hein, Johannes + Neher, Rosina (F346)

Marriage 30 January 1864 -- Klöstitz / Bess.

* Hein, Josef + Henke, Juliane (F2530)

Marriage 6 June 1883 -- Klöstitz / Bess.

* Hein, Karoline + Wagner, Adam (F5586)

* Hein, Katharina + Reule, Jakob (F5805)

Marriage 9 February 1884 -- Klöstitz / Bess.

* Hein, Michael + Motz, Elisabeth (F5369)

Marriage 25 June 1853 -- Klöstitz / Bess.

* Hein, Pauline + Weippert, Jakob (F5609)

Marriage 15 March 1923 -- Sarata / Bess.

* Hein, Reinhold + Funk, Herta (F5710)

Marriage 13 March 1935 -- Klöstitz / Bess.

* Hein, Salomine + Hillius, Emanuel (F6210)

Marriage 14 June 1907 -- Klöstitz / Bess.

* Hein, Valeria + Türk, Lukas (F5140)

Marriage 26 January 1930 -- Krasna / Bess.



In a message dated 3/22/07 3:38:32 PM, SplashGord writes


Sorry, I have been traveling, so I am only now getting to this email.

No, as far as I know, my wife's family is not related to the Herman's.

The information I have is that my wife's grandfather Emanuel Hein was born on 8/11/1895 in Orlean, but I also saw something that indicated it might have been Borodino.  He had a sister, Ernestine born 1/14/1890.  Their father was Adolf.  No other information on him, or the mother.

Emanuel emigrated to the US in Baltimore on the Neckar out of Bremen.  The year was sometime around 1910 or so.

That's about all I have!  Any information you dig up would be really appreciated.  Thank you for all of your help.

Best regards,