Edenkoben / near Landau, Palatinate (Pfalz), Germany.  Remmick-Hubert Home Site. Map of Rhinpfalz Weinsstrasse [Rhine-Palatinate Winte Road] plus photo of  wood carving of wine grapes dated 1696  on Walter House

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Rheinpfalz Weinstrasse Map

[Rhineland-Palatinate  Wine Road Map]


See Another  Map of Palatinate & Bavaria

Palatinate-Bavaria within Germany - 1923 map


Rhin indicates it's near the Rhine River  and a territory once ruled by the counts of  Pfalz , which is Latin from the word  "palatium" which means palace which was  directly connected to the imperial residence in Ancient Rome Palace on the Hill.  It's first grape vines were brought here by the Romans and it's success was continued by the Carolingian Empire.  Later, it continued under Louis the German in order to supply Communion wine.

In 1981 a Roman farm was discovered in Weilberg near Ungstein.

Speyer has an interesting Wine Museum which holds a glass amphora dating  c. 300 A.D. that had been sealed in a layer of resin and oil.  

The variety of wines are Muelller-Thurgau, Riesling, Kerner, Silvaner, Morio-Muskat, Scheurebe and small amounts of the ancient specialities Gewuerztraminer and Muskateller, Rulaeander and Weissburgunder.  If one want red their is an increasing interest in Portugieser, Spaetburgunder and Dornfelder.

Neudstadt am der Winestrasse is the largest wine growing community in Germany.  It is in this city that Lorenz Roemich was the Treasurer in 1636.

Roemich's migrated to Edenkoben in the early 1700s.  It's known for is Silvaner wines.

Just outside of Edenkoben is the Palace Ludwigshoehe, the summer residence of King Ludwig I of Bavaria.

There is a chair lift that will take you further uphill to the Rietburg fortress ruins and from there you will see a spectacular panorama which, on a clear day, you can see all the way to Heidelberg, Worms and Speyer.

Rhodt has the oldest production of vines of Tramier that is more than 350 years old.  Here there are Baroque houses, a town hall dating 1606 and an 18th century "little palace".

See Rulers of Palatinate of the Rhine

red Moersfeld / Kirschheim-Bolanden, Palatinate

  See Pfaff family who married into the Roemmich family in Worms, Odessa, S. Russia.

Pfaff Family Home Site

red Neustadt an der Weinstrasse und Haardt

Roemich / Roemmich /Roemig, Roemigius Families

See Andreas Roemich [Roemig] , the Elder b. abt 1505 , Treasurer of Neustadt

red Rodt an der Weinstrasse

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Lingenfelder Family

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