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In a message dated 6/11/07 3:31:12 PM,  writes:

     I came across these terms in an article about German cooking, earlier this month... and am wondering if you can tell me what they are....   I know Kuchen as my mother used to make them, but have no idea what the others are.....  They all sound like they might be very interesting to make?   I would be interested to have recipes for these dishes.  Thank you for any help you can give. 


kuchen    (coffee cake)



kholadetz schuffnudala




Damaris nee' Brauer Eichman

Dear Damaris,

Hopefully I can anwer all your questions and if there are any recipes,   I will link you to the pages where you can discover more about these foods.

holupsi = cabbage roll

kuchen = coffee cake

borscht (borschtsch, borshch, worsch) = vegetable soup with beets          

shwatmaga (schwartamagan, schwartenmagen, schwatmagan) =  head cheese 

kholadetz schuffnudala

wascht (wurst)=  sausage 

Platchinti = (plachenda, plachenta, plachinda, plchinta, plaetzchen, plagenda, plajenta, plajentz, platchinda, platschinta, platschinten, platshinta) = turnovers

Keethla (keichla, keachla, kieckla) = cookies

Thanks for being interested and I hope to hear from you, again.


Sent: Sat, Dec 12, 2009 10:40 pm

Subject: Kuchen

Letter #1 from Sandy



My name is Sandy .... and I live in Lodi as well. I am of 100% German blood but unfortunately all my grandparents and aunts are passed now. I remember and loved my paternal grandmother's (Bertha Gienger, nee Baumbach) german cooking, especially her kuchen, cheese buttons and knefla. My mother never learned how to make any of these things. Her own mother died when she was very young. About 4 years ago I did manage to spend a day with my mom's oldest sister, who has died since then, to show me how to make kuchen. However, purely by accident my dad was doing some research online looking for old photos of Lodi when he came across your website. After making my aunt's recipe a few times I kept thinking that it was good but kind of bland. I tried your recipe and how much better it was! I do have a question, though. Personally, I prefer it just as the recipe says, but my dad always like the ones with the cheese in it, like cottage cheese. Do you know what that cheese is actually called? I know you can sub. cottage or ricotta, but I understand it's not quite the same. My neighbors informed me of this. If I knew the correct name, maybe I could find it somewhere. I know Podesto's in Stockton has quite a variety of cheeses. Thank-you so much for your web-site!




Sent: Saturday, December 19, 2009 8:05 AM

Subject: Re: Kuchen

Just talked to my Mom.

Dried cottage cheese mixed with sour cream, sugar, eggs .  Use hands to mix not mixmaster.  Should be a thick consistency, like a cheese cake.  Place on top of dough, then sprinkle cinnamon on top and bake.

Been too long since she's made it and can't recall the exact amounts.  Next time we make it,  I'll post it on my web site.

Thanks for being interested.



Letter #2

Sent: Sat, Dec 19, 2009 12:43 pm

Subject: Re: Kuchen

Thank-you for getting back to me. After I e-mailed you I did a little research online and I believe the name of the cheese is Quark. It's a very dry, sort of like ricotta but no salt added and drier and is not aged at all. It takes 2 days to make then they use it. I read that in Germany it is still widely used but here in the states it's hard to find, that's how cottage cheese came into play. Again, thank-you so much and Merry Christmas!




Letter #4

I still haven't tried making the cheese yet. I keep forgetting. If you wanted to include my e-mail address I have another one I would prefer to post: