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lionGen 5

(1) Michael Hein  , Ret. Colonel of the Prussian and Tsar's Army, b. Aug. 1788 Milanowek / Grodzisk Mazowiekiek, Poland  d. Germany, son of Frederick Hein b. abt 1755, grandson of Daniel von Hahn-Hein [b. abt 1740] m. Friedricka von Hoenzollern (twin) [b. 1744, the dau. of Princess Amalia of Prussia and Baron Fred. von der Trenck...] .

  1. ** Georg Hein b. 23 Feb 1807.  See his section for more details on Issue:

  • m. (2) _____
  •  m. (1?)

Elizabeth [Isabella] von Zapolya  (Szapolya)  "Fuerstin"

  • dau. of  Prince [Fuerst] von Zapollya, [des. of King John I Zappolya]  and Pr. [Furesten] Julia Radziwill [des. of Nicholas V Radziwill of Lithuania, Prussia and Poland
  • b. 1789 Aradia n. Lowicz, Poland
  • d. abt 1845
  • Issue :
    1. Georg [Jarig] Hein  b. 23 Feb 1807 Dolk[en] / Kulm, Prussia d. after 1892 and bef. 1907 Borodino / Bess., S. Russia.

** I,  Judy A. Remmick-Hubert, believe  Mikoel  and Elizabeth, nee Zapolya,  Hein are our ancestor, not Georg Hein b. 1 Oct. 1788 who m. Maria, nee Rack Hein, because I  was told  that our ancestor was Mikoel Hein b. 1788.  Who told me?  One person who did was my great uncle Christoph Hein who  traveled to Europe about 7 times and along the way he found the family data, which unfortunately perish when his deposit box , which held all of the papers, was destroyed when his bank burned down in 1955.

This same story and others  stories about Mikoel Hein (b. 1788) being the father of Georg Hein (b. 23 Feb 1807)  and other stories were told to Georg Hein  (b. 1807)  who in turn told them to his grandson Ludwig Hein (b. 1885), who in turn told them to his granddaughter, me.  At this time,  I find no reason not to believe them.

The story I was told was  our Georg Hein 's (b. 23 Feb 1807) father,  Mikoel,  left Russia after his wife died and returned to Germany.  [Years later,  Georg's son, Michael,  and his wife visited Germany and his father's second family who were living in Germany.]

Evidently, when Georg Hein's father returned to Germany, Georg ran away and returned to Borodino where he then lived with Georg Hein b. 1778 his first wife, Mary [Marie/Maria] and later his second wife the  widow Barbara Schneck..  

I do not know if Georg Hein b. 1 Oct 1778 was his father's cousin.  

As years passsed, most of the family genealogists believed Georg (b. 23 Feb 1807) was the son of Georg Hein (b. 1 Oct 1788). .  Since I have been privy to the stories,  I do not, and I'm probably one of the few who believes Mikoel Hein b. 1788  was the father of our Georg ( b. 23 Oct. 1807) but that's okay.  They are viewing records and did not know my grandfather Ludwig (b. 1885 in Borodino) who heard the stories from Georg (b. 23 Oct. 1807).  

We know that Georg's son Michael Hein (b. 23 Nov 1844)  inherited a large sum of money from his mother's father's  father's sister**, Julia B., nee Hager/Hoeger,  ____NN__,  and he in turn bought 1/3 share of the Heim Chutor in the valley of Beresan, later, he and his family moved back to Borodino, bought the Braun lot and lived there until they died. He pruchased lots in Borodino for each of his children.  And he had land elsewhere [see Alfred Hein's section on Michael Hein].....   With this money, Michael bought valuable horses and went as far away as Persia to purchase his breeding stock.  He sold horses to the Tsar's army and knew Leo Tolstoy's father, who was also a breeder of horses and th´Orlovs.

 (**This story has been confirmed by other people from Borodino and documents. I had written earlier Julia was a Hein but she was a Hager/ Hoeger and have since corrected how Julia was related.  See Hager/Hoeger family Gen. 3)

My one aunt recalls that her father, Ludwig Hein, had old family papers that carried the family seal of a rampant lion.  These papers and seal were lost when the train carrying all their belongings while moving was destroyed by an avalance during a snow storm.  All the people on this train died.  Ludwig and his family had missed the train and were on the one which was followed later.  They were safe but their train was snowed in for some time.....

Other stories give me even more reason  for me to believe Michael Hein's great grandmother was a Radizwill is because his wife, my great grandmother, Christina, nee Stehr,  had a local craftsman carve into their bed headboard the Radziwill coat-if-arms and the words were "What God Wills", and, this is indeed the words in the Radziwill coat-of-arms.

Judy A. Remmick-Hubert

Granddauhter of Ludwig and Christina, nee Schweickert,  Hein.

P.S. I will, however,  provide information for thosse who do not agree with my conclusion about Mikoel Hein b. 1788.

(2) the person I believed is NOT our Hein ancestor plus his wife.

lion??Gen 5??


[Accepted ancestor by majority]

** Georg  HEIN b. 1 Oct 1778  Rotten, Stolp, Pommern

See family in detail in the Borodino Genealogy Web Site Click and go to Georg  

Gen. 6 

Aradia = Arkadia / n. Lowicz, Poland

Just this moment I have discovered that Aradia n. Lowicz, Poland is Arkadia / Poland..  There is a James Stevens Curl who wrote about the "ARKADIA, POLAND" GAREN OF ALLUSIONS".  And I quote:  >>As is generally recongized, the eighteenth cnetury saw the creation of many remarkable gardens, there there were few in historical threads were drawn together in such an extraordinry way as was the case of Arkadia, near Nieborow, about 4.5 km from Lowicz, in Poland.  Arkadia was created over some forty years by Princess Helena Przdziecka Radziwill (1753-1821).... The intellectual climate in society was ripe for the making of such a garden for the last king of Poland, Stanislaw Poniatowski (Stanislaw II Augustus Rex [1764-1795]),, who had established. an atmosphere in which the ideals of the Enlightenment flourished in his realms, and Freemasonry was one of the most important vehicles by which those ideals were disseminated.

Princess Helena was inititated into Adoptive Freemasony (a branch of the Craft established for women) known as The Society of Mopses that from the German for her  pug-dog (Mops), a breed  noted for its courage and fidelity. <<

In 1774 Duke Michael Hieronim Radziwill, who was the voivode (govenor) of Vilnius and one of the richest Polish-Lituanian magnates, bought Nieborow Palace.  It  can be found at:

Arkadia is a garden and was on the ground of the Nieborow Palace.

Elizabeth [Issbella] von Zap[p]olya  "Fuerstin"

  • dau. of  Prince [Fuerst] von Zapollya, [des. of King John I Zappolya]  and Pr. [Furesten] Julia Radziwill [des. of Nicholas V Radziwill of Lithuania, Prussia and Poland
  • b. 1789 Aradia n. Lowicz, Poland
  • d. abt 1845

Why would anyone claim they were born in a garden?  Was this telling us she wasn't actually legitmate and born "outside" the Radziwill Palace, therefore "outside" the House of Radziwill?  Then, again, I guess it's possible someone could have been born in a garden.  

More research is needed.

Search for Kaltenbrun von Kaltenborn
In search for the Kaltenbrun von Kaltenborn, a  family that has eluded me.,  I went on the internet and started to look for the general information on anyone who's last name was Kaltenbrun or Kaltenborn.  I did find some information on a Kaltenborn family.

>>The Kaltenborn family is an ancient German - Evanglic and noble family << found in Germany (Prussia), Austria and Norway.   The Prussians settled in the principality of Meissen. However, it appears the family was best known in Silesia through the years of history and there were glimpses of them in the 13th century. .  The trail leads us to a Kasper von Kaltenborn of Godewitz who was born in 1522.  His son, Kaspar the Younger, of Stachau, who was born in 1550.  Stachau is or was south of Brelau. His wife and the mother of his three sons was Barbara von Kreckwitz.  Their son was Georg von Kaltenborn-Rossnovice life is not well documented but it is kown he died in or about 1649 and he had m. Hedwig von  Bavor..  Georg and Hedwig  had three sons who were rased to the title of Baron under Ferdinand III in 1637.   Barons of  Stachau & Ratibor..  The title was the kind which was inherited by the elder of each of the three sons.  There is a family tree that gives us information on their families.  Evidently the family split when one or some of the members of the family migrted to Norway and here is where some of the family information has been discovered.  See!topic/  or google "Kasper von Kaltenborn".

(1) Georg Albrecht von Kaltenborn of Tschoeplowitz and Wassserjentsch d. in 1671.  He married twice. His first m.. (1) Sophie von Kotulinski.  They had Georg Albrecht von Kaltenborn-Stachau who d. 1713 and the 1st master of the Kaltenborn-Stachau House which is the Norwegian line of the family.  Georg's second marriage was with Eva von Ruedigenr and they had a son Wilhelm Gustave on Kaltenborn-Stachau and continues the Prussian family line.

  1. Georg Albrecht of Tchoeplowitz and Wasserjentsch  d. 1713 m. 3 May 1671 i Ottaschine , Silesia to Marie Helene von Luettwitz.  They had two sons:
    • Frantz Albrecht von Kaltenborn of Tchoeplowitz and Wasserjentsch b. 1690 d. 10 Aug 1758 and did not marry
    • Carl Friedrich von Kaltenborn b. 4 Aug 1723 Breslau d. 20 March 1800 in Christiania / Norway  m. Sophia Catharina von Lorentz b. 1754 d. 1820.  They had 3 children.
      • Louise Caroline b. 1780 d. 1866 m. Carl Valentin Falsen b. 1787 d. 1852
      • Friedrich Bustav Maximilian Kaltenborn b. 1782 d. 1859 , Colonel and aide-de camp to King Carl III Johan
      • Carl Friedrich Ferdinand Wilhelm Albrecht Kaltenborn b. 1785 d. 1832, General aide-de-camp and head of General Staff, "Kabinettskammerherre".  Carls family may have migrated to Chicago, USA with his two sons:
        • Carl Gustaf Kalelnborn b. 9 Sept 1883 m. Julia Wallenbon
        • Alfred Theodor Kaltenborn b. 6 July 1886
  2.  ________  (nothing written on this line_)


(2) Franz Albrecht von Kaltenborn.....

(3) Carl Friedrich von Kaltenborn (source wikpedia) b. 1723 d. 1800 was in 1746 an ensign in his uncles, General Frantz Albrechts grenadier corps in Copenhaen and in 1772 a major in the Infranty Rregiment Sondenfjedske.  He died as a General and Commander of 1 Akershusiske Infanty Regiment.   

According to family stories:

   The Prussian line lived for a time in or near Magdenburg and if I remember correctly, one of them was in a high political position.

There was a Johan or Hans von Kaltenborn-Stachau b. 23 March 1836 in Magdenburg (Urban Dist., Saxony-Anhalt, Germany) d. 16 Feb 1898 in Braunschweig (Brunswick, Lower Saxony, Germany) who wa a Prussian General of the Infrantry and Minister of War on 4 Oct 1890 to 12 Oct 1893..  Source is wikipedia.  I do not find information on his parents.  


If Frederick Hein's wife is part of the Kaltenborn-Stachau family, then it is possible she was born on the family estate in or near the town of Kaltenborn, which  is n. Adenau in the Ahrweiler Dist., Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.  According to family stories our Frederick Hein  died  in or near Ahweiler Dist., Phineland-Palatinate.  

So,  I need to find more information on Kaltenbrun (Kaltenbrunn) branch.

                        gr rose




Hubert Sym