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Remmick-Hubert Special Page - Lodi Union High School, Class of 1960-Newsletter

Vol. 8:  17 July  2002: Page  One

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Editor's Notes pen

Three milestones will be reached for me this month.  I'll be married for 41 years, turn 60 and my younger son and girlfriend will have given I and my husband our fourth grandchild.  

It was on a hot July day, like this one today, that I had to kick my way into the world.  I broke my mother's pelvis in five places and the doctors had to use foreceps to assist my birth which left me with a dented "V" on my forehead.  I was given the nickname of "Victory Baby".  Of course, I don't recall the day or even the year.  I do recall some events around the age of two. Some say that's not possible. However, I do remember a number of things.  One event was the days before my father left to serve on the USS New Jersey.  It was war time.   A huge wave of military was going to be steaming toward Japan.... My mother was sad... My wedding day was very happy and simple.  Just immediate family and two friends. Garry and I were eighteen.  Our wedding was on a hot July day....  Garry was headed to UC Berkeley that fall.. All we had fifteen dollar silver band rings on our fingers,  no money in our pockets but filled with love, youth and promise.  My husband didn't disappoint me and I hope I haven't disappointed him.  He graduated from Boalt Law School in 1968 and we moved back to Stockton with the same silver weddings bands, no money and two boys, Douglas and Devin.  We lived in a tri-plex, Garry's grandfather had given us a new car and soon thereafter we bought me an old Ford wagon which we had to push to get it started. We were able to move into a small  three bedroom house.... which Garry's folks still owned.  We managed to live on Garry's wages, so, I stayed home and raised our sons..... We moved back to the bay area to a small town, Lafayette, which is  nestled in the hills. Now, our sons are adults with children of their own.  And, we have different rings on our fingers,  a very nice house,  two dogs, three cats and a 35 foot sail boat.  I've no complaints, accept it's too darn hot at this moment. In fact,  I'd be willing to go back in time and relive my life. It has been that enjoyable.  Of course, there were some sad times, too,  but that's part of life.  

I'm not sure about this aging stuff.  I haven't been able to play as much tennis due to some aches and pains.  Sometimes,  I can't tie my right shoe because an old back injury keeps creeping into my life. And, I've gained too much weight and need to get it off.....  So, while I'm thinking hard on how to about this editorial,  I'm eating some cold strawberry ice cream to cool down.... This must be one of those days that break the heat records.....

I was disappointed in the participation of most of you who didn't respond to even one question and answer.  I sincerely hope that you haven't lost interest because I've found this newsletter a great deal of fun.... 

Not sure when the next newsletter is going to be created.

Nor do I have a clue as to the next three questions.  Anyone have any ideas that would stir responses from all of you?

Hoping this finds you happy, healthy and in good humor.

Judy A. Remmick-Hubert

Class of 1960


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