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Schweikert Family continued....

Russia Near The Black Sea


Points of Interest Are:

  1. This is where the Danuble (Donu) River flows toward the Black Sea.  Many Germans who migrated to Russia took "Ulmer Schachtels" (wooden boats) from Ulm, Ba.-Wu. Germany  to the area marked 17 which was Ismail.  Nearby  the Russian authories held the immigrants in quarantine before allowing them to continue their journey to their new homes.
  2. Galati is where the Danube River is joined by the Prut River which is the border of Bessarabia
  3. Kischnev [Kischnef] , City of: is the capital of Bessarabia.  Just south of here is where the Hein and Schweikert family settled in a German-Russian colony known as Borodino
  4. Mother colonies of the Odessa area between the Dnjestr and Bug Rivers:
  5. Odessa, the Black Sea Port City
  6. Kherson [Cherson], City of.  Nearby were the German colonies
  7. In the late 1800s there was a pontoon bridge which connected the main land of Russia and the peninsula of the Crimea  [Crim = Krim] 
  8. Eupatoria, Crimea
  9. To the left of this number is the town of Sebastopol and to the right of this number is Yalta, Crimea
  10. Rostov
  11. Tbilisi [Tifilis], Caucasus, Georgia [Grusien]
  12. Elizavetpol, Georgia on the border of the Trans Caucasus Steppes
  13. Caspian  Sea
  14. Volga River.  To the north of the number shown were colonies of Germans who settled here as early as 1766
  15. Istanbul is where the captured prisoners from Katherinfeld Colony were sold as slaves by the Turks who had raided the village in 1826
  16. Black Sea
  17. Ismail is on the northern fingers of the Danube where it empties into the Black Sea
  18. Dobrudscha, known also as the Garden of Eden, is the area of land between Bessarabia and Bulgaria with the Danube River as it's border.  Across the river  [west bank] was Rumania.


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