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There is a question about the following family being the des. of wife (3) and I've placed it here because of this.  Now, have enough information to atach Johann Michael Pfaff b. 22 Aug 1791 to Johann Michael Pfaff b. 22 Aug 1766 and Sybilla .

History on Michael Pfaff

According to information Ralph  Wiseman sent me in 1987:

 "Michael Pfaff, " [as he was known], "  wife Philippine (maiden name unknown),  Frederick, Michael and Adam came to the United States on the SS Cimbria, 16 Oct 1874 from Hamburg, Germany to New York, NewYork as recorded on the passenger list....

His age was listed...54, his wife 52, Frederick, Adam, 8. His occupation is listed as a farmer.

On an 1876 Michael Pfaff along with his son Fredrich [sic] applied for naturalization in the Territory of Dakota, County of Yankton. However, it seems that only Friedrich received his naturalization. For on 7 Nov 1879 he,"  [Friedrich] , "received his final Certificate of Naturalization.

Michael Pfaff must have settled in the Bridgewater  Dakota area. For the next evidence on file is a death notice in "Der Sendbote" [The Messsenger], "a Baptist Church  the death of his wife Philippine on 23 May 1888."

"Very little is known  about the life of Michael until his death in 1899 on 23 Feb in Germantown, North Dakota.

*Thank  you Ralph Wiseman [] for all the information you've sent on the Pfaff family. He tells me he has 1000 pages of family data.

Weber Book Information:

Johannes Pfaff  b. Germany m. Susan Shell b. Germany. Child known   Barbara Pfaff b. 2 Jan 1843  Alt Freudental/ Od., S. Russia d. 7  July 1928 n. Goodrich, ND  m. Simon Gimbel b. 31 Aug. 1839 Peterstal/Bessarabia, S. Russia . Migr. 4 Oct 1884 to USA. Settled n. Delmont, SD, then Scotland then ND. Died 3 Aug , 1919 in Harvey, ND, USA. A child  John Gimbel b. 3 Jan 1876 Peterstal/Od. S. Russia m. Magdalena Weber b. 30 April 1883 n. Scotland, SD, USA. Weber   family was from Dennewitz/Bessarabia and previously from  Freudental/Od..  Her parents were Jakob Weber b. Dec. 1860 Dennewitz/Bess. S. Russia d. 15 April 1941  Coronation, Alberta, Canada and Magdalena Janke b. 14 May 1861 Russia. Migr. from Plotzsk, Poland to Hutchinson County. She died 16 Oct 1951 San Leandro, CA, USA.  Magdalena Janke parents were Christof Janke b. Warsaw, Poland d. 12 July 1918 Odessa, WA. Migr. to US in Nov 1879 .  Lived n. Parkston, SD. and Anna Maria Schlecter b. 1831 Wu , Germany d. abt 1890.....

Jakob Weber b. 1860 parents were:

Christian Weber b. 4 June 1833 Freudental / Od., Russia m. 13 Nov 1852 in Dennewitz, . Russia to Dorothea Brosz b. 1835 Dennewitz/Bess. S. Russia .  She married the second time to Peter Seydel in SD. She d. 1890 Yankton Issue:

  1. Chris. Weber b. 10 Oct 1854 d. 16 March 1923 Odessa, WAds USA m. 1875 Bessarabia, S. Russia to Elizabeth Friederich b. 19 May 1857 d. 10 March 1949 Spokane, WA, USA. Issue:
  2. Jakob Weber b. Dec 18 Bessarabia, S. Russia d. 15 April 1941 Cornation, Alberta, Canada m. Magdalena Janke b. 14 May 1863 d. 16 Oct 1951 in San Leandro, CA. Issue:
  3. John Weber b. 22 Sept or Oct d. 27 July 1927 Detroit, MI, USA m. Elizabeth Balinski b. 1864 d. 9 Nov 1944.  Issue:
  4. Dorothea Weber b. 1865 Fessenden, ND m. Simon Rudel who was b. 20 Sept 1856 Arzis / Bess. S. Russia. Issue:

Becker,  Bitterman,  Broekel,  Christmann,  Engle ,  Gimbel #1,  Gimbel #2 #3,  Gimbel #4. Harr,  Hirsch,  Klein,  Leno,  Neubauer,  Ottmer ,   Roth,   Schanzenbacher #1, Schanzenbacher #2


Pfaff family migrated to Torschau, Batschka [Ungarn], Austria-Hungary about 1784 then migrated to Freudental which is near the port city of Odessa by the Black Sea in Russia.

David Pfaff's story:

I, David Pfaff, was born to Mr. and Mrs. Simon Pfaff, Sr. in 1918.  We lived south of Tappen, [ND, USA], so I received my education in Rural Schools.  Some of my teachers being: Mrs. Julius Hofer, Bevis Kennelly, Jackb Sleight, and Violet Stauffer, all from the Tappen Area.  This was a large country school with 37 pupils in one room, and of course all eight grades to teach, you can imagine how busy the teachers was kept.

As I grew older I started making regular trips over to the Henry Hust farm.  In November of 1938 I was married to Bertha Hust at her parents home in Tappen by Rev. Fischer.

 [Our] present from David's folks we got four horses and three cows to help us get started family.

I, Bertha, Hust was born in 1919 in Streeter [ND , USA] to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hust,  I received my schooling in country schools south of Tappen.  When I was in the 7th grade we moved into Streeter then in 1936 we moved into Tappen and I lived there until David and I got married.  Our first home was in the upstarts of the Hoffer home and we moved of Tappen on the Umphrey farm.  In January of '42 early one morning sparks from the cook stove ignited trash in the wood box and started a fire,  so David promptly grabbed a pail and ran out doors to the well for water to fight the fire.  It wasn't until the fire was out that David realized he was running out in the cold winter weather in his bare feet and longjohns.

Our children are ...

Simon Pfaff's Story:

Simon, son of Wilhelm and Otilla Lawrence [Lorenz] Pfaff was born December 20, 1892.  He came from the dorf of Frydensdahl  [Freudental] , Odessa, Russia. ....He attended school there.  He worked with his father until he was twenty.  Because of the draft he and another lad left their home to come to America.  When they got to Bremmen, Germany the shipping center, they also had to stand inspection, because of poor eyesight the other lad was sent back home.

He spent only seven days on the ocean and arrived here March 1, 1913.  Even though he had his ticket paid to Hebron, when the train pulled into Steele, Simon got off.  Fred Martin of rural Tappen was transacting business in Steele so he took the young lade home with him.  He got acquainted with Mrs. Martin's younger sister Katherine.  Simon and Katherine were married in the little country church near Wolts on December 11, 1913.

Katherine was born January 25, 1893 and came to America with her parents, The philip Mittleiders in 1906 from Neidorf [Neudorf/ Od.]Russia at the age of 13.  She received very little education.  After coming here the older children left home so she stayed home to help her father.

Simon and Katherina started out on a rented farm 12 miles southeast of Tappen.  They rented several more farms...until they were able to purchase the land that is presently the John Pfaff farm.  They lived there until 1942.  Mr. Pfaff did some carpenter work and together with his sons they have built several farms which his sons now occupy.

The Pfaffs are the parents of eleven children....

Simon Pfaff, Jr.  Story

Simon Pfaff, Jr. was born to the Simon Pfaff Sr. on the homestead south of Tappen.  He grew up on the farm..

Hertha Roemmich was born to the family of P. M. Roemmich on her parents farm south of Tappen.  She lived there until around 1933 when her parents moved into town...

Hertha and Simon were married on July 10, 1942 by Judge Wagner in Steele.  Their attendants were Elsie Roemmich and Alta Slaughter.  After our marriage, we farmed south of Tappen for 11 years.  In 1943 we moved into Tappen and took over the Farms Cream Station for awhile, later returned again to family.  Our three children were born on the farm...

We are at the present time in the process of building us a new home on the location of the N. Lee Billingtons, a family of early settlers of the town, morerecently owned by Christ Osters....

Letters  plus gedcom files for correction from Karen, nee Weisenburger, Abel [S-227)

Wow! The info on the page below is WAY different from what I have.

As you'll see on the GEDCOM, the only Pfaffs that I found in Moersfeld were the family of Johann Philipp Pfaff and Maria Catharina Engel. This was from FHL Film #193924 for Kriegsfeld/Moersfeld. It is not an easy film to read because it is in "negative" format and it jumps back and forth between Kriegsfeld and Moersfeld records.

I did not find a birth record for Johann Philipp nor a marriage record for his marriage to Maria Catharina Engel. However, I did find the births of their children. I found no Peter Philipp Michael and no wife named Philippine Elisabetha. The father was Joh. Philipp, with sons Joh. Peter and Joh. Michael and a daughter Philippine Elisabetha (among others).

The record for the baptism of Johann Peter (b. 22 Apr 1761, baptised 26 Apr 1761) says his father was Joh. Philipp Pfaff and his mother Maria Engel. One of the witnesses was: "Johann Peter Pfaff des Vatters Bruder".

Unfortunately, the only Pfaff records I could find were for the births of their 6 children.

I am confused by the info on the site that says that Joh. Peter (b. 1761) was married to Johanna Christina Schanzenbacher. That is definitely wrong--she was the second wife of Philipp Peter, son of Johann Michael.(All on the GEDCOM)

But on to Christina Ottmar...

First, I don't see how she could possibly have been the wife of Johann Philipp (b. ~1740). The 1841-60 CFB shows her having daughters in 1818-1825--he would have been WAY to old, if not deceased by then.

It is usually suggested that she was the wife of Johann Peter (b. 1761), as he did have a wife named Christina. But here are my arguments against that (keeping in mind that there can be errors in records):

1) Most compelling--Johann Peter d. 5 May 1736 (at age 75 y 26 d) and the record clearly says that he was "verwittwet" (widowed). Christina Ottmar did not die until 1862.

2) The ages in the 1812 census and Stumpp's 1816 RL are all over the place but for Christina they say that in 1812 she was 46 (>>b. ~1766) and in 1816 she was 44 (>>b. ~1772) [maybe misread and should have been 49?]. Her death record says she was 80 y 8 m 6 d on 18 Nov 1862 (>>b. ~24 Apr 1782). The 1782 date is way far off from the others. It just doesn't seem likely. Death records might be off by a year or 2, but I have never seen them off by 10 years or more.

3) If we go by her age at death, meaning a birth in 1782, she could not have been Johann Peter's first wife--the first child that we know of was born in 1790! It might be argued that she was his second wife. But the 1841-60 CFB shows the daughters born 1818-1825. Johann Peter would have been 64 yrs. in 1825--not impossible, but unlikely.

So....I just don't know where to put her, but I don't think it's likely that she was married to Johann Peter.

As to Peter Philipp Michael, I have no idea. I have never seen any records with that name. I am also intrigued by the reference to a wife named Philippine Elisabetha who was possibly from Niederhausen am Rhein. Any ideas where that came from? I wonder if looking at records from there might give us any clues....

Well, that's my spiel on Christina Ottmar. Let me know what you think.

Gedcom files on Engel-Pfaff Family from Karen Able:

Andreas Engle b. abt 1711 Kriegsfeld, Kirchheimbolanden. Pfalz, Germany d. 1790 Moersfeld, Kirchheinbolanded, Pfalz, Germany m. (1 or 2?) Maria Appolonia m. (1 or 2?) 1737 to Anna Catharina  ____NN__.  Issue by Anna Cath.___:

  1. Johann Heinch Engel b. 27 April 1738 Moersfeld d. 17 March 1740
  2. Johann Philipp Engel b. 3 April 1740 Moersfeld
  3. Maria Catharina Engel b. 3 Nov 1741 Moersfeld m.  abt. 1760 to Johann Philipp Pfaff [See Pfaff Gen. 5]
  4. Anna Catharina Engel b. 6 May 1744 Moersfeld
  5. Johann Christoph Engel b. 17 April 1750 Moersfeld

See other Pfaff letters.


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