Letters from Pfaff families looking for ancestors who lived in Russia before 1918.

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Letters From Pfaff Families


smileLetters from Ralph Wiseman [rjdj4@earthlink.net], dated from 1980 to 2001. Ralph tells me he has 1000 pages of family data.

smileLetter from Karen Abel

smileLetters from  Gertrude Pitkanen dated from 1973 to 1974

Letter #1 dated 5 July 1973 [Judy's note:  This was in reference to Pauline, nee Pfaff, Roemmich's sister, Christina,  who married Ludwig Ebel]:

"...My grandfather's name was Philip Ebel and he was married to Elizabeth Mauch when they arrived in this country from South Russia in 1884 or 1885.  My mother use to say they came from Worms... They homesteaded on a farm, near a spring creek, not far from the small town of Artas, S. Dakota--which is in the northern par t of the state.  They had seven more children- nine in all- of which four are still living.

...My mother sophia Ebel married Michael Wenzel and we lived on a farm between Artas and Eureka, South Dakota.  My brothers and sister still live at Eureka...

I can remember, when I was a kid, how we used to visit my uncle Karl Ebel (mother's brother) who took over the Philip Ebel farm when grandpa retired.  We also visited another farm, close to uncle Karl's, which was a cousin of mothers, by the name of John Ebel."

Letter #2 dated 19 Nov 1973:

"Thank you kindly for telling me about Mr. Kraentzler and his works in Salt Lake City...."

"....My youngest aunt, Elvina Stotz, of Stockton, Calif., has my grandfather's old Bible in which the following notes were written:  Elvina's grandfather, which would be my great grandfather was William Ebel. He was born in 1830 --lived in Worms," [see Gertrude's notes], " ...possibly one of the Worms colony settlers.  There he married Elizabeth Habermann. Their one daughter and three sons were born in Worms, Russia. They were:

1) Elizabeth Ebel, born 1849, married a man named Smolenski. Lived near Blue Grass, N. Dak. and also Underwood, N Dak. Homesteaded there in 1899 - 1900. Had one son and one daughter. Daughter married to a man named Fandericks. Some of the grandchildren live in Lodi, Calif.

2) Oldest son, Fredrick Ebel, born 1850, married Margaret Pfaff. She was a nobleman's daughter. Both died in Russia during the Bolshevik war. (note here that your grandmother Pauline Pfaff was born in 1872 and Frederick, above in 1850, a difference of 22 years. This Margaret, above, may have been your grandmother's aunt. Maybe being a burgermeisster (Mayor) was considered being a nobleman.)

3) Second son,Phillipp Ebel. born 1853, died 1924, married Elizabeth Mauch. Her father was the teacher of their colony at Worms, Russia. (These were my grandparents. They came to the U. S. in 1884 and homesteaded near Eureka, S. Dak. . They had 8 daughters and 1 son. Four are still living: 

4) The thrid son, George Ebel, born 1855 in Russia died 1919 in America, married Fredericka Christman. They had 3 sons and 3 daughters-

P.S. After sleeping on it, I probably should add.... In as much that Karl Stumpp does not list great grandfather William Ebel as leaving from Worms, Russia to go to Russia, I'm inclined to thank that William Ebel was actually born in Worms, Russia --I'm also inclined to accept Karl Stumpp's Jacob Friedr. Ebel, born in 1750, from Duerrmenz / Vaihingen, Wu, leaving for Russia in 1818 with his wife Maria Elizabeth May, as probably the first Ebel to leave for Russia... and since he was a Schmied, " [blacksmith], "and George Friedr. Ebel, also, a Schmide, and also leaving from Vaihingen probably was his son --and my grandfather William Ebel..... --Anyway, the dates match up.... William Ebel's offspring all came to America except his oldest son, Fredrick who married Margaret Pfaff and they probably had so much property they didn't want to leave it behind and it cost them their lives. The Bolshevik Revolution didn't take place until 1918 so they must have been 68 years old, if they lived that long. Wonder if  they had any children and what happened to them.. Well.....Good Luck!"

Letter #3:

"...I called my sister, Evelyn Heilman...and she says she can remember our mother speaking of the Pfaff sister and, also, that she mentioned the name Roemmich."

Letter #4 dated 26 March 1974

"...I gave you the names of Elizabeth Mauch Ebel's children in my last letter.... There were 7 daughters and 1 son , of which 3 are still living, but very feeble.

  1. Elizabeth  Ebel Riedlinger - dead.  Her daughter Mrs. Martha Porty lived ...Hanford, CA
  2. Sophia Ebel Wenzel (my mother) dead.
  3. Christina Ebel Gatchell, living...Washington
  4. Katherine Ebel Bender - dead
  5. Minnie Ebel Bender - very feeble- live with daughter at Mound City, S. Dakota
  6. Philippina Ebel Earl - dead
  7. Bertha Ebel Turnbull...lives McClosky, North Dakota..
  8. Karl Ebel - dead.  His son Philip Ebel lives on a farm near Herreid, South Dakota.

Grandma Elizabeth Mauch Ebel died early and Grandpa Philip Ebel married again to a Mrs. Haas. They had one daughter Elvina Stotz...living in Stockton, Calif.

This may be a relative of yours, Elizabeth Roemmich married Jacob K. Renz at Artas, S. Dak. in 1909.  They lived on the Renz homestead 5 miles west of Artas for one year.  In October 1910 they moved into the town of Artas.  Mr. Renz was marshall at Artas from 1911 to 1913.  They now live at Terry, Montana and he loved to write letters.  Jacob Renz is related to me by marriage... His brother Conrad Renz was married to my father's sister Magdalena Wenzel.  They lived near or in the town of Herreid, S. Dak.  They had 12 children - 10 still living-  two sons are living at Herreid now.  They are Conrad Renz, Jr. and Alvin Renz

"..We are going to Europe this summer..  Best Wishes....". 

[Judy's note: I did write Jacob Renz and he was married to Elizabeth Roemmich....]

Letter #5 dated 21 May 1974:

"...My grandmother Elizabeth Mauch Ebel did have a sister named Katherine.  She was married to George Mauch (which incidentally, was also her cousin) and they lived at Java, S. Dak.  They had two sons, Karl and Edmund, and a daughter...  My great grandfather was Karl Mauch married to Elizabeth ____.  They both died in Russia.  Their children were:

  1. Karl Mauch married to Amelia ___ .  They lived in N. Dak.  His children were:
  2. Fred Mauch
  3. Katharina Mauch married George Mauch
  4. Elizabeth Mauch m. Phillip Ebel  (my grandmother)

All this information was given to me this week when my cousin, Math Portz, of Hanford, Ca. visited me.

See Jeanett's e-mails.....

smile#1 Letter from Amelia Weidenbach - 28 April 1985:

I saw your request the latest "clues".  There are Ochsners and Pfaff families in Scotland, S. Dak.  John Ochsner born 31 March 1858 in S. Russia.  He came to the US in 1873.  He died April 22, 1904 in Medina, N. Dakota. He married Louisa Schlecter of Hutchinson Co. S. Dak.  She remarried -- John Becker.  The Ochsners children were:  John, Lydia, George Emanuel, Frederick William.

I was particularly interested in your request for information on Koschel. My great grandmother was Katharina Koschel. She married Gottlieb Frank.  He was born in 1822 and died Dec 20, 1878.  We think he was from Freudental or Neu Friedental, Russia. They came to Yankton County, S. Dakota in 1873 or 1874.  Gottlieb applied for naturalization papers.... in Yankton, Dakota Territory. They brought three sons to the U.S. .  Friedrich, Andrew and Gottlieb, Jr. . Katharina died March 22, 1879 in Yankton Co. . ...


Amelia Weidenbach

#2 Letter from Amelia Weidenbach - 1985:

Thanks for the picture of Rosina Pfaff. Since our Frank-Koschel ancestor came in 1873-74 .... Gottlieb Sr. was the only Frank who came.

I saw this obit of Chris Pfaff recently. He had no children but there is an Eldon Thum in Scotland, S. Dakota...who might be a lead ...


Amelia Weidembach

>>>>>Newspaper clipping reads:

Funeral services were held for Christ,"  [sic], "Pfaff, 88....May 6.... at the United Church of  Christ, Scotland with Rev Dale Krampe officiating...

Christ Pfaff was born January 25, 1897 in Boyd County near Lynch Nebraska to John and Katherina (Renner) Pfaff.  He married Dorothea Thum on Feb 16, 1922 and they armed in Scotland area until 1950....

He is survived by:  his wife, Dorothea; one brother, Harold of Bismark, ND; and two sisters, Kathie Sayler of Golden, Colo. and Alta Roberts of Houston, Tex....

smile#3 Letter from Frieda, nee Gimble,Harmon 10 May 1989:

...Enclosed is a page on the Serr family-- one of them married one of my father's sister- Gimbel-- .... My grandmother Barbara Pfaff Gimbel .....spent many days and nights taking care of sich people and delivering babies. She had a worn brown "satchel" that was full of little bottles--she knew a lot about herbs and used them. My grandfather always planted wheat...that was probably when he planted in Russia.  Their house was part stone..."

Xerox picture of Simon and Barbara, nee Pfaff, Gimbel abt 1910.

Data she sent:

Philip Serr died in S. Russia and m. Anne Marie Herrman; had eight children.  THey and their children migr. to America and settled in Scotland, SD.  The children were:  Nicholas, Jennie, Henry, August, Caroline, Jacob, Christ and Philip.

She goes into more detail on:

Philip Serr b. 25 Feb 1865 Worms Colony, S. Russia d. 25 Feb 1931; m. Barbara Gimbel on 25 March 1885 in Dakota Territory (Scotland)  . She was b. 6 Dec 1864 Petersthal Colony, S. Russia d. 29 July 1948... Children were:

  1. Emma  Serr b. 27 Dec 1885 d. 6 Sept 1977 m. Emil Jassmann
  2. Henry Serr b. 26 Dec 1888 d. 2 May 1962 m. Salome Leischner
  3. Anna Clara  Serr b. 7 May 1891 d. 14 Dec 1984
  4. Theophiel Gustave Serr b. 28 Aug 1894 d. 30 June 1970 m. Katie Fink
  5. Elfrieds Kathryn b. 1 Mar 1897 d. 17 Sept 1976 m. Alfred Tiede
  6. Martha Serr b. 12 April 1899 d. 11 Oct 1939 m. Jack Chambers
  7. Arthus Carl Serr b. 5 Aug 1901 m. Marion Davis
  8. Annetta Serr b. 9 Oct 1903 m. Milton Shumway
  9. William E. Serr b. 5 May 1906 m. 23 June 1935 to  Margaret Minerva Bordner Issue:

smileLetter from Louisa Schenkenberger dated 21 July 1980:

....Michael and Phillipena were parents of Michael, Fred and Christina Pfaff....that was my mother's mother ... Christina married Ludwig Huether pronounced Heater.....she was born in the same year you have - 1844. They all lived at Bridgewater, So. Dak.... Then in 1902 or 1903 Fred and family moved to Linton, No. Dak and took up a Homestead near Sand Creek Community...  They lived and died there....

A Friend

Louise Schenkenberger

Kaiserlsautern.... [Judy's note: not far from Edenkoben or Kirschheim-Boland. All in Palatinate]

smileLetter from Gus and E. Kressin 17 June 1984:

The following is recorded to give a brief history of Phillip Neumiller's life by his daughter Emma.....

page 2:

Excerpts from the letters reveal family members and friends.

August 17 _____

"...Father, mother, brothers and sisters all say come home... Greetings to you from .....Mathias Pfaff and wife and children...

January 3, ____

"now I want to tell you that Wilhelm Pfaff died December 26 ____.  He was 17 years 8 months and 24 days old...

No Date

Pfaffa John scolds all those who are resisting.  Pfaffa John had a letter from Katherine and ___Wilhelm in America. They write they have a 2 story house with 12 windows...."


There is a map of the Kherson, S. Russia map and next to it it tells us the Phillip Neumiller was born in Wilhemstal  (Wasiljewka) which is just north of Kherson.

smileLetter from Craig Telfer date unknown [Judy's note:  see  Letter from Gus and E. Kressin 17 June 1984]:

My name is Craig Telfer and I am in the process of tracing my family history....

Phillip Pfaff b. 29 July 1860 in Old Freudenthal, Russia m. Elizabeth Neumiller 18 Oct 1881.  Philip died 4 May 1949 in Kellogg, Idaho.  They had 10 children:

  1. Philipp Pfaff b. 18 Nov 1882 in Old Freudenthal, Russia
  2. Jake b. 28 June 1884 Old Freudenthal, Russia
  3. Christina b. 6 July 1885 inLestervill, SD
  4. Henry b. 1 March 1887 in Lesterville
  5. Edward b. 15 March 1889 in Selby, SD
  6. :Lydia b. 28 March 1891
  7. Emelia b. 13 May 1893
  8. Fred b. 23 Aug 1896 in Eureka, SD
  9. Elizabreth b. 28 July 1899
  10. Martha b. 2 Dec 1903 in Selby, SD.

smileLetter from Marilyn Metz-Boggs dated  6 Nov 1980:

"...we have information on the LENO line..."

With the note was a chart:

GEN. 1

Henry Moos b. 16 June 1894 Blue Graass ND, d. 4 Dec 1970 Glen Ullin, ND m. 12 Oct 1919 Carson, ND to Lydia Scherer

Gen. 2

Peter Moos b. 19 March 1864 Rohrbach, S. Russia d. 12 Feb 1937 New Salem, ND, USA m. 20 Feb 1886 Yankton, SD to Katherine Leno b. 20 Dec 1866 Helental, S. Russia d. 5 April 1939 New Salem, ND

Gen. 3

Heinrich Leno b. 13 Feb 1839 Helenstal, Russia d. 16 Aug 1916 Saskatchewan, Canada m. Katherine Pfaff b. 22 Aug 1839 Peterstal, Russia d. 3 Dec 1914 Saskachewan, Canada, dau. of Peter Pfaff

smileLetter from Viola Auch, dated 3 Aug 1988:

"...my grandmother was Katherina Pfaff Born June 27, 1840 at Norebeck, Germany. She married Jacob Betz 1860 at Redwood, NY... They had 4 children. My mother Emma Betz Sunderman was the youngest. They came to Dakota territory 1883...Settled near Scotland, SD.

"I don't know anything about my grandmother ....her  mother's name was Katherine Wisker or Wicker.  Perhaps we are related....

"I was a little girl when she died in 1928.

smileLetter from Carol Watson dated  1 Dec 1973:

"I do not have very much on the Pfaff line....as no one from Greenley seems to know too much about them.  Here is what I have on the Pfaff name: My great grandmother was (1) Barbara Marie Pfaff and was born the 16 May 1848 in what was then known as Hoffenburg, Russia, near Odessa. ....She died on the 21 December 1928 in Greely, Colorado....She married Jacob Oster on the 19 October 1867 in Russia (?).

Here are the other Pfaff names I have but don't know whether they were related or not. I presume they were as they all settled in Wild County, Colorado within a short distance of each other....most remained here until their deaths..

(2) Elizabeth Pfaff was born 28th of June 1894 in Hudson, Colorado. She died the 9 October 1956 in Greenley, Colorado. ....She  married Phillip Oster on the 28 April 1918 in Hudson, Colorado. They had two children...

(3) Georg Pfaff: ....he died on the 2 August 1943 in Wild County.... Colorado. His father was Henry Pfaff and hit mother was Elizabeth Schmidt. [See #5)

(4) Gottlieb Pfaff was born in Odessa, Russia on the 6 September 1882. He died the 22 January 1966 in Jamestown, North Dakota. He married Katharine Oster.  They had one son.

(5) Henry Pfaff: Was born on 2 January 1870 in Germany. He died on the 21 October 1942.  .... He was married to Elizabeth Schmidt. They had one son..."

Judy's note:  (4) Gottlieb died in Jamestown which is a town near Pauline , nee Pfaff, Roemmich, my great grandmother.

smileLetter from D. W. Gilman dated 24 April 1974:

"....I am interested in this family...because my son married a descendant of Fredrick Pfaff b. 31 May 1854 in the colony of Freudental / Od. Fredrick Pfaff married Magdelina Martha Bender, born Nov 23, 1858 in the colony of Vormtall. They were married in Yankton, South Dakota, Dec. 30, 1877. They were Evangelical religion.

The first generation known was, Michael Pfaff, born in German, place unknown. It may be assumed that he came from Moersfeld / Kircheimbolander, Pf. His wife Philiphena, maiden name unknown, born in Germany, but place and year unknown...."

Kaiserlautern letters:
smileLetter from Jeanette Chase dated 9 June 1988:

"...I've enclosed several charts as well as the article on Peter Pfaff which was in the book "Rhineland Emigrants" by Don Yoder...."

Gen. 1

Jeanette, nee Ricker,  Chase

Gen. 2

George Ricker m. Elizabeth Haberstock

Phillip Haberstock d. 21 April 1936 Yorkston, Sask. Can. m. Catharina Braumung b. 4 Jan 1888 Landestrue, Galicia

Gen. 3

Adolf Haberstock m. Margaretha Trihardt b. 1848 d. 1906 Zorra, Sask. Can.

Gen. 4

Jakob Tritthard b. 1820 m. Margaretha Biber

Gen. 5

Georg Tritthard b. 26 June 1796 Brigidau , Galicia m. Anna D. Underschuetz

Gen. 6

Johann Tritthard b. 1772 Neuemsbach / Rhineland, Germany m. Maria Elisabeth Pfaff b. 6 Feb 1775 Muenchweiller / Rhineland, Germany

The article reads p. 37

"3. PETER PFAFF born at Kaiserslautern, June 24, 1727, died at Bethania, North Caroline, January 22, 1804, son of the citizen Johann Daniel Pfaff, miller of the Hospital Mill [Spittelmueller], emigrated to America in 1749.  The birth day of Peter Pfaff is no longer proeveable in Kaiserslautern because the Luther church register in question has been lost.  Through correspondence with R.A. Poff, Roanoke, Virginia, the editor came into possession of an autobiography of the emigrant himself, which reads as follows:  [See next letter:  #2 e-mail from m.a.pfaff.......

In the second to last paragraph it reads:

"In North Carolina in the memory of the emigrant Peter Pfaff from Kaiserslautern is preserved in the place-name "Pfafftown." There is therefore in America, now, for nearly 200 years, a parallel with the name "Pfaffstadt" a very recent nickname for Kaiserslautern from the location there of the great Pfaff Sewing-Machine Factories. Actually the forefathers of the emigrant and those of the founder of the Pfaffwerke are the same family."

Other members of the family mention in the article are:

(1) Peter's sister Maria Juliana Wilhelmina  Pfaff m. Johann Conrad Eberle and had been in Pomerania for two years by 1749

(2) step-brother Theobald died a year earlier (1748)

(3) mother: Anna Barbara, nee Hartung, m. (1) to Peter's father Johann Daniel Pfaff m. (2)a miller by the name of Jacob Bart

smile#2 E-mail from m.a..pfaff@worldnet.att.net dated 28 Jan 2001

....I am currently researching Theobald Pfaff who was the grandfather of Peter Pfaff and the common ancestor with Georg Michael Pfaff. Theobald Pfaff I believe was born about 1640 in Kusel.  In 1667 I know he was in Kaiserslautern....

The German surname "Pfaff" (Pfaff, Pfaffe, Pfape) means "Priest" (lat. papa).....

.....Below are Peter Pfaff memoir you may find interesting.

MEMOIR OF PETER PFAFF, SENIOR: Brother Peter Pfaff, Sr., who departed this life 22 January 1804 in Bethania, has left this brief written account of his course through time:

I was born 24 June 1727 in Kaiserslautern, chief city of Kurpfalz, where my father, Johann Daniel Pfaff, was citizen and mastermiller. My mother was Anna Barbara, maiden name Hartung. When I was five years old my father departed this life peacefully. He was known as an awakened and peace-loving man, and I well remember what my mother told me about him.

After some time my mother married again another miller, Jacob Bart. My step-father looked after my education and sent me to school. After my schooling ended, I served various people as a driver, until the year 1749 when I came to Pennsylvania. I first went to Yorktown (Pennsylvania) and worked as a smith. I soon had opportunity to hear Brethren preach. Their comforting witness that nothing counts in God's sight except grace in the blood of Jesus, was a joyous message to me, and I was convinced that this is the true ground of our happiness. In 1750 I was married to Anna Walburga Kerber and I went with her soon to the land I had purchased 15 miles from Yorktown. Since we both loved the Brethren, we agreed to hold to them; so we sold our land and moved near Yorktown. We soon had the joy of being numbered in their Society. I so rejoiced in this that some time thereafter I wished to be bound more closely by reception in the Brethren's Church. When I talked to my wife about this, she asserted that she was not yet ready, but gave assurance that she did not want to be a hindrance to me. I applied, therefore, and 4 April 1756 I had the happiness of being received as a member of the Brethren's Church.

In 1759, the 4th of November, my wife and I had the privilege of partaking of the Holy Communion which was a blessing to our hearts.

In 1771, with the blessing of the congregation in Yorktown, we journeyed to North Carolina and settled in the Friedberg settlement. Soon after my arrival there, I was appointed a vestryman of the Brethren's parish....

In 1774, November 9, his dear wife departed this life. His 24 years of married life God has blessed with 6 children, 4 sons and 2 daughters, of whom 1 daughter preceded him into eternity. From his children he had 30 grandchildren, of whom 20 survive. After the homegoing of his wife his children looked after him and took care of his household for nearly 12 years in the Friedberg settlement, until he and his children, Jr. and Sr. Isaac Pfaff, in 1786 moved here in the neighborhood of Bethania. Here he lived quietly and he had no other business than to assist in the household of his son as much as he could and as his strength permitted, which seemed to fail noticeably after some years. In 1793 while he was riding to Bethabara he had a sudden attack of dizziness and fell from his horse; he could not help himself and had to be brought home by his son Isaac.


From The Moravians in N.C., an Authentic History by Reverend Levin Theodore Reichel of Salem, N.C. Pg 186 F265.M8R3 1968

smileLetter from Donald Walter

Chart#1 & 2:

Wilhelem Pfaff b. bef. 1844 m. Katherina Whitamaier of Alt Freudental.  Issue:

  1. John Pfaff m. ____ Oster Issue:
  2. Elizabeth Pfaff b. 26 March 1862 m. Christian Oster, son of Jacob Oster and Christiana Gall  (Gull?) Eizabeth was 28 years old when she arrived in USA with her husband on the ship Wyland which left Hamburg 26 May 1889. They traveled to Lincoln Nebraska. Issue:
  3. Fred Pfaff
  4. Katherine Pfaff m. Kappel
  5. Fredrica  Pfaff  m. (1) Ludwig Oster m. (2) John Henry Geile. [The husbands order may be reversed?] Issue:

Jacob Oster b. 1830 m. Christiana Gall from Alt Freudntal / Od. S. Russia.  Issue:

  1. Jacob Oster m. Metilda Neitscke.  Issue:
  2. Christian Oster m. Elizabeth Pfaff .......  Chart  above.....
  3. Ludwig Oster  m. Frederica Pfaff ....... Chart  above
  4. Hanna Oster m. Becker
  5. Louisa Oster m. Minnie Schell.  Issue:

John C. Schafer b. 1 March 1834 Frank / Od, S. Russia m. Margaret Haddow from Frank, Od. S. Russia.  The widower John migr. to USA with his three sons in 1876 or 1877. Moved to Canaa and is buried in Josephburg, Alberta, Canada. .  Issue:

  1. George  Schafer b. 23 Sept 1853
  2. Conrad Schafer b. 6 Oct 1856
  3. Jacob Schafer b. 1861 Frank d, 1896 or 1897 m. Maria Stumpf  b. 14 Aug 1861 or 1872 Warrenburg, Russia, dau. of Carl J. Stumpf and Susan Anna Krusar. They migr. after marriage in Lincoln, Nebraska  to Arkansas.  After Jacob's death Maria rermarried ____ Cash aft 1897.  She had seven children with Cash.  Issue:

Conrad Stumpf  b. 1800 Warenburg, Russia  m. Anna _____ Issue:



Patrick wrote 15 Dec 2000


I'm looking for more information about Peter Oster (b. 2/1866 in Freudental, Russia) and Christina Pfaff (b. 11/1876 also in Freudental), married in Russia in 1893. Peter's first wife (Wilhelmina Oster) died giving birth to their son, Peter Oster Jr. (Peter later married Wilhemina's sister, Christina). (Christina's and Wilhelmina's parents were John Pfaff and Rosina Buseman).They had several children in Russia (Peter Jr., Carl, Jacob, John who died in infancy, Carrie and Wilhelmina). Peter and Christina (and the 5 children) came to the US on the Deutschland (Hamburg-New York line) in 10/1901. They stayed in Tyndall, SD for a year before homesteading near Drake, ND. They had several more children in ND. Peter had a brother (John or Jacob?) and a sister (Paulina, who reported married a Saylor). Anything sound familiar...please e-mail me. Thanks, Pat


See Letter  12 June 2007 from Rhonda Doty in files not yet posted for desc. of John Pfaff and his two children Wilhemina Pfaff b. ____  and Christina Pfaff b. 1876 poss. Alt-Frudental, S. Russia...... [More later]

smileLetter from Harvey Stump, dated 17 Sept 1973:

"...I have Wilhelm Pfaff b. 15 Dec 1858 Russia d. 27 May 1931 Spokane Wash. His father was Wilhelm but have nothing else on him. His children were Wilhemina, William, Katherine, Pauline, Elizabeth and John.

My mother was Wilhelmine who married a C.O. Ulrich in 1903.  Died around 1908.  She then married my father John Philip Stumpf.  My mother's mother was Magdalene Vogel who also came from Russia..  My mother was born in Freudental, Russia Nov 29, 1886, died June 12, 1968 Portland, OR....

smileLetters from Mrs. William Long (Viola, nee Mueller) dated  14 April 1989 & 9 Jan  1990

She sent be  two pedigree charts:

Elizabeth Pfaff  b. abt 1807 / 1808 Eichesheim / Rheinland, Palatinate m. Martin Gaab b. 1807 Rohrbach / Rhine., Palatinate, son of Adam Gaab and Elizabeth Marquart b. 1781.  Issue:

  1. Franz Gaab
  2. Marianna Gaab
  3. Anton Gaab
  4. Anton Gaab
  5. Peter Gaab
  6. Magdalena  Gaab m. Staneslous Fischer from Landau, Russia
  7. Adam Gaab.

Gen. 1:

Viola Mueller

Gen. 2

Catherine Renner  b. 1903 Richardton, ND m. Bernhard Mueller, son of Forenag Mueller b. 18 Oct 1856 Setschan, Austria and Theresia Mosung b. 9 March 1859 Josephelfalin, Hungary.....

Gen. 3

Rosa Fisher b. 1875 Landau, Russia  m. Nicholas Renner, son of Nicholas Renner b. 1870 Russia

Gen. 4

Magdalena Gaab b. 1839 Landau / S. Russia m. Stanislous Fisher b. 17 Nov 1829 Landau, S. Russia, son of Michael Fischer b. 1777 and  the grandson of Anton Fischer b. 1755 and Margaretha Paul b. 1788 who was the dau. of Philip Paul

Gen. 5

Elizabeth Pfaff b. abt 1807 m. Martin Gaub b. 1807, son  of Adam Gaub (son of Georg Gaub)and Elisabeth Marguqrt b. 1781  (dau. of Konrad Marquart)

Gen. 6

Jacob Pfaff b. 1773 m. Rosena M. Kimmel, dau. of Peter Kimmel

Gen. 7

Anton Pfaff

Joseph Pfaff b. 1813 Karlsruhes, S. Russia (Catholic), son of Jakob Pfaff b. 1773 Eicheshein  Baden, Germany and grandson of Anton Pfaff  m. Anna Marie Hopfner b. 1815 Karlsruhe, S. Russia (Catholic), dau. of Alois Hopfner b. 1783 Ettlingen / Baden and Margaret Ekrott b. 1786. Their children were:

  1. Adam Pfaff b. 1840 Karlsruhe, S. Russia m. Mary A. Schaff
  2. Joseph Pfaff b. 1843 Karlsruhe, S. Russia d. 4 Aug 1916 Fallon, ND USA m. Elizabeth Hutmacker
  3. Daniel Pfaff b. 21 Ocrt 1848 Karlsruhe, S. Russia d. 1 Jan 1906 Richardton, ND, USA m. Anna Marie Hutmacker  [Judy's note: See Sissons letter]
  4. Georg Pfaff
  5. Appolonia G. Pfaff d. Russia  m. (1) Phillip Brown, m. (2) Lawrence Fix
  6. Julia B. Pfaff m. (1) Jacob Lanz, m. (2) Joseph Helfrick
  7. Magdalena Pfaff b. 23 May 1858 Karlsruhe, S. RUssia d. 7 Jan 1949 Mandan, ND, USA m. Sebastian Hopfauf

smileLetter from Mrs. Joe Hopfauf dated 9 Jan  1990 [Judy's notes: see Letter from Mrs. William Long (Viola, nee Mueller) because it appears that her Elizabeth Pfaff b. abt 1807 is the sister to Joseph Pfaff mentioned in Hopfuaf letter....]

Joseph Pfaff b. 1813 Karlsruhes, S. Russia (Catholic), son of Jakob Pfaff b. 1773 Eicheshein  Baden, Germany and grandson of Anton Pfaff  m. Anna Marie Hopfner b. 1815 Karlsruhe, S. Russia (Catholic), dau. of Alois Hopfner b. 1783 Ettlingen / Baden and Margaret Ekrott b. 1786. Their children were:

  1. Adam Pfaff b. 1840 Karlsruhe, S. Russia m. Mary A. Schaff
  2. Joseph Pfaff b. 1843 Karlsruhe, S. Russia d. 4 Aug 1916 Fallon, ND USA m. Elizabeth Hutmacker
  3. Daniel Pfaff b. 21 Ocrt 1848 Karlsruhe, S. Russia d. 1 Jan 1906 Richardton, ND, USA m. Anna Marie Hutmacker  [Judy's note: See Sissons letter]
  4. Georg Pfaff
  5. Appolonia G. Pfaff d. Russia  m. (1) Phillip Brown, m. (2) Lawrence Fix
  6. Julia B. Pfaff m. (1) Jacob Lanz, m. (2) Joseph Helfrick
  7. Magdalena Pfaff b. 23 May 1858 Karlsruhe, S. RUssia d. 7 Jan 1949 Mandan, ND, USA m. Sebastian Hopfauf

Jopseh Pfaff sisters were:  Helena b. 1806, who never married, Elizabeth  b. 1807, who m. Martin Gab , b. 1818, and Gertrude who m. Adam Eckrott

Anna Marie Hopfner's sister was Elizabeth b. 1810 m. Phillip Helfirch.

smileLetter from Cheryl Sissons:

[Judy's notes: See  Child #3 Daniel Pfaff b. 21 Ocrt 1848 Karlsruhe, S. Russia d. 1 Jan 1906 Richardton, ND, USA m. Anna Marie Hutmacker in Letter from Mrs. Joe Hopfauf dated 9 Jan  1990]

My great grandfather's sister was Anna Maria Huthmacher,  born 1853 in Russia Pfaff in Russia . She married Daniel Pfaff in poss. Sulz / Od., S. Russia and came to the U.S.A. in 1890. She died 21 Nov 1933, he died Jan. 21, 1906. Both buried in St. Mary's Cemetery in Richardton, North Dakota. They were Catholic. Their children:

  1. Elizabeth Pfaff b. 1875 in Russia ...never married
  2. Jacob Pfaff born Sept 1876 in Russia, married Martha Messer. Children:
  3. John Pfaff b. March 1878 in Russia m. Veronica Gratz. Issue:
  4. Vincent Pfaff m. Magdalena Messer
  5. Ottilia Pfaff b. 1892 in North Dakota m. John Pfau
  6. Robert Pfaff , never married
  7. Peter Pfaff b. 1894 in North Dakota m. Veronica Bleth
  8. Joseph Pfaff born 1890 in North Dakota. He never married.
  9. Regina Pfaff b. 26 Aug `897 in Richardton, North Dakota m.  March 22, 1966 (??) Joseph Sutherland in St. James Church in Vancouver, WA.... [Judy's Notes: See Weiman letter]

smileLetter from Mary Anna Weiman, dated 4 Feb 1986:

"...I am Mary...., daughter of Anna Hutmacher or Huthmacher....

"...believe one of Joseph' sisters was Regina (?) Emmarence....married a Pfaff.... I have a post card picture of Regina Pfaff....

smileLetter from Isabell L. Bentley [no date]:


Gen. 1

Lorin Dale Bentley m. Isabel Oliver

Gen. 2

Lydia Pfaff b. 1 Aug 1896 Lynch, Coyd Co., NB d. 8 Dec 1978 Chico, CA m.  ___Bentley

Gen. 3

Ludwig Pfaff b. 12 Feb 1860 Freudenthal, S. Rus d. 5 Jan 1941 Isabel, SD m. (1) Caroline Becker  m. (2) Christina Guthmiller  [Goodmiller] b. 28 Dec 1863 Neuberg, S. Rus  d. 8 April 1934 Isabel, SD, dau. of Ludwig  Goodmiller  [Guthmiller]  and Catherina Gisendorff  [death ertificate 160751]

Gen. 4

William Pfaff m. Christina Beaklal (? Death certificate  is difficult to read poss Beckel or Beakel)

Ludwig (Jake) Guthmiller  d. Fairfax. SD m. Katrina Kath. Fuch d. Fairfax, SD

smileLetters combined by Judy A. Remmick  for  the Catholic Pfaffs of Karlsruhes/ Od. S. Russia:

Jacob Pfaff  (plasterer) b. 1771, son of Anton Pfaff of Elcheshein [stet], Baden, Germany m. Rosena Kimmel.  b. 1771, dau. of Peter Kimmel from Steinmauern, Baden, Germany. Issue:

  1. Helen Pfaff b. 1806
  2. Elizabeth Pfaff  b. abt 1807 / 1808 Eichesheim / Rheinland, Palatinate m. Martin Gaab b. 1807 Rohrbach / Rhine., Palatinate, son of Adam Gaab and Elizabeth Marquart b. 1781. [Judy's notes:  see Letters from Mrs. William Long (Viola, nee Mueller) dated  14 April 1989 & 9 Jan  1990] Issue:
  3. Joseph Pfaff b. 1813 Karlsruhes, S. Russia (Catholic), son of Jakob Pfaff b. 1773 Eicheshein  Baden, Germany and grandson of Anton Pfaff  m. Anna Marie Hopfner b. 1815 Karlsruhe, S. Russia (Catholic), dau. of Alois Hopfner b. 1783 Eittlingen / Baden and Margaret Fohr b. 1761 Rhinezaber / Germarsheim, Baden, Germany.  (Note: Anna's sister, Elizabeth, m. Phillip Helfrich)Their children were:
  4. Gertrude Pfaff m. Adam Eckrott

smileLetters from Mary June Fuchs Foulk BoxerB@aol.com

#1 Letter:

20 Feb. 2001 .... "Georg Hirsch, Maier, Leno, etc. . All of these are my family names."

#2 Letter:

20 Feb 2001.... ..."Dr. Karl Stkumpp's book....On page 572 (Freudental) it lists, Peter Pfaff, 60 with a son, Philipp, who has moved to the Kolonie of Peterstahy because of marriage.  Then on page 625 (Peterstahl) is the listing of Philip who m. Kunigunda Hirsch...."  "....Dennis John Weist...website:  http://family.weist.net/pafg07.htm.  He has Philipp Pfaff's father as Peter..."

#3 Letter:

23 Feb 2001 :  ....Eva Elisabetha Leno, who was my great grandmother....."

Note:  JAR-H. asked Ralph Wiseman about this and he wrote 23 Feb 2001 the following reply:  

<<Philipp Pfaff who married Kunigunda Hirsch is the son of Peter Pfaff and Christina Ottmar.

He was born 1 Sep 1778 in Berg Kassel in Hungary nnd died 10 Aug 1876 in Hoffnungsburg, Odessa, South Russia....


smileLetter from Cheryl Polzin  polzin1@mission.com

9 Feb 2001

"My Barbara Pfaff married Jacob Oster in 1867 in Russia.  They later settled in Greenley, Colorado, area.  Any information?

Note:  See family of  Karlsruhes/ Od. S. Russia

smileLetters from Greg Geidel  chigreg@flash.net 

8 Jan. 2001

I saw your roll call...noticed the Pfaff.. My ggg grandmother was Elisabetha Pfaff married to Andreas Kiemele.  Birth and marriage dates are unknown.  Date of death is p;ossibly March 24, 1870.  The names of children that I can find are Christian, Elisabetha, Jacob, Anna Maria and Klara (my gg grandmother) and were living in Neu Freudental during this time.......

smileLetters from Katherine Kuckens katkuckens@home.com

8 Jan 2001

....I have some Pfaffs also..they married into either Kleins or Bibelheimers in Freudental.  Give me a few days to look it up.....

smileLetters from  Fred  (FRobin1375)

11 Aug 1987:

Henry Pfaf b. 1844 Ger. or Russia.  Came to America 11 May 1889 with family.  Duaghter Elizabeth and son in law Frederick Reiser were on the same ship.  They came from Odessa Russia area.  Town of Altfriedensthad.  They went to Menno SD where friends and sponser Reiser lived.

8 Aug. 1997

....Reiser ...from..New Kassel, Russia.



smileObit from Lewiston, MT Newspaper:

Found the following obit. in the Lewistown, MT. paper:

SARAH PFAFF: Sarah (Kirschenman) Pfaff, 90, who operated a bowling alley in Whitefish, MT., died Friday ( April 20, 2001) in a Lewistown, MT. nursing home of natural causes. Graveside services will be 2PM, Thursday April 26, 2001 at the Whitefish, MT. cemetery. Cloyd Funeral  Home (Lewistown) is handling arrangements.

She was born May 10, 1910 on the family homestead near Eureka, S.D. where she grew up and received her education. She married Fred Pfaff in Mound City, S.D. They moved to Valley City, ND, and later to Yakima,  WA. During WWII they lived in Spokane and worked at the Navy depot and  supply at Trentwood, WA.

They both enjoyed bowling and after the war, moved to Whitefish and purchased a bowling alley where she also ran the lunch counter, They retired in Whitefish.

After her husband's death, she lived in Lewistown, MT. Surviving are brothers, Emil Kirschenman of Fort Meade, SD., and Albert Kirschenman of Eureka, SD; sisters Alma Amen and Ruth Kappas of Eureka, SD. and Mathilda Poland of Yakima, WA.

_______Posted by Marvin C. Hoffer, Lewistown, MT. 4-22-01


smile E-mail from  Wendy L. Mayfield:  mayfieldk@interquest.de dated 14 Aug 2001

I found the following undated obituary in my Step Grandmothers family file. As you will note your Paulina PFAFF is listed in this obituary.

(Please see the following record)

My question is what if any connection do you know of between Catharina PFAFF and Paulina PFAFF?? Catharina married Ludwig EBEL who was also from Odessa. (Worms). Lydia would have been her daughter.

Samuel is the father to my step father... thus the reason why I have the obits. I can send you a scanned copy of them if you'd like.

Hugs Wendy


1. Transcribed on 12 August 2001 by Wendy L. MAYFIELD, Obituary of [REMMICK, John] (Hand dated 1982), Collection of Rose and Samuel Ebel,

<<Deceased>>. "JOHN REMMICK

John Remmick, 74, 1505-4th Ave. S.W., Jamestown, died at his home Thursday. The funeral will be held Saturday, May 29, at 1:30 p.m., in Eddy Funeral Chapel with Rev. N.E. Mcoy officiating. Interment is in Highland Home Cemetery and Eddy Funeral Home is in charge of the arrangments.

Mr. Remmick was born at Cleveland on July 21, 1907, the son of Jacob and Pauline (Pfaff) Remmick. He received his education in Streeter schools, and farmed near Streeter, and later worked for the Northern Pacific Railroad until 1944. He then moved to the Pingree area anf farmed there until 1962 when he moved to Jamestown.

He and Luise Maser were married in Moorhead, Minn., on July 14, 1964.

Survivors include his wife; three sons, Roger Remmick, Lester Remmick, and Melvin Remmick, all of Bismark; two step-daughters, Dr. Uta Kim and Mrs. Gelam (Reneta) Mohuddin, both of Berlin, West Germany; 10 grandchildren; and seven great-grandchildren; and tow brothers, Jacob Remmick, Jamestown; and Ed Remmick, Bend, Ore.

He was preceded in death by his parents, one sister and two brothers.".


1. Transcribed on 12 Aug 2001 by Wendy L. Mayfield, Obituary of (WIEST, Lydia Ebel], Collection of Rose and Samuel Ebel,

<<Deceased>>."Lydia Wiest

Graveside services were to be held at 2 p.m. Tuesday in Glen Oaks Memorial Park for Lydia Wiest, 78, who died Saturday in a local hospital. She was born on March 31, 1906 to Ludwig and Christine Paff Ebel in Jamestown, N.D., where she was reared and educated.

In 1936, she married Jack Wiest. They came to California in 1940, first settling in Willows. In 1941 they moved to Chico, where her husband worked for North Valley Tractor for several years.

He died in 1967.

The family donated Chico's first living Christmas Tree, which stood in City Plaza.

Survivors include a son, Jack Wiest Jr. of Sacramento; two daughters, Audry Wright of Chico and Shirley Begley of Durham; two brother, Fred Ebel of McCloud and Sam Ebel of Illinois; two sisters, Minnie Issenger and Sally McCrea, both of Jamestown, N.D.; and four grandchildren. The Rev. James E. Dillon of the Second Baptist Church of Chico will officiate at the service. Visitation will be 65-9 p.m. today at Brusie Funeral Home, which is handling arrangements.".

# 16 Aug 2001


Ludwig "Ludvig" EBEL He was born 11 Nov 1869 at Worms, Odessa Russia, and died on 11 May 1931. It is interesting to note that Ludwig applied for his second naturalization papers in Barnes County North Dakota (just one county East of where Jamestown is). Checking the 1900 Federal Census for him in Jamestown he was not to be found. Is it possible that he is the son of Philip or brother to Philip EBEL who had a rest station on the Great Migration Trail named after him?? He married between 1905 and 1906 to Christina PFAFF born at Odessa, Russia.

Chistina "Christine" PFAFF had a sister by the name of Pauline PFAFF who married John REMMICK [JARH Note: John was son of Pauline who was married to Jacob Remmick]. Ludwig and Christina had the following children:

Lydia EBEL

She was born 31 Mar 1906 at Jamestown, North Dakota and died May 1984 at the Local Hospital in Chico, California. She married in 1936 to Jack WIEST, born on 13 Jan 1904 died Aug 1967 in Chico, California. Jack WIEST is the son of John WIEST and Elizabeth. (Incidentaly, Rosie Wiest MARTEL who lived in Elgin but formerly of Fox River Grove, was the 2nd child of John &

Elizabeth WIEST. You may remember her or not.) Jack and Lydia WIEST donated the first living Christmas Tree to the town of Chico, California and it stood in Chico City Plaza. They had the following children:

Jack WIEST Jr. born 12 Oct 1941 died 30 Jan 1999

Audry WIEST married Unnamed WRIGHT

Shirley WIEST married Unnamed BEGLEY

Samuel EBEL (You know about him.)

Sally EBEL

She was born on 7 Mar 1912 and died 21 July 1996 in Jamestown, North Dakota. She marreid Unnamed McCREA.


He was born 6 May 1916 and died 1 Nov 1988 in McCloud, California.

Minnie EBEL married Unnamed (E)ISSENGER (Obit states ISSENGER, however subsequet research indicates the name is currently spelling EISSENGER. I couldn't find her in the Social Security Death Index under ISSENGER.

Unknown EBEL-Sam's Birth Certificate stated that Christina had 6 children-

Amelia EBEL Placed as a sister to Ludwig tentativly. He obituary states she only had one living brother (Walter)-which would make some sense considering Ludwig died in 1931. She was born 12 Oct 1889 Russia, and died about 1982. She lived in Chinook Montana, before she moved to Jamestown North Dakota. She married on Jan 1913 to Frank G.WEISSER. Frank died in 1961. They lived at Grand Forks, until moving to Fargo in 1931.

They had the following children:


Ruth WEISSER married C.E. LAYDON

Esther WEISSEER married Royal GREEN


Margaret WEISSER married W.O. DAHL

Kathleen WEISSER married Imits SILINS

(order of children is unknown at this point.)

Walter EBEL

Here is also Amelia EBEL WEISSER's obit:


1. Transcribed on 12 August 2001 by Wendy L. MAYFIELD, Obituary of [WEISSER, Amelia Ebel], Hand Dated April 15 or April 22, Collection of Rose and Samuel

Ebel, <<Deceased>>. "Obituaries


The funeral for Amelia Weisser, 93, Fargo, formerly of Jamestown, was held Friday afternoon in Calvary Baptist Church. She died Tuesday. Amelia Ebel was born Oct. 12, 1889 in Russia. She came to the United States in 1907 and settled at Chinook, Mont. She later moved to Jamestown and worked at the Gladstone Hotel. She married Frank G. Weisser in January of 1913. They lived at Grand Forks until coming to Fargo in 1931. He died in 1961.

Survivors include a son and five daughters, herbert Weisser, Portland, Ore., Mrs. C.E. (Ruth) Laydon, Federal Way, Wash., Mrs. Royal (Esther) Green and Mrs. Ed (LaVern) Anderson, both of Fargo, Mrs. W.O. (Margaret) Dahl, Kellogg, Idaho, and Mrs. Imits (Kathleen) Silins, Seattle, Wash.; a brother Walter Ebel, Chinook; 19 grandchildren; and 30 great grandchildren. Ivers Funeral Home, Fargo, is in charge of arrangements.".

[....part s omited....]




Direct E-mail in part from Boxer B on 13 Sept 2001.

BoxerB: Just wondered if you had ever seen a death for Johanna Christina SCHANZENBACHER in the Freudental records

BoxerB: Married name Pfaff

BoxerB: She died 23 Feb 1838 at age 31

BoxerB: You have her as the 2nd wife of Johann Peter Pfaff b 1771, d 5 May 1836

BoxerB: I am researching the Pfaff line through Philipp who m Kunigunda Hirsch

BoxerB: OK. I found that death date and just wanted to call your attention to it.

BoxerB: Harold Ehrman has Christine Ottmar as the wife of Johann Peter Leno

BoxerB: I have a cousin, Ina Gackle of Plentywood MT, who did research on the Leno family.

BoxerB: I am sorry, I meant Johann Peter Pfaff!!!

RemMick: There are times one of us finds new information and we forget to contact the other... Information can change data already in our records. This is why I try to show who has sent the data

BoxerB: I have a Peter Leno and a Peter Pfaff

BoxerB: Talk with you later.


Letter from jmeeuwig@attcanada.net  10 Sept 2001:

My educated guess is that we have a different Christine in:  Freudental Death Records, 186x (R. Wiseman)

Pfaff, Christine  18 Nov 1862 #1884099/3  5, 80y.8m.6d., Zwerenberg, Wurtemberg

Wid, MN: Ottmar, H: ? On 1863 Census, PBN:70

Working back from her death Christine Ottmar is born *1782...She sseems to also show up as a stand-alone record on International Genealogical Index-German as

Christina Ottmer Sex: F

Event(s): Brith 12 March 1782, Wuerttemberg...

..also have the following info; a marriage in 1791


Peter Pfaff Sex: M


Spouce Christina

Marriage: 1791   , Hungary


Source information:  Film Number 1761167.....


Date: 11/28/2003 7:21:11 PM Pacific Standard Time

From: Pafdonut

To: RemMick


I came upon your Pfaff web site and you asked to be contacted if we knew anyone on the list.  Michael Pfaf who married Magdalena Hoff - Magdalena was my great-great aunt. I have no idea where she died or anything.

Donnette >>

Letters continued


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