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Hubert.Home.Site Pages in Brief:

Hubert's Vikings Home Site:  Norwegian Families Index Page
  • Page1 - Johan Johansen Families
    • Engebretsen
  • Page2. -Page on Sandefjord with history and map

  • Page3 - Postcards of Sandefjord

  • Page 7-Enlarged Map of Norway - 1906,  showing Langeby/Sandefjord, Vestfold n. Oslo, Norway and Bergen, Norway

  • Page 8 - Map - Enlarge  area of Oslo [Christiania], Norway - 1906 whoing Sandefjord

  • Page 9 - Langeby Farm's Coast Line Photograph & Log Wall of Johansen farm house

  • Page 10 - Johan Engebretsen's and   Maren Andrea Aakesdatr Ingebretsen's Children With Photographs

  • Page 11 - Children of  Johan Engebretsen's  and  Maren Andrea Aakesdatr Ingebretsen's children 's families' photgraphs

    • Photographs of Family Members
  • Page12 - Myksvoll Family Home Site

    • Eight Generations
    • Myksvoll Farm
    • Nese Farm
    • Photographs - 1991
    • Myksvoll, Tweet, Tweedt Book
    • History of the Kings of Norway, Heimskringla, by Snorri Sturluson, Translated by Lee M. Hollander
  • Page13 - Early Nordic Kings Connected to Myksvoll Families

    • Royal Lineage In Detail
    • Photograph of Huberts with cousins at the Grave Site of  King Haakon I "The Good", a Myksvoll Ancestor
    • List of Family Farms in Norway Links to  Pages of Myksvoll & Johansen Families
  • Page14 - Photograph of  King Haakon I "The Good's" Buriel Mound

    • Information Needed In Nordic Research of Counties /  Old and New Names /Plus Cities, Villages, Farms Within the Counties
    • Map of Moere Og Romsdal Count &   Songn og Fjordane County  & Hordaland County In More Detail
  • Page15 - 1991 Photographs o f Norway  Plus  Exerpts From Books About The Photograph

    • Norway Map of Viking Days
    • Royal Wagon found in a Viking Grave of Oseberg
    • Train at  Myrdal
    • Kjosfossen Falls
    • Troll and Garry at Flam
    • Undreal Village
    • Naeroyfjord is a fjord by Songenfjord near Bergen
    • View from Stalheim from which we see  the Naeroy valley
    • Voss Stave Church
    • Map of Norway showing Myksvoll, Lindaas, n. Bergen and Sandefjord n. Oslo, Norway
    • Enlarged Map showing area around Bergen
    • Bergen Harbor
    • German Quay
    • Map showing Salhaus and Espeland n. Bergen, Norway
    • Gravin Farm - Myksvoll Family
    • Salhaus Farm - Myksvoll Family
    • Voss Farm - Myksvoll Family
    • Haakon's Hall - Bergen
    • Web Sites Discovered For Norway Research - Bottom of page...
  • Page 16 - Christian Joenson, Myksvoll Family

    • Minnesota Map showing Walnut Grove - USA
    • Enlarged Section of Minnesota Map showing Walnut Grove - USA
  • Page 17 - Children of Joenson, Myksvoll

    • Tweed, Tweedt
    • Four Children of Christian Joenson, Myksvoll
  • Page 18 -  Farm Names

    • Photographs  of :
      • Myksvoll Farm house
      • cold storage burrow
      • spinning wheel
      • parafin lantern
      • homemade disk and furniture
  • Pages 19 -Web Sites Important to Norwegian Home Site

Nordic Web Sites Used for This Site


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