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Links to Old Friends of Lodi High School Class of  1960

Senior Year 1959-1960

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Lodi Union High School, Lodi, CA. USA

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From the High School 1958 Year Book

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55th Class Reunion Photos

50th Class Reunion Photos

Links to Old Friends of Lodi High School Class of  1960

Mary Lou McGill, Carolyn Marshall, Marsha Sanger at an earlier luncheon.

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Contact: Marsha Sanger at (209) 629-5859


Lodi, California, USA




grade one


Help me name our class mates of 54 years ago.

Help me remember our past.  Send me your memories.


Our 45th reunion was in 2005. It proved to be something special for all of us. From, now, until our next reunion in 2010, we [you, the others and I] can share even more of our memories with those who were not able to join us and  the rest of the world.

Our 50th Reunion was even better.  And, believe it or not,  we're getting close to the next Reunion ( I hope) next year, 2015.

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Index of Judy A. Remmick - Hubert's Memoirs

By Year
1942-46 Pre School Years
1946-47 Kindergarten Pictures - Garfield School
  • Garfield School, A History
1947-48 First Grade Pictures - Garfield School
1948-49 Second Grade - Picture- Garfield School
1949-50 Third Grade - Lincoln School
  • Lincoln School, A History
1950-51 Fourth Grade - Lincoln School

Fourth Grade - George Washington School - Mrs. Bailey's Class

1951-52 Fifth Grade - Lincoln School
1952-53 Sixth Grade - Woods Elementary School , Woodbridge, CA
  • Woods School Photographs
1954 -55 Seventh Grade - Woods School
1955-56 Eighth Grade - Woods  Elementary School - Missing Photograph of Class Mates
  • Graduation - 6 June 1956
  • List of the Graduates
  • Photograph of Rosella Breitmeyer and Myself
  • Thomas Slevin - Teacher
  • Graduation Program
  • List of Eight Grade Students Graduating
  • School Staff List
  • Seventh Grader - Spncer Stafford

Needam School

1956-57 Freshman Year, Lodi HS [Ninth Grade]
  • Girls'Sports
    • Freshman Hockey Team
  • Memories of Freshman Year
    • Mr Don Levy
    • Dale Kretzer
    • Song and Cheer Leaders - Seniors [Class of 1957]
    • Freshman Float in Parade
    • Field Hockey, Freshman Team, Lodi HS - 1956, A Photograph
1957-58 Sophomore Year, Lodi HS [Tenth Grade]
1958-59 Junior Year, Lodi HS  [Eleventh Grade] - List of Students
  • Softball - Girls Sport
  • Page 11 -
    • Autographs in School Aunnal
    • Dances of Sophmore Year
      • Photograph of Brian Pietzke - Winter Formal Dance
      • Photograph of Pat Alexander - Santa's Fantasy Dance
      • Photograph of Rosella Breitmeyer, James Graham, Pat Alexander .... Gigham and Cord Dance
      • Photograph of Timothy Emmerick - Pink Flamingo Dance
      • Photograph of Thomas Rogers - Huck's Hop
    • Junior Class Play,  Dirty Work ASt the Crossroads
1959-60 buttonSenior Year, Lodi HS [Twelfth Grade], Class of 1960 - Index Page
  • Graduation - 6 June 1956 plus other sugjects listed on the index page....

By Subject from "A" to "Zzzz"

Baseball - Boys To The Left, Girls To The Right
  • Jackie Robinson - Brooklyn Dodgers - 1949
  • Lincoln School - 1949
  • Lodi High School
  • Woods School
  • World Series - 1949
Deaths of Our Classmates
Field Hockey, Freshmen Girls- 1956, Lodi HS
Garfield Elementary School
Genealogy Sites  Genealogy:
Index -Class 60 Index of Classmates of 1960  - Juniior Class
  • Inturnment Camps, WWII
Library, Lodi's Cargenie Public
  • Adventures of A Book Worm
  • Photographs
Links to Old Friends of Lodi High School Class of  1960
Lincoln Elementary School
Lodi HS, Lodi CA - Index: You Are There
  • Photographs of:
Movies -  Cowboys, Indians and Old Movies Days  
  • Old Lodi Theater
  • Films
  • Vaudeville
Newsletter  for Class of 1960 - Private, Contact for URL
Young Playmates - Relatives & Friends Mentioned In Stories:
1959-1960 Senior Year 1959-1960
Truman, U.S. President - Inauguration
Woods School, [It had Kindergaretn through Eight Grade], Woodbridge, CA


CLASS of 1960:


Next Luncheon for Guys and Gals

30 Octobr 2015   

Contact: Marsha Sanger at (209) 629-5859


The Newsletter list is found in the High School Section


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