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List And Brief History of the German States, Grand Duchies, Principalities, etc before 1806 continued......


button East Friesland  (Osterfriesland or Emden or Emsland)

button Eberstein.  In Murgtal in Baden.  Was a Graftschaft.  Member of the Grafenkolleg. Represented by Baden-Baden.

button Echternach.  Presently in Luxemburg.  Was a prelate nullius.  Taken by Burgundy.

button Eggenberg.  Presently in   ______?__ [poss Austria].... 1717 vote cancelled in Reichstag....      

button Eglingen.  Presently in Kreis Heidenheim in Baden-Wuerttemberg.  Was Herrschaft.  Represented by Counts von Grafeneck until 1788m then by  Princes von Thurn and Taxis who were Catholic.  In 1806 was absorbed by Wuertemberg.  1810  became part of Bavaria's holdings.

button Eglof.  Presently in Upper Swabia  (Baden-Wuerttemberg?).  Was Herrschaft and Grafschaft.  Member of Schwaebishe Grafenkolleg.   After 1668 was represented by the Counts of von Abensberg and Traun. 1804 represented by Princes von Windisch-Graetz.  1806 absorbed by Wuerttemberg.  During this time, the peasants held certain liberties and rights of self governing due to special privileges granted to them since the middle ages.

button Egmont and Iselsstein.  Presently in the Netherlands. Was Grafschaft.  In 1648 became Dutch. Reichstag vote cancelled..... See Iselstein.

button Ehrenfels.  Presently in Rheigaukreis in Hessen near Ruedesheim.  Was Grafschaft.  1766 became a member of Grafenkolleg.  Connected to the  Elector of Palatinate (Kurpfalz) .... 

button Eichstaedt Estate .  Presently in Mittelfranken in Bavaria.  Was bishopric.  Connected to the estates of (1) Beilngries, (2) Herrieden,  (3) Ornbau,  (4) Pleainfeld and the (5) Hirschberg Erbe.  Represented by Osnabrueck in the Catholic corpus at the Peace of Westphlia.  1803-1806 became Bavarian and secularized.   1817-1855 parts of this territory were included in the Duchy of Leuchtenberg.  After 1817 the bishopric was merged with Bamberg. 

button Einsiedeln. Presently in Kanton Schwyz in Switzerland. Was prelate nulius. Became part of the Swiss Confederation and at that time the vote in the Reichstag was cancelled.

button Elbing.  Presently in Poland.  Was part of East Prussia under the Hohenzollern rule after 1772....  Was part of the Reichsstade. Predominantly Protestant until 1945.  The city archives, evidently, remained intact and were not destroyed during WWII.

button  Elchingen.  Presently in Kreis Neu-Ulm,  Regierungsbezirk Oberschwaben in Bavaria. Was prelate nullius. In 1802 a Benedictine Abbey was secularized.

button Ellwagen.  Presently in Kreis Aalen in Baden-Wuerttemberg.  Was Prince-bishop and prelate nullius.  Represented by Augsburg in the Catholic corpus at the Peace of Westphalia.  The Duchy of Ellwangen was  secularized in 1802.

button Elsass (Alsace) and Burgund (Burgundy). See Alsace and Burgundy.  Presently in France. Was a regional administration (Ballei) of the Teutonic Order (Deutschorden). See Hoch- and Deutschmeister.

button Emden.  See  Ostfriesland  (East Friesland  also known as Emsland ).  Presently in Lower Saxony.

button England, Kings of.  See House of Hannover, Diepholz, Hoya and Spiegelberg.

button Eppstein.  Presently in Main-Taunus-Kreis in Hessen.  Was Grafschaft.  When the Eppstein family became extinct in 1535 the lands were divided among Hessen, Trier and Stolberg.  See Koenigstein.

button  Erbach.  Presently in Odenwald in Hessen.  Was Grafschaft. Member of the Fraenkische Grafenkolleg.  Represented by the counts of Erbach-Erbach who were Lutheran.  The Counts of Erbach were mediatized in 1806 and sovereignty passed to Hessen-Darmstadt.

button  Essen.  Presently in North Rhineland - Westphalia.  Was first assocated with a Abbey for Women.  Connected to the estates of Werden and Steele.  After 1609 it was protected under the Marquises [sic] [Margraf] of Brandenburg.  1802-1803 the territory was secularized and was taken by the Hohezollerns  (Prussia).  1806-1813 was part of the Grand Duhcy of Berg.  Again, it was taken into the hands of the Hohenzollerns.

button Esslingen am Neckar. Presently in Baden-Wuerttemberg.  Was Reichsstadt. Member of the Protestant corpus at the Peace of Westphalia.  Its sovereighty extended over 12 villages sest of the Neckar River, a small bridgehead east of the river plus the villages of Deizisau, Moehringen and Vaihingen.  1802 the territorty was merged with Wuerttemberg.

button Etsch, an der (Adige).  Presently in Italy.  Earlier was regional administration of the Tuetonic Knights. Absorbed by Austria. See Hoch und Deutschmeister.



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