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List And Brief History of the German States, Grand Duchies, Principalities, etc before 1806 continued......


button Iller-Aichheim.  Presently in  ______  . Was represented by the Counts of von Rechberg-Roethenlowen, a Catholic family then later by the Counts von Limburg-Stirum. Vote to Reichritterschaft was cancelled  (date not given).  

button Irrsee.  Presently in Upper Austria near Salzburg and the border.  Formerly a prelate nullius.

button Iselstein.  Presently in  _____.  Formerly a Grafschaft.  Was  "suppresssed" by Burgundy.... Taken by Netherlands.....

button Isenburg (Ysenburg) Princes & Counts of (von).  Estates held by  this family were:  Birstein, Buedlingen, Meerholz, Waechtersbach, Marienborn,  and Boennstadt. They were members of the Wetterauische Grafenkolleg.  During the Edict of Tolerance the estate of Isenburg-Buedingen became havens for those  the following groups who suffered religious persecutions: Sektierer (Sectarians), Inspirierter (the Inspired), and the Herrnhuter (Morvaian Brethren).  The two main branches were Isenbuarg-Buedingen and Isenburg-Birstein.  The Birstein branch of this family were Catholic and all the other branches became Reform.  After 1806 to 1815. (Napoleonic time period), their territories were a Reichbundstaat (imperial federated state).  After 1815 the family was "mediatized" and their territories were taken itno the state of Hessen.

Note:  The tombs of Heinrich von Isenburg (1551) is found in the church of Maria Himmelfahrt in Trier. 

button Isny.  Presently in Kreis Wangen, Baden-Wuerttemberg.  Formerly a Reichsstadt and prelate nullius.  It was represented by Esslingen in the Protestant corpus at the Peace of Westpahlia (1648).  In 1803 the territory became the Counts von Quadt-Wykradt... Note:  Quadts were cousins to Trenck....  In 1806 it was taken into Wuerttemberg. 



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