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button Hohen-Waldeck and Maxlrain.  Was a Grafschaft represented by the Electoral Prince of Bavaria who could vote only in the Kreistagen (local assemblies and not the Grafenkolleg).

button Hohenzollern Dynasty (Brandenburg Line).  Presently the  castle of Hohenzollern is in Baden-Wuerttemberg.
The family's first recognized member was Burchard  I (Count Burchardus of Zollern), who was killed 29 Aug 1061 with his kinsman Wezil.  He was one of the "champions" of the Swabian (German) Emperor Frederick I of the House of Hohenstaufen, also, known as Barbarossa (Redbeard) who had led his warriors into what was to be known as the Third Crusades. Burchard's son Frederick III of Hohenzollern was recognized by Barbarossa's son and for services to the crown was given the rank of  Burgrave of Nuremberg, Frederick of Hohenzollern  (d. 1200) .  [There are debates about when the family changed Zollern to Hohenzollern.... and will not be discussed here.] Hohenzollerns added other Franconian lands which held two important towns of Ansbach and Bayreuth.

 It was Burgrave of Nuremberg Frederick I of Hohenzollern who founded two main lines of this house for his sons.  His elder son's, Frederick II's,  branch split and they became known as (1) Hohenzollern-Hechingen who became Lutheran  and kings and Emperors, and,  (2) Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen who remained Catholic and in 1881 Pr. Charles became King of Rumania and was for a time ruler of Moldavia  [included Borodino / Bessarabia ]  lost the area but it was regained in 1918 then lost to the communists in 1947.....  The second son of Frederick I, the Burgrave of Nuremberg was Conrad  of Hohenzollern and it was his  des. Frederick IV (d. 1440) who became became Frederick I, Elector of Brandenburg, a German Duchy created by Albert "the Bear" in 1525... For more detail see: Hohenzollern Home Site INDEX PAGE   His brother held the branch  [Hohen]Zollern- Schalksburg which became ext. in 1500 [1408?]...  The House of Hohenzollern's power continued to rise through wars , purchases of lands and marriages....  Frederick Wilhelm (d. 1688) became known as the "Great Elector" and created a strong standing army, founded the Prussian navy, created the new capital in Berlin for the Duchy of Prussia..... Frederick III took it upon himself to make Prussia a German State and crown himself as  Frederick I, King "in" the Kingdom of Prussia. The fall of the Holy Roman Empire by the hands of Napoleon changed the structure of the German states.... Treaties allowed the Hohenzollerns to continue to rule Prussia.... which lost some provinces to the French... Napoleon's defeat and the Treaty of Vienna  gave Prussia what historians called  "a mile stone" for the growth of Prussia, which did not regain some lands in Poland, however,  she gained blocks of territories in the Rhine Valley and Westphalia.  Cities of importance gained were Cologne, Aachen, Bonn, Trier and Coblenz. And the line between Protestant Prussia and the Catholic France was drawn with a broader stroke... When the Spanish King died without a son,  the title of King was offered to Pr. Leopold of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen.  France rose up against this cornation of a German for the Spanish throne...  France was defeated. The King of Prussia's  leadership against France gave him new power and the German states crowned the King of Prussia as Wilhelm I, Emperor (Kaiser) of Germany (Deutschland) in the Great Halls of Versailles in France. .  The Hohenzollerns  would continue their rule until Emperor  (Kaiser) Wilhelm II of Hohenzollern abdicated in 1918...  

button Hohenzollern Province.  Presently in Baden-Wuerttemberg.  The area was originally the lands owned by the Hohenzollern family where its castle Zolorin [Zolre] since the 11th C and is still perched on a mountain not far from Tuebingen.  It is thought the family's earlier wealth came from taxes collected by the family.  Wealth allowed them enough warriors that gave them control of the area around the landowner who in time built a  tower house (small fortress) who was given the inherited title of Count...  The first name of the family accepted by historians as the father of the Hohenzollern Dynasty is Burchard I, Count of Zollern who fought with Emp. Frederick I "Barbarossa" [Redbeard} of  the House of Hohenstaufen and led his warriors into what was to be known as the Third Crusades. Although often listed as having been admitted to the Schwaebische Grafenkolleg, it never was. Formerly a double principality due to the two branches of Hohenzollern: Hohenzollern-Hechingen and Hohenzollern- Sigmaringen.  The main branch of Hohenzollerns in Brandenburg, later known as Duchy of Prussia, which became Kingdom of Prussia  became Protestant and moved away from the Catholic families and policies. The Protestant branch  took control all of all the Hohenzollern  lands and successions  in 1866 when they became Emperors of Germany.

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button Holstein.  Presently  in the state of Schleswig-Holstein.  Formerly a Duchy. The seat of area was Schloss Gottorf after 1544 to 1713.  The Dukes of Holstein-Gottorp-Oldenburg were members of the Westfaelische Grafenkolleg.  They were represented in the Protestant corpus at the Peace of Westpahlia (1648). The House of Holstein (Oldenburg) became Lutheran.  1867 to 1945 it was a Prussian Province under the name of Schleswig-Holstein...  

button Holzapfel.  Presently in Unterlahnkreis, Rheinland-Pfalz.  Formerly Grafschaft.  Member of the Westfaelische Grafenkolleg.  Was represented by the Princes von Anhalt-Bernburg-Hoym who, also, owned Nassau-Hadamar.  Family became Protestants. 

button Hoorn.  Presently in the Netherlands.  Formerly Grafschaft. Reichstag vote was cancelled in 1568  and the territory was thereafter in the Province of Liege.

button Hoya.  Presently in Niedersachsen.  Formerly a Grafschaft  Was  represented by the King of England through their inherited ties with Braunschweig-Lueneburg and Kur-Braunschweig in the Westfaelische Grafenkolleg..

button Honolzhausen (Hynoltshusen).  Presently  it is not known since it is unsure of its history.  Historians  think it may have been Honnecourt ,an estate,  near Cambrai which is presently in France.  It is listed as having been a prelate nullius.



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