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List And Brief History of the German States, Grand Duchies, Principalities, etc before 1806 continued......


button Tautenberg.  See Schenken von Tautenberg and Vargula.

button Tecklenburg.  Presently in Nordrhein-Westfalen.  Formerly Grafschaft.  Before 1707 the ruling family was von Bentheim-Tecklenburg (Reform). After 1707 Prussia represented in the Westfaelische Grafenkolleg after compenstating the Counts von Solms and von Bentheim - Tecklenurg with the Herrschaft of Rheda in 1729.   Tecklenburg merged with the Grand Duchy of Berg... In 1808 to 1813 the territory was occupied with the French, afterwhich, it returned to Prussia. 

button Tengen.  Presently in Kreis Constanz, Baden-Wuerttemberg.  Formerly gefuerstete Grafschaft.  From 1663-1806 the estate was held by the Catholic princes von Auersberg.  1806-1811 passed to Baden.  

button Thannhausen.  Presently Grafschaft.  Member of the Schwaebische Grafenkolleg.  The Catholic family von Stadion represented this territory since 1708.  [Ext. ___].

button Thorn (Maas).  Presently in _____  .  Thought to have been on the Meuse River and formerly and abbey for women religious.

button Thurn and Taxis,  Princes and Counts of (von).  This family is associated with the following estates:  Eglingen, gefuerstete Grafscahft Friedber-Scheer, estate in Bohemia...and many others not named.  They were members of the Schaebische Grafenkolleg.  Because they made a great deal of money when they inherited the fights to administer the postal system within the German Reich and Spanish Netherlands, their business headquarters was in Frankfurt on the Main and then in Regensburg in 1748.  House of Thurn and Taxis was mediatized in _____.    

button Tierstein and Hohenkoenigsberg. Presently in  _____ .  Formerly Grafschaft.  In 1500 the vote to the Reichstag cancelled.

button Toerring-Jettenbach, Counts of (von).  Noble family was Catholic.  See Gronsfeld.

button Toul.  Presently in Department Meurthe-et-Moselle, France and has been since 1648 (Treaty of Westphalia, however, before and since 1552 it was French territory.  Formerly Reichsstadt and bishopric.  

button Traun, Count of (von ) Abensperg and.  See Herrschaft Eglof.  See Swchwaebische Grafenkolleg. 

button Trient (Trento).  Presently in Italy.  Formerly bishopric.  Was member of the Catholic corpus at the Peace of Westphalia (1648).  It was secularized in 1803 and merged with Tirol and became Austrian territory until 1919, afterwhich, it became Italian.

button Trier  (Treves).  Presently in Rheinland-Pfalz (Palatinate)  on the Moselle River and is the oldest German town recorded....  Formerly electoral principality (ecclesiastical).  It was a Keltic settlement known as Treveri... which fell to the Roman Julius Caesar in 56 B.C. ... .. Augustus in 15 B.C. [16 B.C. recorded in some books]  Augusta Treverorum. personally founded the town ... and it became the capital of the Romanov prima province of Belgica. which stretched from Britain, south Spain and west of the Danube.... One of the Roman Emperors who took up  residence here was Constantine "The Great" (306-314)...  When the German tribes entered the town there is estimated their were about 70,000 residence at the time.  In 328 Trier established  the first German bishopric....  In the 9th c. Charlemagne established the archbishopric... The archbishop held secular power from 843 to 1803 with the exception of the years between 1212 to 1308.... From the 12th c. to 18th c. it was the capital  and under the rule of the Princes Electorates , who were the the Archbishops of Treir until 1794... The territory,  (old metropolitanate),became a a suffragans, which included: Metz, Toul and Verdun until 1802... In 1821 Trier became a suffragan of Cologne.  

During the Reformation the Calvinist tied to form a community but the families of this church were forced to flee

At the Peace of Westphalia the Electoral Trier (Kurtrier) was a member of the Catholic corpus.

Trier was occupied several times by foreigners.   by the Spanish (1545),  several times by the French in the 17th c., the English under Marborough in 1704, the French, again, in 1754 and was for a time the capital of the French Department of Sarre... The Treaty of Versailles (1783) gave the city to the Prussians [Hohenzollerns] .....  Napoleon's rise and fall to power.... 1815 at the Congress of Vienna, Prussia regained Trier...

Hubert Family History: The Huberts and Hummels were thought have to been originally from the area of Trier before they migrated to Austria-Hungary in the mid-1700s to a early frontier fortress area called  Perjamosch / n. Arad..... [presently in Rumania north of Temesvar].  See Hubert Family History

button Tuebingen.  Presently in Baden-Wuerttemberg.  Formerly Grafschaft. Fist appears on records in 1078... Territory belonged to the Dukes of Wurttemberg after 1341 to 1918 and was their seat... 1477 the Universkty was founded... After 1534 it was a stronghold of the Reformation. 1631 it's vote to the Reichstag was cancelled.  

button Tuerkheim.  Presently in the Department Haut-Rhin, France since 1648.  Formerly Richsstadt.  Ref. to the Landvogtel Hagenau.



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